Will the emergence of Chat-GTP really have a subversive impact?

Recently, news about Chat-GTP has emerged in an endless stream, and more than one article predicted that this technology will become a subversive factor affecting the development of the industry. So what is this technology that is "highly anticipated"? What impact can it bring to human development?


What is Chat-GTP?

If you want to understand Chat-GTP, you must talk about AIGC first. What is AIGC? AIGC is the abbreviation of content generated by artificial intelligence technology, which is similar to the concepts of UGC and PUGC. The content producer of AIGC is an AI machine, which can automatically generate content. Chat-GTP is one of AIGC products. Unlike previous robots, ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool driven by artificial intelligence technology. It can talk through learning and understanding human language, and can also interact according to the context of chat, just like chatting between humans, and even complete tasks such as writing video scripts, emails, copywriting, translation, and codes. Simply speaking, it can be understood as an intelligent machine tool, but why does the appearance of this intelligent tool attract widespread attention all over the world?

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The content of machine production has appeared as early as a few years ago, such as writing robots in the press and publication industry, AIpha Go, which has caused a heated discussion because of defeating human beings, and mobile robots developed by various mobile phone companies, as if AI intelligent production has fully entered the normal life of human beings. However, ChatGPT, which appeared this time, has broken through some boundaries in technology, which seems to be imperceptible on the surface, but from its function, it can chat with users freely, which, to a certain extent, breaks all boundaries and has significantly improved in content, logic, data and knowledge. More importantly, through constant interaction, ChatGTP can "learn" the logic of some human thinking problems and give more satisfactory answers. Although this process is still similar to coding and decoding, and it can’t reach the independent consciousness pursued by many technical experts, from the side, ChatGPT seems to have been able to master some learning methods, master human logic in "training" and learn to "communicate".


What are the possible impacts of Chat-GTP?

The emergence of any kind of technology will always lead to the discussion about how much influence machines have on human beings, and of course, ChatGPT is no exception. The topic of whether technology will replace people has been going on for many years without a conclusion, so I will not express any opinions on similar topics. Simply from the technology of ChatGPT, let’s talk about the specific impact.

On the positive side, the appearance of ChatGPT has an important impact on media industry, education, service and other industries. Taking the media industry as an example, ChatGPT can directly use the voice function in information search, accurately identify problems and find materials, which will inevitably improve the efficiency of information production and play an important role in the era of big data with information explosion. Moreover, as far as the tests of many companies are concerned, ChatGPT is far superior to the previous writing robots in the automatic production of news content. In addition, for the virtual anchor which is popular in recent years, ChatGPT can greatly improve its discourse ability and reaction ability, make the virtual anchor infinitely close to the real anchor state, and provide assistance for the development of the "meta-universe". From the perspective of the larger media industry, the influence of ChatGPT can penetrate into all aspects, such as background data calculation, advertising marketing and digital publishing, which can promote the further rapid development of the media industry.

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On the negative side, the technical limitations of ChatGPT itself are still very obvious. For example, in the face of newer information, it is often difficult to get a satisfactory answer because the basic data is not updated in time; In the face of emotional and moral problems, it is still difficult to grasp, and the hidden concerns of news ethics are still significant; At the same time, some users said that ChatGPT has limited understanding of questions and can only answer questions directly, and can’t identify deep content. In addition to the problems of technology itself, there are also gaps in the standardization of the application of this technology. How to use technology correctly and realize sustainable development needs further discussion.


The subversive influence of Chat-GTP still takes time.

As an important means of production, technology plays an important role in social development. Especially in the era of science and technology, the driving force of technology far exceeds the traditional old factors of production such as labor and capital. However, at its root, technology is still a production tool. Moreover, judging from the technological development in recent years, whether it is the big data, blockchain, metauniverse mentioned before, or ChatGPT, which is now exploding, the influence of a single technology is limited, and it is difficult to produce the influence of subverting the industry. In addition, the current artificial intelligence technology is still in the primary stage. Although there are some breakthrough developments, there are also fatal defects. It still takes time to avoid the defects in technology and integrate technology into the existing production links. It is still too early to call a certain technology a subversive turning point now.

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The discussion on the relationship between technology and human beings has been going on for more than ten years. Some people think that the development of technology is a devastating blow to human beings, and some positive optimists think that technology is to bring human beings into a brand-new world. At present, no matter how fierce the academic debate is, the road of technological development and innovation has never stopped. Moreover, with the deepening integration of technology and human production and life, it is bound to innovate the existing production methods of human beings and create a brand-new world system. However, the development of technology is always a process, and it is indeed untenable to blindly think that a certain technology can subvert an era. It is still a question mark how much ability ChatGPT can play in the future, but what is certain is that the advent of ChatGPT has taken us one step further from that "world".