The 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games confirmed five new events, including squash and flag football.

Chao News Client Reporter Li Wenyao

On October 16th, at the 141st plenary session of the International Olympic Committee held in Mumbai, India, the IOC plenary session decided to adopt five new sports for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games: baseball and softball, cricket, flag football, squash and tennis.

Earlier, International Olympic Committee President Bach said: "The choice of these five new sports is in line with American sports culture, and will show the world the iconic sports of the United States and bring international sports to the United States."

Official website of the International Olympic Committee explained that gender equality, the utilization rate of existing venues and facilities, and the popularity of events in the United States and around the world were taken into account in the evaluation of new Olympic sports.

There are three out of five items.

Appeared in Hangzhou Asian Games.

Among the five newly added events, except stick tennis and flag football, the other three events are official events of the Hangzhou Asian Games, and the China team also won the silver medal in the women’s softball event of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Baseball and softball, cricket and stick tennis were once Olympic events. Among them, baseball and softball entered the Olympic Games from 1992 to 2008 and 2020, cricket appeared in the Olympic Games in 1900, and stick tennis was the event of the two Olympic Games in 1904 and 1908.

Although squash and flag football have never entered the Olympic Games before. But in the past two years, with the popularity of outdoor sports and the help of new media, it has become a new sport popular among young people after Frisbee, with a huge mass base.

Compared with the formal rugby, the waist flag rugby replaces the direct contact of the body by pulling the waist flag on the belt, which reduces the collision of the project itself, expands the audience of the sport, and makes teenagers and even girls happy.

Squash, which is known as the king of indoor sports, has entered college campuses and stadiums first. At present, there are about 30 squash courts in Hangzhou, including individual investment. These dozens of courts not only appear in national fitness facilities, but also can be seen in campuses and businesses, laying a good foundation for the public to understand squash.

Minority sports enter the Olympics.

Gain more attention

Compared with the other four events, stick tennis seems to be farther away from our lives. So what exactly is stick tennis?

Stick tennis, also known as net baseball, originated from the Indian tribes in North America, is a collective sport that uses the net pocket at the top of the bat to control the movement of small balls, and uses the lever principle to catch the balls in the net by throwing and scoring, and finally determines the outcome of the game by the score.

Does that sound familiar? Modern sports such as basketball and ice hockey, which originated in North America and are popular in the world, were actually invented with reference to stick tennis.

Stick tennis Source: vision china

In 1998, Beijing Sport University formally established the first male and female school team of stick tennis in China, and ten years later, it extended the sport to universities in Shanghai. At present, stick tennis is mainly carried out in universities, primary and secondary schools and sports training institutions in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, but there are no officially sponsored brand competitions in China because of the small number of participants.

These five events have officially become new events in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games. For baseball and cricket, they are an opportunity to return to the Olympic family. For stick tennis, flag football and squash, they have entered the public’s field of vision, attracting more people to be crazy, just like cricket in the Asian Games.

In addition, according to the suggestions of international individual sports organizations, the IOC Executive Board meeting also confirmed the sub-item setting of the Los Angeles Olympic Games. Compared with the Paris Olympic Games, there is only one change: the beach sprint of coastal rowing, which has gradually become popular in recent years, has replaced the men’s and women’s lightweight double sculls. This is also the first time that rowing beach sprint has joined the Olympic Games.

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Beijing men’s football team won the silver medal in the whole game, creating the team’s best result in 10 years.

Beijing team players took a group photo after the game. Beijing News reporter Wang Fei photo
The Beijing News (Reporter Liu Chen) The rugby sevens competition of the National Games ended today. The Beijing men’s team lost to Shandong 7-26 in the final and won the silver medal, which was the best result of the National Games.
The Beijing Men’s Rugby Team was established in early 2011, and won the bronze medal in Liaoning National Games in 2013. After a lapse of eight years, the Beijing team won the final stage seat with the fifth place in the qualifying round, and defeated the traditional strong teams such as Tianjin and Jiangsu in Xi ‘an, reaching the final of the National Games for the first time.
Players from both sides are in the game. Beijing News reporter Wang Fei photo
In the face of the powerful Shandong team, the Beijing team took the lead in touchdown by Huang Aoqi and led 7-0 through additional shots. However, the opponent then completed four touchdowns, including three additional shots, and the Beijing team failed to find the opportunity to chase points.
Head coach Wang Zhongyi said after the game that the Shandong men’s team is the strongest in China, and the Beijing team showed the spirit of daring to fight and fight. However, due to the rainy day, it made some mistakes and eventually lost to its opponents. Huang Aoqi, the only one who scored for the Beijing team, also bluntly regretted after the game.
Wang Zhongyi revealed that the whole team didn’t think about reaching the finals before and after the game. However, in the process of preparing for the war, the Beijing team went to Xi ‘an with a better appearance through personnel and state adjustment. It won three group matches and narrowly beat the host country 14-12 in the semi-final, achieving the best result in the 10 years since the team was established. Wang Chongyi believes that every game is a tough battle, and all the players put it together. Wang Chongyi introduced that this is the last National Games of four dad players in the team, and naturally he very much hopes to win the gold medal.
The Beijing team dared to fight and fight in the competition. Beijing News reporter Wang Fei photo
Wang Zhongyi himself has been one of the team members since the team was established, and now he has a new identity. With the team going through 10 years of ups and downs and tasting the final of the National Games, he admitted that he was still a little excited to finally wait until this moment. "We should regroup, rearrange the layout, sum up the good aspects and make good plans for the next National Games." Wang Zhongyu said.
Beijing News reporter Liu Chen editor Xiao Wanli

Building a financial power is an inevitable requirement for building a socialist modern power in an all-round way.





  Finance is the blood that nourishes the body of the economy, and it is a symbiotic relationship with the real economy. The development of finance depends on the real economy, and the development of the real economy needs the empowerment of financial services. Specifically, financial institutions can provide necessary financial support for the real economy, thus promoting the development of the real economy. Finance can enlarge the production capacity and market space of start-ups and prolong the energy storage time of new technologies. By building a modern financial institution and market system, diversified financial services can guide more resources into new fields and new tracks, which is conducive to the accumulation of new kinetic energy in the real economy. All work in the financial sector actively serves the implementation of major national strategies, and can continuously inject "flowing water" into the implementation of relevant strategies by optimizing the allocation of financial resources in rural revitalization, scientific and technological innovation, small and micro enterprises, green development and other fields, adding new vitality to the high-quality development of the economy and society. Finance is an important tool to stabilize macroeconomic operation. By strengthening policy implementation and work promotion and maintaining reasonable and abundant liquidity, the cost of social financing can be effectively reduced, thus stabilizing the market expectation of the real economy and providing a good financial environment for economic and social development.

  Finance is an important core competitiveness of a country, financial system is an important basic system in economic and social development, and financial security is an important content of national security. Since its birth, the Communist Party of China (CPC) has recognized the importance of finance, attached great importance to financial work, and ensured the financial cause to move in the right direction. From supporting the revolutionary war, to establishing a new regime, and then to serving the socialist modernization, the financial industry has achieved leap-forward development again and again. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, under the centralized and unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee, China’s high-quality financial development has made new major achievements, the financial system has been continuously improved, and financial supervision has been improved, which has effectively supported the overall economic and social development in the new era and made important contributions to building a well-off society in an all-round way as scheduled and achieving the goal of the first century. In the new era and new journey, Chinese modernization will comprehensively promote the construction of a strong country and the great cause of national rejuvenation. We must speed up the construction of a financial power, comprehensively strengthen financial supervision, improve the financial system, optimize financial services, guard against and resolve risks, unswervingly follow the road of financial development with China characteristics, and promote the high-quality development of China’s finance.

  2. The inherent requirements of a socialist modern financial power

  The first is people’s nature. "People’s interests first" is the value pursuit of China’s financial work. If finance does not serve the interests of the country and the people, there will be chaos in the financial field. Financial work must adhere to the people-centered value orientation, the fundamental purpose of financial services to the real economy, the eternal theme of financial work, the deepening of structural reform on the financial supply side, the overall planning of financial opening and security, and the general tone of striving for progress while maintaining stability. This requires the financial work to practice the Party’s purpose, the financial system to improve its political position, adhere to political principles, firm its political direction and maintain its political strength, and always bear in mind that the Party’s purpose is to serve the people wholeheartedly, and the people’s position is the fundamental position of the Party and the fundamental position of the financial work led by the Party.

  The second is marketization. The central financial work conference pointed out that "we should persist in promoting financial innovation and development on the track of marketization and rule of law". Market economy is essentially an economy in which the market determines the allocation of resources. Practice has proved that the allocation of resources by the market is the most efficient way of resource allocation. To improve the level of market-oriented allocation of financial resources, on the one hand, we must vigorously develop the capital market, optimize the financing structure, and give full play to the hub function of the capital market. The development degree of capital market represents the development degree of financial marketization in a certain sense, and it is the most dynamic platform in the financial system. Developing capital market plays a key role in building a modern economic system. On the other hand, we should steadily promote the reform of interest rate marketization, so that interest rates can give full play to the role of guiding resource allocation. Steadily promoting interest rate marketization is one of the core contents of improving macro-control and deepening financial reform in China, and the interest rate marketization reform can play a vital role in the efficient allocation of funds.

  The third is internationalization. Adhere to both "bringing in" and "going out", steadily expand the institutional opening of the financial sector, enhance the facilitation of cross-border investment and financing, attract more foreign-funded financial institutions and long-term capital to develop their businesses in China, and serve the construction of the "Belt and Road". To this end, it is necessary to further optimize the business environment, continue to significantly reduce the restrictions on foreign investment access, create a new platform for international cooperation, provide global investors with a stable investment place under the rule of law, and strive to become the first choice for foreign enterprises to invest. Adhere to the overall planning of financial opening and security, and strive to promote high-level financial opening. High-level financial openness requires steady and prudent internationalization of RMB, which will help enterprises to guard against the risk of liquidity shortage, realize the stability of global foreign exchange reserves, and make RMB an "anchor currency", which is the need of rebalancing global economic development.

  The fourth is technology. The financial industry is an information-intensive industry, and information is very important to the financial industry. According to the theory of financial intermediary, financial intermediary has the function of information production, which can provide information to the market and alleviate the information asymmetry between the two parties. Due to the advantages of network in information production and transmission, financial technology not only speeds up information transmission, but also improves the ability of information collection and reduces the cost of information processing, thus improving the information production ability of financial intermediaries. At present, the network has become a platform for human beings to create and share information, and the traditional information dissemination mode is undergoing essential changes under the promotion of network information technology. Financial technology promotes the integration of electronic information technology and traditional finance, innovates the financial format, increases the convenience of financial services, and improves the quality of financial services to the real economy in many fields.

  The fifth is inclusiveness. The purpose of inclusive finance is to enable everyone to get financial services at the right price in a timely and dignified manner when they need them. Inclusive finance is consistent with the development concept of "sharing". The economic value of inclusive finance lies in helping to adjust the imbalance between supply and demand of finance, especially the imbalance between supply and demand of financial structure, so that finance can better serve the real economy. The social value of inclusive finance lies in helping low-income people and small and micro enterprises to obtain financial services, so that everyone can have the right to enjoy financial services fairly. In essence, inclusive finance helps low-income groups and small and micro enterprises get the right to get rich through fair development, which can promote inclusive economic growth and harmonious social development.

  The sixth is security. The Central Financial Work Conference called for "strengthening financial supervision in an all-round way and effectively preventing and resolving financial risks". Preventing financial risks and maintaining financial security are the eternal themes of financial work. Financial markets and financial institutions must be supervised according to law in order to better guard against financial risks and safeguard the interests of investors. Financial institutions are different from ordinary enterprises, and once something goes wrong, it may lead to systemic risks. The financial industry has strong publicity, externality and sociality, and financial risks are highly contagious and hidden, which requires that financial supervision must be strict, "measuring to the end with a ruler".

  3. Promote the construction of a strong financial country with structural reform on the financial supply side.

  Over the past 40 years, China’s financial system has been continuously improved in the reform. To build a strong financial country, we must continue to rely on reform, especially deepen the structural reform of the financial supply side, improve the financial market, financial institutions and financial product systems by optimizing the financial structure, clarify the market-oriented objectives and strengthen the responsibility of supervision, and keep the bottom line that systematic financial risks do not occur.

  Give full play to the function of the capital market hub. For a long time, China mainly relied on the indirect financing system dominated by banks, which led to a high leverage ratio of enterprises and increased financial risks to some extent. Therefore, it is necessary to further improve the financial market structure, enlarge and strengthen the capital market, build a standardized, transparent, open, dynamic and resilient capital market, and increase the proportion of direct financing. At the critical stage of China’s economy from high-speed growth to high-quality development, the capital market will play a central role in adjusting the industrial structure and building an innovative economic system. Since the reform and opening up, China’s capital market construction has made great progress, but it still faces the problems of low efficiency and imperfect mechanism. To further improve the capital market in the new period, on the one hand, let the capital market play a decisive role in resource allocation. We will promote the deepening of the stock issuance registration system, develop diversified equity financing, vigorously improve the quality of listed companies, and cultivate first-class investment banks and institutions. On the other hand, better play the role of the government. The regulatory authorities maintain the fairness and transparency of the market, resolutely crack down on illegal activities such as market manipulation, insider trading and false information disclosure, and pay more attention to protecting the interests of investors.

  Steadily and prudently promote the internationalization of RMB. As long as China’s economy can maintain a high-quality growth momentum, RMB internationalization will be realized stably. In this process, it is necessary to cultivate high-quality development and high-level open microeconomic entities, with the focus on improving the competitiveness of enterprises and products. In addition, we will unswervingly deepen reform and opening up in the financial sector. In the future, the interest rate and exchange rate of RMB should be determined by the market, and the opening of capital account and financial market should be promoted step by step under the principle of efficiency, stability and effectiveness, so that offshore RMB can have a better investment place. Improve the infrastructure construction of RMB internationalization, and strive to realize the services of RMB cross-border payment system (CIPS) wherever there is RMB.

  Build a modern central banking system and always maintain the stability of monetary policy. The independence of the central bank is an important part of the modern central banking system. We should strive to create a good monetary and financial environment, always maintain the stability of monetary policy, pay more attention to cross-cycle and countercyclical adjustment, and enrich the monetary policy toolbox. At present, the main goal of unblocking the transmission mechanism of monetary policy is to establish the transmission mechanism of price-based monetary policy by deepening the interest rate marketization reform, taking the loan market quotation rate (LPR) indirectly regulated by the central bank as the operational goal of monetary policy, taking the deposit and loan interest rate of financial institutions determined by market supply and demand as the intermediate goal of monetary policy, and keeping the currency stable and promoting economic growth as the ultimate goal of monetary policy.

  Adhere to the implementation of inclusive finance. An important part of promoting the structural reform of the financial supply side is to build a multi-level, wide-coverage and differentiated banking system. In this system, commercial banks, policy banks, city commercial banks, rural financial institutions, private banks and village banks have their own positions, perform their duties and complement each other. State-owned commercial banks should define their position, take the establishment of modern enterprise system as the guide, and keep a close eye on the core goal of "becoming stronger, better and bigger". Policy banks should clearly define their functions, clarify their business boundaries, and take national interests and national strategic needs as their business values. Their main role is to make up for market failures in some areas and do things that commercial banks are unwilling to do, cannot do and cannot do well. Rural commercial banks can better serve small and medium-sized enterprises by relying on the long-term accumulated local credit and its flexible interest rate policy. They should identify their own differentiated positioning, establish business priorities, pay attention to meeting the differentiated, personalized and customized business needs of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" and small and medium-sized enterprises, and "do small things" to reduce the loan concentration and the loan scale per household.

  Comprehensively strengthen financial supervision and effectively prevent and resolve financial risks. Comprehensively strengthen institutional supervision, behavioral supervision, functional supervision, penetrating supervision and continuous supervision, eliminate regulatory gaps and blind spots, and better safeguard financial security. First, improve the modern financial enterprise system with China characteristics, improve the management of state-owned financial capital, broaden the channels for bank capital replenishment, and do a good job in risk isolation between industry and finance. Early identification, early warning, early exposure and early disposal of risks, sound early correction mechanism of financial risks with hard constraints, and timely disposal of risks of small and medium-sized financial institutions. The second is to establish a long-term mechanism to prevent and resolve local debt risks, establish a government debt management mechanism that is compatible with high-quality development, and optimize the debt structure of central and local governments. The third is to prevent financial risks caused by the real estate market. Promote a virtuous circle between finance and real estate, improve the main supervision system and fund supervision of real estate enterprises, improve macro-prudential management of real estate finance, and meet the reasonable financing needs of real estate enterprises with different ownership equally. The fourth is to strengthen the supervision of financial technology. The rapid development of financial technology has enhanced the concealment of financial risks, added many new financial risk points, and put forward higher requirements for the ability of financial supervision. Therefore, financial supervision departments need to innovate financial supervision means and balance the relationship between financial innovation and financial security, so as to encourage financial innovation that will help improve the efficiency of financial services and control financial risks within a safe range.

  Guangming Daily (November 10, 2023, 06 edition)

At 10: 00 on July 28, the Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue an orange rainstorm warning.

  Cctv newsThe Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue an orange rainstorm warning at 10: 00 on July 28th.

  It is estimated that there will be heavy rains in parts of Fujian, eastern Jiangxi, eastern and southern Zhejiang, central and southern Anhui, southern Hebei, most of Shandong, central and northern Henan, eastern Gansu, central Shaanxi, northern Hubei, western and southern Yunnan, among which there will be heavy rains in parts of southern Anhui, northwestern Jiangxi, central and southern Zhejiang and most of Fujian, and in southeastern Fujian. Some of the above areas are accompanied by short-term heavy rainfall (the maximum hourly rainfall is 30 ~ 60 mm, and the local area can exceed 80 mm), and there are strong convective weather such as thunderstorms and strong winds.

  Defense guide:

  1, the government and relevant departments in accordance with their duties to do a good job in emergency work against heavy rain;

  2. Cut off the dangerous outdoor power supply and suspend outdoor work;

  3. Units in danger zones shall suspend classes or business, and take special measures to protect the safety of students, children and other working personnel who have arrived at school;

  4, do a good job in urban and farmland drainage, pay attention to prevent possible disasters such as flash floods, landslides and mudslides.

China Meteorological Bureau: It is estimated that there will be three cold air processes affecting China in April.

  CCTV News:According to China Meteorological Bureau WeChat WeChat official account news, on April 4, China Meteorological Bureau held a regular press conference in April to review the national weather and climate characteristics in March; Release the climate trend forecast and meteorological service tips in April 2023; Announce the arrangement of meteorological service guarantee in flood season, the top ten scientific events of climate change in 2022, and the Annual Bulletin of Wind Energy and Solar Energy Resources in China in 2022. Zang Haijia, Deputy Director of Science and Technology and Climate Change Department of China Meteorological Bureau, Fang Xiang, Deputy Director of National Meteorological Center, Yuan Jiashuang, Deputy Director of National Climate Center, and Zheng Jiangping, Deputy Director of Public Meteorological Service Center of China Meteorological Administration answered questions from reporters.

  National Weather and Climate Characteristics and Major Climate Events in March

  In March, China’s climate was generally warm and dry. In March, the national average temperature was 6.7℃, 1.9℃ higher than normal, and the third highest in the same period since 1961. The national average precipitation is 26.4 mm, 10.3% less than normal. The main weather and climate events are as follows:

  First, meteorological drought has emerged and developed in some parts of the south.In the first half of March, the temperature in East China, South China and South China rose rapidly, and the precipitation was less than 80% compared with the normal period. The meteorological drought emerged and developed rapidly. The precipitation since March 16 eased the drought in the above areas. However, meteorological drought in Yunnan, Shandong and other places continued. As of March 31, there were moderate to severe meteorological droughts in Shandong, central and western Anhui, parts of southern Sichuan and most of Yunnan, and some were particularly dry.

  Second, there are many cold air processes.Since March, there have been four cold air processes in China, 0.4 times more than normal. From March 11th to 14th, the national cold wave process dropped significantly, and the temperature dropped by more than 14℃ in the southeastern part of China, the central and eastern Inner Mongolia, and the northwestern Shaanxi. The windy and cool weather had a certain impact on facility agriculture and animal husbandry in some areas.

  Third, the dust process is strong.Since March, there have been four sandstorm weather processes affecting China, among which the sandstorm process from March 19 to 24 was the strongest and most extensive this year, reaching the level of strong sandstorm. The windy and dusty weather has caused the air quality in more than 60 cities to reach the level of severe and above pollution, but the intensity is weak compared with the strongest dusty weather process in China in the past 12 years from March 13 to 18, 2021.

  Fourth, the first large-scale strong convective weather process occurred in Jiangnan and South China this year.From March 22 to 24, a large-scale strong convective weather process occurred in Jiangnan and South China. Thunderstorms of magnitude 8 to 12 occurred in southern Jiangnan and northern South China, and hail occurred in Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangxi and Guangdong. The largest hail diameter in Ganzhou, Jiangxi and Nanping, Fujian reached more than 50 mm.

  April Climate Trend Forecast and Meteorological Service Tips

  Temperature: the temperature in the western region is low, and the temperature in the central and eastern regions is high. There are mainly three cold air processes affecting China in April, and the time and intensity are: early (strong), late (weak) and early (weak).

  Precipitation: North China, Northeast China, Huanghuai, Jiangnan, Tibet, Northwest China and other places have more precipitation. It is estimated that in April, the precipitation in North China, the eastern and southern parts of Northeast China, Huanghuai, Jiangnan, Tibet, and the northeastern part of Northwest China will be more than normal, including Beijing, Tianjin, most of Hebei, Shanxi, central Inner Mongolia, most of Jiangxi, Shandong, northern Henan, most of Hunan, central and western Tibet, and northwestern Shaanxi. Yunnan and southern Xinjiang are 20% to 50% less.

  According to the climate trend forecast in April, there are three aspects of meteorological service tips and suggestions:

  The first is to prevent the adverse effects of dust, fog and haze on public health.During the active period of cold air, there is a great risk of sandstorm weather in northern China, which affects the atmospheric environment, outdoor construction, human health and travel safety. It is suggested to take timely countermeasures. During the cold air intermission, the elderly, children and the infirm are prone to respiratory diseases and need to be protected.

  The second is to prevent the risk of rain and waterlogging.The precipitation in Hunan and Jiangxi has a moderate risk of waterlogging, so it is necessary to pay attention to prevent secondary disasters such as flash floods, landslides and mudslides that may be caused by heavy precipitation, as well as urban and rural waterlogging.

  The third is to prevent the influence of late spring cold, late frost, snowstorm and drought on agriculture.There is a risk of late spring cold and late frost in winter wheat areas in early days. It is suggested that measures should be taken to improve the adaptability of wheat seedlings to freezing injury and to prepare and strengthen agricultural heat preservation facilities. Southern Tibet needs to pay attention to the impact of snow disaster, so it is suggested to reserve grain and grass in advance, take measures such as wind prevention, reinforcement, cold protection and warmth preservation for facility agriculture, and do a good job in transportation, electricity and communication to deal with the freezing rain and snow. The drought in southern Sichuan and Yunnan will continue or develop, so it is suggested to seize the favorable weather to carry out artificial precipitation enhancement, strengthen water storage and conservation, and do a good job in fire prevention.

  Next ten days(April 5-April 14)Weather trend forecast

  Precipitation: In the next 10 days, the accumulated precipitation in most parts of southern China, the eastern part of Northeast China and eastern Tibet will be 10 to 40 mm, including 50 to 70 mm in parts of southern China and northern South China. The precipitation in these areas is close to normal or 30 to 60% higher.

  Temperature: In the next 10 days, the average temperature in northern Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, northwestern Shanxi and northern Hebei will be 1-3℃ lower than normal, while the average temperature in Jianghuai and Jiangnan will be 1-2℃ higher than normal, and the average temperature in most other parts of the country will be close to normal.

  Main weather processes:

  On the 5th, there was moderate to heavy rain in central Jiangxi, southern Zhejiang, Fujian and northern Guangdong.

  From September 9 to 11, there was a moderate to heavy rain in Jiangnan, northwestern South China and Guizhou. Affected by cold air, the temperature in most parts of eastern and northern Inner Mongolia dropped by 4-8℃, and there was light rain and snow in the northeast.

  From 13th to 14th, there will be a large-scale precipitation process in the central and eastern regions.

  National emergency in MarchEarly warning information release

  In March, a total of 24,700 pieces of early warning information were issued nationwide, including 24,200 pieces of meteorological disaster early warning information. The number of early warning information released nationwide increased by 38.0% compared with February, among which the early warning information of hail and sandstorm increased significantly compared with March last year.

2023 Shanghai Nightlife Festival kicks off, and 100 nightlife places are waiting for you.

On the evening of June 3rd, the launching ceremony of "2023 Shanghai Nightlife Festival" co-sponsored by the Municipal Commission of Commerce, the Municipal Press and Publication Bureau, the Municipal Sports Bureau and the Huangpu District Government was held in BFC Bund Financial Center. Vice Mayor Huayuan and Deputy Secretary General of the Municipal Government Zhang Xiong attended the event.
Night life festival scene. The pictures in this article are all 100 nightlife places released by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce this year. Good places for waterfront nightlife include 35 characteristic landmarks along the coast of "One River and One River", such as Shiboyuan, BFC Bund Financial Center, Putuo 88 Tribe, Suhewan Vientiane World and Fengchao on the West Bank. A good place for nightlife in Chaoliu District includes 35 characteristic commercial district landmarks such as Zhangyuan-Maoming North Road Time-limited Pedestrian Street, Daxue Road Time-limited Pedestrian Street, Panlong Tiandi, Hengshan Square, Jinchao Lane 8 and Wupintian. Good nightlife places in the neighborhood include Yangpu Youmai Life Plaza, Chongming Haishanghua Island, Bailian Century Nightclub and a number of 15-minute convenient living circle landmarks, which provide citizens with more choices for night consumption. In addition, the "Shanghai Trend Nightlife Guide" was released to provide consumers with diversified and accurate consumption strategies.
Night life festival scene. In order to promote the high-quality development of night economy, Huangpu District is taking the lead in building the "Shanghai Night Economy Fine Governance Demonstration Zone". Nine departments of Huangpu District, including commerce, public security and greening, jointly issued the "Implementation Plan on Promoting Night Economy Development in Huangpu District", focusing on planning guidance, market drive, standard docking and system innovation, and improving the management system and operation mechanism. The Council of Huangpu District Night Economy Development Community formulated the Action Guidelines for Further Promoting the High-quality Development of Night Economy in Huangpu District. In the near future, Huangpu District will also issue the "Pilot Guidelines for Exterior Placement" to improve the level of refined and intelligent urban governance and provide strong support for the sustainable development of the night economy.Meituan released the "24-hour Shanghai" night consumption vitality guide for the first time, and launched a number of night trend consumption destinations with the characteristics of trendy gameplay, niche unique experience and 24-hour business around the four sections of night food, night entertainment, night exercise and night reading. According to the data of Meituan, night service consumption generally shows the characteristics of strong overall consumption recovery momentum, great potential for late-night consumption and active development of new formats. From January to May this year, the scale of online consumer orders for night service in Shanghai increased by nearly 40% compared with 2021. After 22 o’clock in Shanghai, the night life service consumption accounts for 22% of the late-night consumption period. Nanjing West Road-Jing ‘an Temple, Nanjing East Road-People’s Square, Disney, Lujiazui-Yaohan and Wujiaochang-Daxue Road are the top five business districts in Shanghai’s night life service consumption scale index. Shanghai’s nighttime consumer goods are diverse and rich, involving 10 categories such as catering, leisure and entertainment, sports and fitness, and new formats such as gymnasiums and study rooms, which are open 24 hours a day, are booming.
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Watching Klaus: The Secret of Christmas before Christmas, there is not only expectation, but also "expectation".

Text | Wang Zhongyang lp, Xiao Tong

It should be said that the excavation of various themes by Europeans and Americans (to be precise, Americans) is still relatively textured in film and television. No matter whether it is scary folk customs or ancient myths, even if it is presented in the form of cartoons, it can be used to tell quite interesting stories with the lens of "all ages".

Among them, the most widely known ones in China are Monster Hostel and How to Train Your Dragon. The former brings together all kinds of "black myth bosses" from Western Europe to Slavic and Egyptian, while the latter sublimates tenderness in the rough and heroic Nordic Viking.

These days, the Christmas atmosphere has gradually become rich. Although I don’t know what new animation surprises there are this Christmas, I can at least recommend a wonderful masterpiece about whether Santa Claus is a pyramid scheme or a leek man under KPI three years ago-Klaus: The Secret of Christmas.

This cartoon is "wonderful" because on the one hand, you have to marvel at the deep imagination of foreigners after watching it, and it can give a "simple New Year mascot" a brand-new soul and story; On the other hand, after watching for a long time lost in thought:

Imagination can really change the world.


Selflessness and encouragement make you happy.

First of all, if I say that Santa Claus gives gifts to children every year, it is actually just a "pyramid scheme" set up by a "rich second generation" postman for KPI, it is estimated that many people will say "this is too outrageous", but in Klaus: The Secret of Christmas, it tells the audience a unique version:

Jasper, a rich second generation, was originally ignorant, idled all day and lived a luxurious life. His father paid him to send him to the Royal Postal College to train the postman and turned out to be the worst student in the hospital. So his father told him to go to Smith Rensburg (a very remote island) as a postman, and he had to send 6,000 letters a year to come back, otherwise he would not be able to get the inheritance right. However, when I got to the local area, Jasper discovered that this island was like hell-

People here are divided into two factions, one is the krum family, and the other is the Elimbo family. Due to historical reasons, they are full of hatred for each other and fight whenever they meet. From adults to children, they are organized, disciplined and have family traditions, and no one can shake them.

By setting traps, stabbing and plotting against each other, and the human feelings here are indifferent, there is no communication between them, only fighting, not to mention writing letters, which is so literary and warm. None of the previous postmen can survive in such an inhuman environment. At first, he was full of confidence, but he was repeatedly frustrated.

Just as Jasper was about to give up his job as a postman, he found Klaus, a mysterious old man who lived on the top of the island. Klaus was a carpenter.

The whole person looks "weird and cruel". After his wife died, he lived alone in a hut full of handmade toys. The two teamed up to give toys to the children on the island, provided that the children wrote to Klaus to express their wishes.

Since then, the secret of "You can get a gift as long as Jasper helps you mail a letter" has spread among the children … So, this incredible friendship has brought the island back to life, and the indifference and estrangement between people has been broken. Jasper also officially started the endeavor journey of hitting KPI with Klaus’ gift and returning to the peak of constantly chauffeured as soon as possible.

Later, there were more and more rumors about Klaus:

"Klaus will leave gifts in socks hanging on the fireplace!" "Klaus likes cookies!" "Klaus will come in through the chimney!" "Klaus flew over the roofs of thousands of families in the moonlight in a sleigh pulled by reindeer!" ……

The picture extends out of the camera, and a gentle and beautiful story comes to an end.

I am convinced that westerners engage in the theme of "redemption", even in cartoons. Klaus: The Secret of Christmas mainly has two aspects of "redemption", one is the hero’s soul redemption in doing a good job, and the other is the local people’s reflection and redemption in silent resolution.

As for the sublimation level of the theme, it is even more "universal". In friendship, love and affection, it promotes the spirit of "giving a rose, leaving a lingering fragrance in your hand"-

] a true act of good will always sparks another’s most selfless dedication is the most inspiring.


Refinement and sublimation are warm enough.

Klaus: The Secret of Christmas is such a family fun "warm cookies". The beauty of the film is that in the first half of the film, a particularly sad and chilling island is created by means of horror and suspense, and it is perfectly changed by inspiration and redemption in the feelings of "the more depraved it is, the more it is worth saving" in European and American cultures.

In addition, the relationship between the two factions on the island seems to be more worthy of the audience’s deep thinking-

Feud, hostility, refusal to communicate.

I firmly believe that this relationship is a kind of national contradiction and racial conflict that the creator deliberately implies and can map the real world, such as wars and prejudices around the world and hatred that seems to never coexist.

But on the island in the story, it doesn’t seem so "serious". At most, only the children can’t go to school, or are under house arrest or lack of care. Until the arrival of the protagonist Jasper changed all this. With the spread of love and care, the whole village has also undergone great changes … All people are inspired to practice the concept of "the most selfless dedication, the most inspiring" and bring happiness to others:

Because of Jasper’s dedication, Alva finally realized his dream of starting a school;

Because of Alva’s dedication, local children have the opportunity to read and read;

Because of Klaus’ dedication, children’s childhood has expectations and more joy;

It is also because of the dedication of the children that the adults began to become friendly, and then the residents of the whole island began to give up the struggle and live in harmony, making the indifference between people a thing of the past forever.

In the process of this happiness transmission, everyone is gradually changing in a good direction. As for the "reverse force", the most obvious thing is Jasper himself-

From a selfish and unmotivated constantly chauffeured man at the beginning, he has gradually become a caring and responsible person who makes his father proud.

Speaking of which, I don’t know if anyone has found one thing. In the seemingly mythical "Origin" story, there is actually no magic, elves and luxurious palaces throughout, but only ordinary people just like you and me.

The most obvious thing is that the well-known "The Birth of Santa Claus" is based on the secular feelings carefully arranged by the creator. Therefore, this animation not only got a high score of 8.3 on IMDb, but also got 7 nominations for the Annie Award, which is known as the animation Oscar.


Intention and logic are innovation.

The whole film is highly completed, well-made, and the story is warm, simple and pure. There is no metaphor for eggs or anything to pay tribute to. You may guess the ending and the fate of the characters, but there is nothing new in the story.

Lovely painting style, plain healing story, rich characters and their own characteristics. Meet the yearning of some audiences with girlish hearts for fairy tales. Realistic fairy tales are created by kind people, not illusory "magic".

At this point, my thoughts return to the comparison between "theme" and "material" at the beginning of this article. I am glad to find that we are not bad. At least so far, we have begun to explore the doorway and have some good signs for the refinement and sublimation of the theme.

Monkey King Reborn, another domestic animation I revisited a few days ago, saw another side of it while netizens commented on "excessive consumption":

The mythical characters are humanized, the animation style is vivid, the creative thinking is open and the theme is sublimated. Although the fourth "sublimation" has also been shown in some domestic animations in the past, such as "My life is not determined by the sky" in "The Magic Boy" and "Modern Human Context" in "Steampunk" in "The Legend of the White Snake 2", these are worthy of study and discussion by people in the industry. At least the domestic animation creators are aware of one thing:

If you don’t fool the audience, you must take the initiative to "evolve".

Especially in today’s increasingly integrated Eastern and Western cultures, if we want to carry forward the national culture and get real praise and recognition, we must learn to dig deep into some contents outside the original theme, or the common feelings of human beings or the feelings that are connected with each other.

As for the audience’s world, it is not so complicated. At least tell a vivid story about the origin of Santa Claus "Claudie", so that people who grow up are still full of childlike innocence; It is not a difficult thing to fully display the beautiful elements such as friendship, faith, companionship, growth and love.

Thanks to this movie, Christmas and Santa Claus have been given a better meaning.

I still want to thank this movie, which may make more people think about an already existing fact:

Imagination can really change the world.


The film "Golden Finger" released the actor’s special feature Tony Leung Chiu Wai Andy Lau’s "Another Masterpiece in Performance" and scanned the code to read the mobile version.

  The film Goldfinger released a special feature of "High-end Bureau" actors today. Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Andy Lau have cooperated again after 20 years, and the "old partner" is still full of tacit understanding. Tony Leung Chiu Wai bluntly said that "Hua Tsai is very professional and experienced", and Andy Lau said with confidence: "I think this work is quite mature." After the opening of the pre-sale, many fans bought tickets for the first time to lock the lucky seats of "getting rich for the New Year", thinking that the "pure gold" top lineup led by the double-film emperor was enough to worth the fare.

  The film Goldfinger is written and directed by Zhuang Wenqiang, supervised by Huang Bin, starring Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Andy Lau and Charlene Choi, starring Yam Tat-wah, Fang Zhongxin, Chen Jiale, Bai Zhi, Jiang Haowen, Taibao and Qian Jiale, and starring Yuan Yongyi in friendship. It will be rich on December 30th, and the pre-sale is in full swing.

  Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Andy Lau reunited after a long separation, and the tacit understanding of cooperation remained the same after 20 years.

  From Falcon for the first time to Infernal Affairs, which has been popular so far, after many years’ absence, Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Andy Lau, who are both kings in performing arts, finally co-starred in the film Goldfinger, once again bringing the audience the feeling of reunion for a long time. In the "High-end Bureau" actor special released this time, Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Andy Lau are not unfamiliar when they play the opposite play. No matter what emotional state the other person throws, the other person can accurately receive and perfectly cooperate with the performance. Director and screenwriter Zhuang Wenqiang couldn’t help smiling when he recalled the shooting scene: "They have been talking about things when they were actors." Tony Leung Chiu Wai called Andy Lau a "very professional and experienced opponent". When talking about this cooperation, Andy Lau also said: "I think this is a very mature performance, and it is another masterpiece based on Infernal Affairs." As producer Huang Bin said: "Their tacit understanding is actually very consistent, so we call it chemical action."

  In addition, the film Golden Finger also gathered the golden cast of Charlene Choi, Yam Tat-wah, Fang Zhongxin, Chen Jiale, Bai Zhi, Jiang Haowen, Taibao, Qian Jiale and Anita Yuen, and joined this extravagant and rich money puzzle. Because the actors are old friends who have worked together many times, the shooting atmosphere is intimate and natural. Charlene Choi, who partnered with Andy Lau when she was a girl, had a new feeling and experience when she faced the re-cooperation between them in the movie Goldfinger after growing up. Andy Lau laughed and said: "She has never changed, and she feels so careless every day." Yam Tat-wah and Fang Zhongxin, the old actors, were both infected by the cheerful atmosphere at the scene: "We talked and laughed, and everyone cooperated quite happily."

  Two generations of actors collide with fresh sparks, full of expectations, dare to break and stand up, and create a luxury blockbuster.

  In the film Goldfinger, there are not only the well-known performances of the audience, but also many powerful young actors who contribute to the film. Chen Jiale, a young actor from Chen Jiale who plays opposite Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Andy Lau, also frankly feels very lucky: "They are very good, chatting with our younger generation and giving us confidence." Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Andy Lau also praised the professional level of the young actors, hoping to have a fresh spark in the film.

  The film Golden Finger tells the story of Cheng Yiyan (Tony Leung Chiu Wai), a down-and-out young man, who made illegal money and power transactions by any means, and created Jiawen Group into a billionaire crocodile. Liu Qiyuan (Andy Lau), the senior investigation director, found the crime behind Cheng Yiyan and decided to put on record for investigation, but he didn’t expect the case to spread to the global financial market, so it took him fifteen years to pursue the case across the border. Many viewers have said that they will not miss the extravagant blockbuster of "getting rich" presented by the double-film emperor in the New Year’s Eve, and will meet their friends and go to the cinema to see the amazing truth of this sensational real case.

Things related to life: archaeology, food, and fireworks.

Fireworks in the bones of the documentary program "Things Related to Life" ep01

Tik Tok Life Service produced Figure jointly presented.

There are many key words about the commonness of China people, and "Food is the most important thing for the people" always ranks among the top. Even when we shout "Only food and love can live up to our expectations", "food" even precedes "love".

With the development of the times, shop-visiting people use the lens to show a variety of unique delicacies and lifestyles, soothe people’s hearts, and link foreign land and hometown, present and past, reality and dreams.

"Things Related to Life" was produced by Tik Tok Life Service and jointly presented by Figure. Liu Yiwei, a traditional media person, was invited to pay a return visit to explore the story of a shop-spotter who discovered shops and shopkeepers in a hidden corner of the city, and to show the influence and change of this new professional group on the life in the neighborhood.

Through the wonderful collision of the three, it brings out different life stories and shows the fireworks and warm blood in the world.

In the first episode, Liu Yiwei flashed Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, looking for "Fireworks in the Bones".

"Lonely Gourmet" more suitable for China baby’s physique "

Who would have thought that, as a former food program "Top Stream", Liu Yiwei and this episode visited the protagonist and the food detective Bo advocated Liangren with a little formality at first sight.

As a "novice" who started publishing short videos in late July this year, Zhang Liangren’s appearance seems to have no connection with the words "gourmet shop": thin figure, gray temples, cap, black half-rimmed glasses and pedant style-if it must be described metaphorically, he is more like the director of the high school guidance office in the stereotype.

Zhang Liangren, 54 years old, is indeed a teacher by profession, and he is not an ordinary teacher. He is a professor and doctoral supervisor in the Department of Archaeology and Cultural Relics of the School of History of Nanjing University. He has been engaged in archaeological study and work for 36 years. He once presided over the excavation of the Heishui National Site in Zhangye, Gansu Province, and now he is presiding over the Sino-Russian and Sino-Iranian cooperative archaeological projects. "Together, the countries visited and excavated can circle the earth."

My previous working life was extremely simple, and Professor Zhang summed it up with these key words: "teaching", "research" and "students". Now, the personal signature he wrote for his short video account @ Professor Zhang Liangren reveals a kind of playfulness that keeps pace with the times: "A food blogger who can’t archaeology is not a good professor."

Professor Zhang said with a smile that he is not a foodie. "If I score between 1 and 10, I will give myself 6 points.". However, looking through his short video account, jinghua baozi stuffed bun, boiled chicken, crispy duck with mashed taro, glutinous rice eight-treasure duck, Dongpo meat, duck blood vermicelli, firewood wonton … just look at the title, and all kinds of delicious food will come to my face.

Click on the video, and you will find that "spiritual food" is also extremely rich: try a crispy duck with taro, which is extended to the court menu of Emperor Guangxu; Ordering a cage of soup buns, he can trace the long history of the steamer for nearly 7000 years; Picking up a mouthful of duck blood vermicelli soup, he "regrets" that vermicelli soup has a history of only a few decades, but the conversation turned to prove that "the tradition of eating waterfowl in Jiangsu began 2,500 years ago" with a can of duck eggs unearthed from the mound tomb in Jurong, Jiangsu …

A few years ago, the knowledge of unpopular history, combined with Professor Zhang’s "cooking techniques", became vivid, lovely and more pyrotechnic, and quickly became numerous among young people. It is no wonder that he can be called "Lonely Gourmet" by netizens.

"People are curious and want to know where they come from and where they are going, so everyone likes to go to museums, sites and cultural relics. Archaeology is not only a key to open the historical truth, but also an entrance to explore the development law of human society. Zhang Liangren said, "Through modern food, we can introduce the historical knowledge and archaeological knowledge behind various eating habits and tell what the audience doesn’t know. This is our advantage. Academic problems should be related to the concerns of ordinary people. We are rich in knowledge, but we can’t monopolize it. 」

In fact, a lot of "high-cold" knowledge is not cold, but it is the lack of connection with the general public that makes it "unattainable." Compared with monotonous words and complicated tables, with the help of short video images of life to spread knowledge and spread the seeds of knowledge in the most interesting way, the audience can finally satisfy their wish of "being educated in a generous home" in a lively and relaxed atmosphere through one screen.

The gold content of knowledge brings great flow.

Professor Zhang made no secret that the idea of making a short video was to spread knowledge to the public on the one hand, and the original intention was to "expand the popularity", let more people know the value of archaeology and support archaeological research in more ways.

He has thought of many ways, but they can’t really solve the problem. Until last year, Zhang Liangren accidentally turned to a monograph "Diet in China Culture" in the 1970s-the editor-in-chief of this book, Professor Zhang Guangzhi, is a famous archaeologist and anthropologist in China and also a mentor of Zhang Liangren’s mentor.

From the pre-Qin Dynasty to the Han, Tang, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, this book has made a panoramic display and interpretation of China’s food culture: how the characteristics of agricultural society affect the evolution of food in this land, and how Confucian moral concepts and social organization methods determine China people’s cooking and dining habits …

The origin of his legacy has opened a new world for Zhang Liangren: a thousand years can also be seen between a meal and a ladle of drink. Taking food as the starting point, he decided to try to make videos from the media.

"I know archaeology, but I don’t know new media. Writing papers is my job, but I’m not very good at writing scripts, so I’m looking for a professional video creation team to cooperate. Before shooting, the team will first step on the spot, choose the appropriate protagonist-food, and then look for information and write scripts. After the script is written, Professor Zhang will first review the professional historical knowledge involved, and then proceed with the shooting. Finally, the team will edit, modify and polish it later.

Although the image in the video is humorous and friendly, Zhang Liangren waves his hand and laughs at himself. He is an "old pedant". It is a big problem to introduce food to the camera at once.

"How long did you shoot for the first time? "Chat, Liu Yiwei asked curiously.

"The video we shot for the first time has not been sent yet. "Professor Zhang’s partner and head of the video team, Mr. Dai, said," It’s equivalent to a waste. 」

Professor Zhang Liangren visited the video shooting scene of the store.

"In a way, I shouldn’t make videos. Professor Zhang added, "I can’t speak in front of the camera, and my expression is very stiff. So I practiced Putonghua, enunciated words and practiced various skills … It took me two months to get used to it. 」

Nowadays, although he is still a little green and cramped, he can look straight into the camera, clearly tell the history behind the food, and even make some funny expressions and actions to interact with the audience off the screen. "I want to know the preferences of ordinary people, choose how to talk to them, and present the state in front of the camera. This is a huge change for me. Until now, I am still learning. 」

With his "unique skills", Zhang Liangren has gained 76,000 fans and 526,000 likes in just over four months after he entered the short video platform, which is also a minor celebrity in social media.

However, compared with the rapidly increasing traffic figures, what makes him more happy is that more and more questions related to archaeology and history are seen in messages or private letters, "more people are interested in our archaeology"; It is the video of exploring the store that really brings gain to the store.

"It is helpful to the growth of our store’s turnover and popularity. "The boss of the soup dumpling shop where Professor Zhang recorded the video of visiting the shop said in a mouthful of Nanjing Mandarin," After Professor Zhang came, the Internet publicity was too strong. Now is the age of young people, and it will be great if they forward it on their mobile phones. Moreover, the video can continue to spread and accumulate over time. 」

"Where did the fireworks gas come from? 」

"What are the criteria for choosing a topic? "Liu Yiwei has a new question.

The answer given by the team seems quite simple: combining with what Professor Zhang can say, it can be grafted with archaeology. "We hope that the spread of knowledge will sink a little and make knowledge more pyrotechnic."

For China people, delicious food is not only a thing to eat, but also has a soothing effect. "Sometimes, what we eat is not food, but a habit and a kind of homesickness. "Cai Lan once wrote in the article.

Many times, what we remember is a connection, a connection with our family. As a teenage customer in the aforementioned soup bag shop said, "My grandmother used to make soup bags, and since her death, she hasn’t eaten that kind of (taste) … it smells like home here. 」

"In the book, I often talk about the smoke curling up, and that’s fireworks. Professor Zhang added. Walking into the small shops in the city, the favorite places of ordinary people, and the places where they eat and drink in their daily lives, the fireworks are there, and "by the way, they are also responsible for eating it."

China has been an acquaintance society for thousands of years. Once, "We have neighbors, we have relatives and friends, and we walk around and associate with each other", Liu Yiwei lamented, "From the point of view of exploring shops, we want to eat a good food. In the past, we could only ask acquaintances for information, but now we just need to turn on our mobile phones and look at your acquaintances in social media".

When you are in the urban forest made of reinforced concrete, you are overwhelmed by trivial matters and anxious life. Fortunately, people like Professor Zhang Liangren, behind the screen, talk about celebrities, worldly affairs, customs and people’s livelihood with the calmness precipitated by thousands of years of history, and take you back to appreciate the daily beauty of "nearby" life and "pursue your own fireworks".

This is a special gift in the video age.

Documentary program "Things Related to Life", produced by Tik Tok Life Service and jointly presented by Figure, has been online since December 18th. From the perspective of Liu Yiwei, a senior food program host, it explores the story that Daren discovered shops and vendors in the hidden corner of the city, and shows the influence and change of this new professional group on "nearby" life. Three different life stories show the fireworks and warm blood in the world.

Director | Wan Xiaozhang

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Editor | Xu Jing

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- END -

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Original title: Things Related to Life: Archaeology, Food and Fireworks.

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A Book of the Day | Women’s Thoughts

Women’s thoughts

Author: [Japan] Ueno Chizuko

Translator: Lu Weiwei

Version: Zhejiang University Press

September 2022

Recommended index:★★★★Presenter: Qing Qingzi

In recent years, many works by Chihiro Ueno have been translated and published. During this period, there are two books, one is "Starting from Limit" and the other is "Women’s Thought" to be recommended today. Although the styles of the two books are different, after reading them, we will realize that both books are dialogues. The former is a dialogue between Ueno and Suzuki liang zi about their own confusion, while the latter is a dialogue between Ueno and her predecessors who influenced and forged her and their works.

The Thought of Women is divided into two parts. In the first part, the works of five Japanese female thinkers are selected, namely Morizaki Kazuji, Shimuli Daozi, Tanaka Zhongjin, Taeko Tomioka and Shuitian Zongzi. The second part introduces and guides five western thinkers who are more familiar to readers: michel foucault, edward said, Eve Kosovski Segivik, Joan wallach Scott and Judith Butler.

Among these thinkers, Ueno Chizuko has repeatedly expressed the important influence of Morizaki and Jiang on her. In the recommendation of Miss Tangxing written by Morizaki and Kawasaki published in June this year, Ueno once wrote: "I want to find a language that only belongs to women when women tell their experiences. What struck me was Morizaki’s words … How much influence did this man have on me? It is too difficult to estimate. " The same words also appeared in Women’s Mind: "I selected the books that I have read and gained strength from, which constitute my blood and flesh, and interpreted them … In other words, this book is my understanding and my’ creation’."

It is worth mentioning that in the dialogue between Ueno Chizuko and these thinkers, their influence on Japanese sociology, feminist/gender studies and women’s liberation movement was also introduced. Language and thought, of course, are not created out of thin air. Ueno took over the language and thought of her predecessors, and now we have taken over the book from her.

Author/Wang Qing

Editor/Li Yongbo Gong Zhaohua

Proofreading/Wang Xin