More than 50 teams and nearly 2000 people participated in the competition! The first "Three Big Balls" City League in Guangyuan, Sichuan officially opened.

Li Kang Cover Journalist Liu Yangu

On March 11th, in the passionate melody of "March of Athletes", the athletes of 25 representative teams marched with vigor and uniformity, officially opening the curtain of the first "Three Big Balls" city league in Guangyuan. Yang Hao, member of the Standing Committee of Guangyuan Municipal Committee and Secretary-General of the Municipal Committee, announced the opening ceremony.

"Three Big Balls" refers to three kinds of collective ball games: football, basketball and volleyball, which have the characteristics of strong competition, high appreciation and great social influence. In 2021, the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" issued by the State Sports General Administration repeatedly mentioned the revitalization and development of the three big balls. At present, the revitalization of the three big balls has been included in the important content of the national development strategy reform, and Sichuan Province has become one of the four pilot provinces for the revitalization of the three big balls. In recent years, Guangyuan City has successively hosted the National Women’s Basketball Championship, the Eastern Basketball Competition and the Northern Volleyball Competition of the Three Big Ball City League, created the "Jianmenguan Cup" campus ball sports brand competition, and delivered 7 related athletes to the provincial team, solidly promoting the implementation of the "Three Big Ball" revitalization project.

It is understood that the purpose of this tournament is to speed up the construction of the three-ball revitalization system, create a good environment for the development of the three-ball, and contribute to speeding up the construction of a strong sports province and promoting the revitalization of the three-ball. By then, there will be more than 50 teams from 7 counties (districts), 17 industries (systems), government agencies, enterprises and institutions, social organizations, construction, media, wedding, logistics companies, bars and other industries in the city, and nearly 2,000 athletes and coaches will participate in the competitions including men’s and women’s football, men’s and women’s basketball and men’s and women’s volleyball.

The first "three big balls" city league champion was finally decided through passionate collisions such as group match, round robin (integral match), cross match and finals. According to the schedule, basketball, volleyball and football will be held in Guangyuan Aoyuan Sports Center, North Sichuan Kindergarten Teachers College, Sichuan Information Vocational and Technical College and other venues from March 11th to 19th, March 28th to April 2nd and April 1st to 7th respectively.

At the opening ceremony, cheerleading "Energetic", basketball exercise "Vigorous" and ball comprehensive exercise "Together with the Future" were staged, which quickly ignited the atmosphere. Volunteers from schools and units in Guangyuan City and Lizhou District, together with literary and art workers, shared the passion and joy brought by sports through the national fitness project, and presented a rich "literary feast" for the audience. Subsequently, the Cangxi County Basketball Team played against the North Sichuan Kindergarten Basketball Team and started the first "Three Big Balls" City League match in Guangyuan City.

"Guangyuan City held the first’ Three Big Balls’ City League, which fully demonstrated the city’s strength and reflected the city’s responsibility, and contributed Guangyuan’s strength to the revitalization of the three big balls in the province." At the opening ceremony, Leng Shiming, the second-level inspector of Sichuan Provincial Sports Bureau, expressed the hope that Guangyuan City would take the revitalization and development of the three major balls as an important carrier to build a large-scale sports pattern, do a good job in the system design of "government-led+integration of sports and education+diversified investment+career development", improve the long-term mechanism, lay a solid foundation for development, run the three major ball events well, comprehensively promote the long-term development model of universal fitness, professional competitions and extensive social participation in the three major balls, and take the road of revitalization out of the organic integration.