These Qingzhou authentic nourishing foods will give you a full-fledged autumn!

The weather cooled down when you were not careful.
Summer seems to be yesterday.
The feeling of crisp autumn is beginning to be obvious.
Summer is over in Qiu Lai, and the cool wind drops to.
It’s a good time to keep fit.
At this time, it is most appropriate to supplement.
Have some delicious food in your arms
Only then can you feel satisfied?
You can’t miss these Qingzhou authentic nourishing foods!
Miaozi whole lamb
Originated in the Qing Dynasty, it has been explored and innovated by chefs. No matter the characteristics of dishes or cooking skills, the whole lamb banquet has its own style. A bowl of mutton soup is definitely a good cure for autumn!
Muslim sauce beef
At the turn of summer and autumn, eating beef can tonify the middle energizer, nourish the spleen and stomach, and has the effects of strengthening bones and muscles, resolving phlegm and calming wind, quenching thirst and saliva, and enhancing immunity. There are many old-fashioned Muslim sauce beef shops near Dongguan Street in Qingzhou. The products are mellow, not greasy, fragrant and palatable, with a long aftertaste. The traditional production technology is followed, and the food is salty and moderate, crisp and refreshing, which is an ideal delicacy on people’s table.
Jiahe donkey meat
Jiahe in Qingzhou City is famous for producing donkey meat by traditional techniques. Like Yao donkey meat, spiced donkey meat was first produced in the early Ming Dynasty, and was used as a special palace banquet in the early Qing Dynasty, and gained a good reputation throughout the country in the later period. The finished donkey meat is ruddy in color, thin but not firewood, rotten but not loose, fragrant and tender in meat, far from having the health care functions of invigorating qi and tonifying deficiency, and enjoys the reputation of "dragon meat in the sky and donkey meat on the ground".
Jihe tofu
Tofu is a tonic, heat-clearing and health-preserving food, which can tonify the middle energizer and qi, clear away heat and moisten dryness, promote fluid production and quench thirst, and clean the stomach. After beginning of autumn, the summer heat gradually faded, and the weather turned cold. Eating tofu can nourish yin and moisten dryness, with many effects. Jihe Tofu in Huanglou Street is made of selected soybeans and carefully produced by traditional techniques. It has been passed down from generation to generation and still thrives. Because of the pure and pollution-free water source of Jihe River and the ancient production technology, Jihe tofu is soft, tender and delicious, and it is famous for its miles and eight townships.
Qingzhou peach
Qingzhou peach, the fruit is spherical or oblate, the top of the fruit is flat and round, the top is slightly convex to one side, slightly concave at the top, and it is native to the mountainous area of Qingzhou City, Shandong Province. Because of seedling propagation, it has great variation and can be divided into early-maturing peaches, middle-maturing peaches, late-maturing peaches, extra-late-maturing peaches and Qingzhou Guangtao peaches. After ripe, it is juicy, sweet and slightly light in flavor, and has a fibrous feeling when eating.
Muslim cakes
The ancient city of Qingzhou has a long history and splendid culture. For thousands of years, Han, Hui, Manchu and other ethnic groups have jointly written its dazzling local culture. After years of precipitation, the rich food culture of the Hui nationality has formed many delicious and unique foods, among which the Muslim cakes refined in strict accordance with the religious habits of the Hui nationality and the traditional handmade crafts are important representatives.
Misandao (honey food)
Walnut cake
Square crisp
Sesame slices
green bean cake
birthday peach (offered as a birthday present)
Fried sugar
Baked cake
The cake is homophonic "seeking height", hoping for height means auspiciousness. This is a necessary food for Hui people’s families in Qingzhou on holidays and festivals, and it is also the most characteristic food in Qingzhou. In autumn, eat a cake, not to mention how sweet it is!
Shortbread is named after a special pastry. Grease-baked crisp with good lard, mixed with appropriate amount of steamed flour, adding appropriate amount of pepper and cinnamon when oiling, after oiling, picking out the fried pepper and cinnamon, and then mixing with flour to form a flame. The burnt skin is made of sesame oil and flour, wrapped in a furnace and baked with slow fire. It is characterized by crisp skin, and it is fragrant but not greasy.
Xuan cake is a special food of the Hui people in Qingzhou, which has a history of hundreds of years. It is made of refined wheat flour and hard flour with very little water content. When the flour is choked, it is rolled with wooden poles and kneaded into a shape. Then it has the characteristics of crisp and hard skin when eaten, strong wheat flavor inside, strong chewiness and good storage at room temperature for several months.
Dear foodies ~ Come to Qingzhou in late summer and early autumn!

Sunshine Robber: Breaking the barriers of creation and shaping the new expression of the film with imagination

  Directed by Li Yu, supervised by Fang Li, and starring Mary and Song Jia, the movie "Sunshine Robber" will be released in May 1st. The film is adapted from Japanese writer Kotaro Isaka’s novel Sunshine Robber, which tells the legendary adventure story of four strange young people who form a "robber" group and bravely break into gangs to seize tigers. Their encounters, personalities, small emotions and great changes have enough details to pave the way. Their life direction and fate sigh have detailed context evolution. Individual endowments, social pulse and vision of the times are closely linked, telling the audience a city story of love and healing.

  Innovative imagination is the most prominent feature of film art. As director Li Yu said, "Fun and imagination are very important for movies, so I want to shoot a different one ‘ Fairy tale realism ’ 。” Movies should explore new themes, narrative structures, languages, styles, techniques and technologies to break the rigidity of the types and modes of commercial films. Among them, content innovation is the most fundamental innovation. An excellent film must first have substantial content and rich connotation, that is, profound literariness and humanism. For Li Yuhe Fang Li, the golden partner, The Robber in the Sunshine is a bold breakthrough in a new theme, which is more reflected in the projection and focus on the current society.

  In the film, Mary plays the role of Sunshine, a person who is uninhibited and careless on the surface, but has a deep shadow and insecurity in his heart. Mary said in an interview that she had a lot of resonance when she played the role of Sunshine. In the film, Sunshine used the so-called strong appearance to hide her inner fear, which was very similar to her experience of bringing happiness to others at work and sometimes being unable to solve her own pain. And many of us are not another "Mary"? We can bear all the wind and rain in front of people, and the people behind us may collapse instantly because of a slight touch. How can there be a quiet time, but everyone insists on it all the way, for the ideal, for the family, for love, and for all the worthwhile existence. This is the ukiyo-e painting of contemporary people’s life. No matter what we will face, the eternal thing is to believe in truth, goodness and beauty and love.

  Not every innovation will work, and some film innovations are difficult to be accepted by the audience because of the lack of vivid and profound characters, or the characterization is a low-level emotional consumption, which lacks the presentation of its spiritual realm. Fang Li’s earlier film "Birds at the Phoenix" jumped out of this creative pattern and successfully portrayed plump and vivid characters such as Jiao Sanye and Xiaotian Ming. Especially in Jiao Sanye, it reflects the persistence, farmers’ kindness, simplicity, shrewdness and limitations, and the dignity of being a teacher influenced by Confucian culture, all of which constitute a leading, distinctive and complex personality. The beauty of Fang Li’s latest producer, The Sunshine Robber, lies in putting the process of love and healing in the world on the screen through fairy-tale expression. In the movie, both Song Jia who lost his "daughter" and Mary, who is fond of heroic deeds, including villains, are people who need to be cured. Mary helped Song Jia find her daughter, and Song Jia also healed Mary’s unknown pain. Whether it was the "mother-daughter relationship" between Song Jia and the tiger Nana or the sisterhood between Mary and Song Jia, what really healed was the sincerity between each other.

  "I want to hold you so that you won’t get hurt. I want to watch you grow up. I want to stay with you for you until I love you." This is the core meaning of the film throughout. When the little Nana gently touches Xiaoxue’s hand, the warm and harmonious picture of people and animals, we can hear each other’s heartbeat through the screen. The deep entrustment left by Cici, the tiger’s mother, at her last glance is the loss of her daughter Nana and the sustenance of her love. Little Nana has never lost her mother, and Cici’s love is perfectly continued in Xiaoxue. In this way, "Sunshine Robber" cured every audience.

  At the end of the film, it is sunshine’s farewell to Xiaoxue and Nana. The sunshine sent their "mother and daughter" to the sun-shaped hot air balloon, and this short escape will soon come to an end. The sunshine can’t continue the fairy tale life with them, but the sun, which symbolizes the sunshine, will carry them to the distance. The companionship, care and preference in the whole movie are never like what the sun said: commitment is like debt, and it is all because of love. Freedom is the deepest yearning of sunshine, and loss will be her eternal gain. Dear friends, Xiaoxue, the sunshine says goodbye, so let’s start a romantic, warm, fantastic and humorous healing journey!

  Formal innovation is usually the iconic feature of movies. The core significance of form for works lies in conveying content and spirit with various aesthetic carriers, so the pursuit of form should be meaningful and unified with content and spiritual connotation. "The Robber of the Sunshine" is by no means a typed story. In the handling of the screenwriter and director, the pattern is bigger and the social empathy is bigger.

  The monologue in the film says, "Strange animals will be protected, but strange people will be excluded, but you should keep your strangeness, because strange people will always meet." In the film, Xiaoxue and Sunshine, Xiaoxue and Tiger Nana are harmonious but different from each other. The lies carried by Sunshine, Nana’s innocence, Xiaoxue’s dream, Liu’s magical infatuation, and Lin’s authentic reality … The screenwriter boldly uses color narration to tell the relationship between love and healing. Warm, cold and gray colors express three unique aesthetic and value demands. The villains represented by Liu Shenqi (Ceng Zhiwei) mostly use the cool colors of purple and dark red when they appear, which is in sharp contrast with the warm colors of yellow and pink presented by Sunshine and Xiaoxue. When it comes to everyone’s pain in the past, most of them use colors with extremely low saturation, such as gray and white, which are prominent in the distribution of screen colors and have a clear idea, making the whole story line more vivid, which is intended to tell the audience that there is no permanent gloom or permanent brilliance, and some.

  With its unique artistic aesthetics, the film "Sunshine Robber" makes the film and television works full of vitality and more touching aesthetic charm. The narrative technique and creative style adopted in the work are integrated with the fairy tales told in the work, which makes the audience feel strong emotional resonance and get a relaxed and comfortable audio-visual experience. In the unique narrative, the film pays more attention to delicate, euphemistic, affectionate and touching emotional rendering, human nature analysis and revealing the unique character of the characters. The vivid details that can be seen everywhere in the play not only allow the audience to see people, but also make the characters affectionate. I can’t help but feel that the original movie can still be shot like this? In the film, whether it is the "mother-daughter relationship" between Xiaoxue and Tiger Nana, or the sisterhood between Sunshine and Xiaoxue in thelma and louise, it is creating a positive and loving atmosphere. Such a scene in the film makes people feel that Liu’s magical pink powder will make people forget the past, and Nana, who has no intention of inhaling it, is no exception. Just when the sun was alone in the transport vehicle facing Nana, who was already "strange", everyone thought that the jump was fatal, but it was Nana’s long-lost coquetry. The plot reversal tells the audience an interesting truth, that love is the antidote not to be lost in the dreamland.

  Ba Jin once said: "Friendship in my past life is like a bright light, which shines through my soul and makes my existence a little bit glorious." In the film, Xiaoxue and the sunshine become the bright shadows in each other’s lives, one is the dreamy snow in winter, and the other is the hot light in summer. The interweaving between two people makes each other’s four seasons complete. This setting closely follows the present, stimulates empathy, and makes the public understand that even if life is indifferent and helpless, we must believe that there is always one person who can arouse all hopes and enthusiasm. "Sunshine Robber" tries to present and restore life truly and accurately by using the aesthetic way of film and television. Whether it’s a warm and happy pet-seeking office or a rippling sea, and the blue and breezy sky, and the playful pursuit of tiger Nana or even a leap at a critical juncture, it can be said that it has been carved with great care. In terms of artistic expression, this work’s creative attitude of pursuing quality products is also very worthy of recognition.

  In the general trend of genre creation and industrial production, it is the best choice to keep personal expression. As Fang Li, the film producer, said, "We especially want to share a film that is full of sunshine, happiness, fantasy and adventure, and romance with all our audiences." Based on this, we saw more of ourselves in "Sunshine Robber", and also let us see the love and healing that everyone is eager for in the real world.

What’s new about working | The peak of return trip has arrived! Is it absenteeism if you can’t get a ticket and go to work on time?

Original title: The return peak has arrived! Is it absenteeism if you can’t get a ticket and go to work on time?
Spring Festival travel rush’s return peak arrives.
February 16th is the seventh day of the first month, and there is still one day left in the Spring Festival holiday. Traveling, visiting relatives and working in various places are superimposed with a large number of returning passengers, and various localities and departments have taken various measures to cope with the arrival of the return peak.
On February 15th, the national railway plans to add 1284 passenger trains. The railway department actively coordinated and increased the connection of buses, subways, taxis and other urban transportation to smooth the "last mile" of passengers’ travel.
On February 15th, the turnover of highway personnel exceeded 280 million person-times, up 5.5% from the previous month. The public’s self-driving travel is at the peak, and the highway traffic continues to increase. 8: 00 am to 10: 00 am and 17: 00 am to 19: 00 am are the periods prone to congestion.
In addition, the daily charging capacity of new energy vehicles on expressways remains high, and there are many new energy vehicles charging queues. For high-flow stations with a large increase in charging demand than usual, the power security department also temporarily added mobile charging facilities.
This year, the passenger flow in Spring Festival travel rush and Hainan has greatly increased. In order to fully meet the return demand of passengers, the Civil Aviation Administration has taken various measures to fully protect passengers’ travel.
What should I do if I encounter these problems on my return trip?
On February 17th (the eighth day of the first month), "it is estimated that the peak of expressways will reach 65.2 million, which is about 1.75 times the average traffic volume of the road network during Spring Festival travel rush." Li Yang, vice minister of the Ministry of Transport, said.
Although all parties have increased their security, some passengers still can’t buy return tickets and plane tickets.
What should I do if I can’t rework on time because of the weather change and the failure to get tickets? Is an injury on the way back a work-related injury?
The answers to these questions about returning to work during the Spring Festival have come ↓
Question 1: What should I do if I can’t buy a return ticket and can’t get back to work on time?
Generally speaking, employees should have a psychological expectation of buying return tickets. If they can’t buy tickets for returning in time, it’s best to go through the formalities of asking for leave in advance, communicate with leaders more and strive for the understanding of the unit. The unit will generally take care of it in a special period.
Question 2: Will it be regarded as absenteeism if the train stops and so on, which leads to the failure to return on time?
If you have bought a return ticket, but you can’t return to work on time due to non-subjective reasons (such as weather, failure, etc.), it is unreasonable for the employer to take measures such as absenteeism.
After the transportation is delayed due to force majeure, airports, railway stations, passenger transport companies, etc. will generally issue letters of apology, or there will be a notice of delay in official website. Faced with this situation, workers can prove to the employer that they are not late for personal reasons, and the employer has no right to deduct the wages of workers as a punishment for being late, let alone dismiss employees for this reason.
Question 3: Is an accident on the way back a work-related injury?
The Regulations on Work-related Injury Insurance stipulates that anyone who is injured by a traffic accident or an urban rail transit, passenger ferry or train accident that is not his main responsibility on his way to and from work shall be recognized as a work-related injury.
In the actual cases that have happened, time, route and purpose are indispensable in the identification of "commuting". The return journey does not conform to the time and route factors, and the return route does not conform to the reasonable route to work. If an accident occurs, it will generally not be recognized as a work-related injury.
Please pay attention to the ticket scam!
Today is the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, and the wanderers returning home began to pack their bags and set foot on the road of return. Liars are also waiting for the opportunity to design various ticket buying scams for you. If you are eager to get a ticket, you must be vigilant and never fall into the trap of a liar.
Network police reminder
Booking air tickets and train tickets should go through official channels to avoid the disclosure of personal information. When you receive a call or text message that cancels the shift, needs to be changed or refunded, you must verify it through the official phone and App. Don’t click on unfamiliar links at will, let alone transfer money at will.
Cheating cheats
Cheating on behalf of robbing tickets
Fraudsters make fake ticket purchasing websites, telling ticket buyers that they have discounted prices or 100% tickets to "solicit customers", and then asking ticket buyers to complete important personal information such as bank card account number and password for reasons such as incomplete information after the other party is fooled, and then defrauding money.
Anti-fraud tips
To buy tickets, you must choose official ticketing websites such as 12306, and don’t blindly believe in other channels and so-called ticket grabbing artifacts, so as not to be deceived.
Fake customer service fraud
Fraudsters impersonate the official customer service to remind passengers by SMS that the ticket purchase is unsuccessful and they need to refund the ticket, with a refund link attached. When passengers click on the link, they need to enter personal information, bank card number and password according to the prompt, and then criminals wait for opportunities to cheat.
Anti-fraud tips
Don’t click on the unknown link. All ticket purchase information is subject to the official website of 12306 or the official mobile APP to check the ticket purchase situation. Never disclose your personal information to unknown people to avoid personal and property damage.
Malware fraud
The ticketing software is actually a plug-in. The technical threshold is low. Criminals disguise viruses and Trojans as ticketing software and spread them on social networks under the guise of "free" and "spike" to attract users to download and install. Once recruited, malware can secretly intercept users’ personal information, resulting in economic losses.
Anti-fraud tips
Friends can install anti-virus software on computers and mobile phones to intercept viruses and Trojans and test whether the website is a "phishing website".
Shanzhai ticketing website fraud
The criminals made a highly simulated Shanzhai 12306 website and defrauded it by phishing. These websites are very similar to the 12306 website in page layout and domain name. When the user "successfully purchased the ticket", the money was paid to the account set by the criminals, and the personal information of the user was also stolen.
Anti-fraud tips
The official ticketing website is also the only booking website designated by the railway department as www.12306.cn. Small partners must also download the "Railway 12306" mobile phone application software from the official website, not from the mobile phone forum or the unsafe electronic market.
False ticket fraud
The criminals lied that they were "scalpers" and had tickets to resell. But in fact, these so-called tickets are just "fake tickets" generated by criminals using illegal software like train ticket synthesizers, thus defrauding the victims of money. After the victim found out that he was fooled, the criminals had already "slipped away".
Anti-fraud tips
Don’t book or buy tickets by remittance to strangers’ accounts; Don’t entrust others to buy tickets or buy tickets from others; You can’t buy tickets in the hands of ticket sellers.
"Good people" buy tickets for free.
Criminals claim that they can buy tickets for free, ask ticket buyers to download the so-called ticketing software, and then illegally collect personal information and sell it on the grounds that information needs to be improved.
Anti-fraud tips
The software for grabbing tickets through unofficial channels is at risk of personal information leakage.
During the return trip, everyone should pay attention to the safety of personal property and be vigilant. If you find any violations similar to the above, please call the police in time.
Welcome to participate in the survey of job hunting and employment.
In order to deeply understand the job-seeking and employment situation of rural labor force after the Spring Festival and better provide job-seeking and employment services, the Chinese Academy of Labor and Social Security conducted an online questionnaire survey from February 14 to February 29, 2024 to collect relevant information.
Source: Workers Daily Client

A shopping mall in Changsha forced merchants to open during the Spring Festival, and closed the store for 50,000 a day? Here comes the response.

The interior of the shopping mall. Photograph by Xiang Yipeng

Zhongxin. com, Changsha, January 27 th, for the network transmission in Changsham international shopping plazaHunan Wanjiali Group responded that the shopping mall will not force merchants to open their business during the Spring Festival. This matter is a rumor and has been reported to the police.

The notice of this online transmission pointed out: "In order to respond to the national policy of celebrating the New Year on the spot and meet the consumption needs of consumers, the business hours of our shopping mall will not be adjusted during the Spring Festival in 2022, and it will operate normally according to the winter business hours: during the Spring Festival, all shops must ensure that they are open for business normally, and must not be late, leave early or close. If they are late, they will be punished by 500 yuan/time; The closed shop will be fined 50,000 yuan/day according to the contract area of 100 square meters or more, and 20,000 yuan/day according to the contract area of 100 square meters or less (including 100 square meters). "

The signing unit of the above notice is Hunan Wanjiali Group International Shopping Plaza Co., Ltd., and the signing date is January 12, 2022.

However, the reporter noticed that this notice was neither stamped with the official seal of the company nor signed by the legal representative of the company.

"The company did not issue this notice and did not force merchants to operate. The so-called fines for violating regulations are even more false. We only propose to all merchants to try to open as much as possible during the Spring Festival. " Huang Wen, director of the administrative office of Hunan Wanjiali Group, said in an interview that during the Spring Festival, the shopping mall itself is open normally, and the business hours are from 9: 30 am to 10: 00 pm. Merchants can decide whether to open or not according to their own conditions, and shopping malls will not intervene forcibly.

Why do you advocate the business of merchants? Huang Wen, for example, said that if a customer booked a New Year’s Eve dinner at a restaurant in the mall, but other restaurants were closed, then the customer’s experience would be discounted. "So we advocate that merchants are open during the Spring Festival, one is to serve customers, and the other is for the management consideration of shopping malls."

On the 26th, the reporter visited many storefronts such as clothing, mobile phones, training institutions, leather goods, catering, gold wares, etc. in the above-mentioned shopping malls, and the staff of the storefronts all said that they had not received the above notice.

Most stores said that they would open normally during the Spring Festival. Only a few training institutions and restaurants have made it clear that they will be closed for a few days during the Spring Festival, but staff will still be on duty during this period.

Why do you have to be on duty when you are closed? A staff member of a training institution said that according to his knowledge, the contract signed between the institution and the shopping mall included the agreement on the opening and closing time of the store.

"Judging from last year’s situation, our store’s business during the Spring Festival was not bad." Ms. Zhou, a staff member of a goldsmith shop in this shopping mall, said that this store will be open for business in the Spring Festival this year, and colleagues are ready for work.

"Our store will open as usual during the Spring Festival. For people who work in shopping malls, it is normal to go to work in the New Year." For going to work during the Spring Festival, a staff member of a brand clothing store in the mall seems very calm.

In response to this matter, the reporter interviewed Liu Ming, executive director of Hunan Ruibang Law Firm. He believes that if the online notice is true, the behavior of the mall is suspected of infringement, because there is a contractual relationship between the merchant and the mall. If the contract does not stipulate that the merchant must open during the Spring Festival, the mall has no right to make such demands on the merchant outside the contract; In addition, as a party to the contract, the mall has no right to fine, and the so-called fine has no legal effect. "And if the notice is false and forged, then the act of publishing false information to disrupt the production and operation of others is suspected of violating the Law on Public Security Administration Punishment, and the public security organ may impose penalties according to law; Seriously, it is also suspected of fabricating and deliberately spreading false information, and will be subject to criminal punishment. "

(Source: China News Network)


From New Year’s Eve to the eighth day of the first month, Shanghai landscape lighting will start holiday mode.

  The banks of Huangpu River are full of splendor, which has always been a beautiful business card of Shanghai. At the press conference of 2024 Shanghai Spring Festival series activities, Zhu Xinjun, deputy director of Shanghai Greening and City Appearance Bureau, introduced that during the Spring Festival, Shanghai will continue to create a festive and peaceful holiday atmosphere with landscape lighting.

  The lighting time of landscape lighting will be extended appropriately. From February 9 (Friday) to February 17 (Saturday) this year, the city’s landscape lighting will start the holiday mode. In the core areas such as the Bund, the North Bund and the Little Lujiazui area, along the Suzhou Creek, in the municipal business district, in important areas such as "one ring and two elevated roads (inner ring elevated road elevated road and north-south elevated road)", and in important single buildings (structures) such as nanpu bridge, the lighting time is appropriately extended.

  Create a festive and warm night scene effect, and use colored light and dynamic light to display colorful and colorful night scene effects in the core areas, important areas and important single buildings (structures) of this city; The main media facades along the Huangpu River, such as the Port Building and the Aurora Building, will broadcast the publicity videos of the Spring Festival theme in cycles. At the same time, temporary landscape lighting will be set up around the waterfront public space, parks and public squares of "one river and one river" to support the orderly display of light and shadow works of art in important business districts and landmark buildings. For example, Xuhui District organized the Spring Festival theme light and shadow show in Xujiahui business circle, Huangpu District in Guanglu Building along Suzhou River, and Jing ‘an District in Nanjing West Road business circle. Specific arrangements can pay attention to the official information released by the greening and city appearance departments of each district.

  Outdoor advertisements set off the festive atmosphere. More than 260 temporary outdoor advertisements in municipal business districts and regional commercial centers such as Nanjing East Road, Huaihai Road, Nanjing West Road, Xujiahui and North Bund will highlight the theme of the Year of the Dragon and promote the traditional culture of China through the "Year of the Year" element. In addition, traditional festival decorations such as national flags, lanterns and Chinese knots will be hung on the streets of the city to create an atmosphere of the Spring Festival.

  It should be reminded that during the Spring Festival, the city does not organize the Huangpu River theme light and shadow show, so citizens and tourists are requested to make reasonable arrangements for travel.

Disclaimer: The information provided by this website is for reference only, which does not mean that this website agrees with its views, nor does it mean that this website is responsible for its authenticity. If you have any questions or doubts about the content of this manuscript, please contact the Shanghai hotline as soon as possible, and this website will respond to you quickly and handle it accordingly. Contact information :shzixun@online.sh.cn

The most beautiful autumn scenery in Qingshan is about to go online! Don’t miss these beautiful scenery.

As the saying goes, the most beautiful thing in the world is clear autumn.

Cold autumn

Bleak but rich

Lonely but prosperous

Looks like a spear and shield.

But it is the ultimate interpretation of human beings.

At the beginning of October

Autumn in Qingshan came without warning.

The setting sun penetrates dimly.

Air temperature condenses osmanthus fragrance.

The breeze rippled the lake.

Even the people in the path

Have become elegant and gentle.

In Qingshan Park, although the autumn wind is wrapped in coolness, it also takes in all the osmanthus fragrance in the garden. For the reunion of this year, tourists under the tree lightly smell this refreshing fragrance, as if to keep this breath for a whole year.

It’s not just tourists who are immersed in the autumn atmosphere. Daijiahu Park is also amazed by its own flowers and trees. On the one hand, there is romantic and dreamy pink grass, and on the other hand, there is wild but savage Pennisetum, plus patches of yellowish already hanging on the treetops. This kind of come and go with every season’s seasonal limited beauty has to make people feel the magic of nature.

Sunflower sea+wind blowing fragrant rice, the autumn of Qingshan can also have the joy of "bumper harvest" On the roadside of Jianshe No.10 Road near Linjiang Avenue, sunflowers were planted in an open space of nearly 10,000 square meters. Sunflowers blossomed in the sun, and at first glance, they felt the smell of sunshine.

Unexpectedly, a large area of grain was planted next door to the sunflower, and the heavy ears of grain bent the branches in late autumn, as if telling pedestrians their joy. Walking in, a deep homesickness arises spontaneously, and this autumn harvest joy should be shared with everyone.

In addition, the golden autumn in October.

Of course, the trees are full of golden yellow and the layers of forests are completely dyed.

Every autumn leaf is a kind of scenery.

A big wave of the most beautiful scenery is about to go online.

Guide to leaf viewing in Castle PeakPlease collect it in advance.

Punch in one by one


Viewing place:Chaoyang Street, Friendship Avenue (Luojiagang Section of Sangong Road), Jianshe Sixth Road, and various parks.

△//Ginkgo biloba leaves like duck feet.

Ginkgo biloba, a specialty of China, has existed on the earth for 200 million years and is known as the giant panda in the plant kingdom. In ancient times, the working people called it duck’s feet. In the Song Dynasty, duck’s feet became a tribute, so it was changed to the current foreign name. Ginkgo biloba fruit can be eaten, but not greedy.


Viewing place:Jianshe No.10 Road, Suizhou Street, Gongye No.1 Road, Peace Park, Nangan Canal Garden and Daijiahu Park.

△//Have you ever picked the soapy fruit?

Li Shizhen recorded in Compendium of Materia Medica that "Sapindus mukoraiensis can be used to wash hair and whiten and remove spots", and Bawang shampoo has a special oil control fund for Sapindus mukoraiensis.


Viewing place:Daokouhu park

Cotinus coggygria (red leaves in Xiangshan) is highly sought after in autumn, and the misty pale pink flowers in early summer are also lovable, so it has a dreamy nickname, the smoke tree.


Viewing place:Construction of No.10 Road, Peace Park, Nangan Canal Garden, Daijiahu Park, Qingshan Park and Baiyu Park.

△//The white fruit on the branches of Sapium sebiferum makes the colorful leaves more fresh.

The leaves are diamond-shaped, and it is tallow. Sapium sebiferum with colorful leaves is a favorite of young artists, and it has been seen in the works of Lu You, Li Yu, Lu Xun and Yu Dafu.

Acer henryi

Viewing place:All parks

△//Acer henryi with leaves like chicken feet.

Acer henryi, the most common red leaf in Japan, was also used as a parenting tool by ancient Japanese parents to teach children to learn to count because its leaves have 5~9 tips.


Viewing place:Gongye Road, Sangong Road and various parks

△//The fruit on the Luan tree is like a lantern. Although it begins to wither, it still looks good.

Luan tree blooms yellow flowers in summer and bears red fruits in autumn. Although it is yellow now, it still looks good. In addition, besides lantern tree, it is also called black leaf tree, because the leaves of Luan tree and white cloth can be boiled together to dye the cloth black.

Chinese tulip tree

Viewing place:Peace Park, Castle Peak Park

△//The leaves are just like yellow jackets.

Flowers are large and beautiful, with golden leaves in autumn, like yellow jackets. They are precious street trees and garden ornamental trees, and can be shaded quickly after planting.

Have you made up your plan for viewing the green hills and leaves?

So many landscapes

Waiting for you by destiny.

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The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Examination Center predicts the registration time for the first-class vocational qualification examination.

On January 29th, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Personnel Testing Center issued "Important Tips for Professional and Technical Personnel Qualification Examination in 2024", which announced the general process of professional and technical personnel qualification examination, and predicted the registration time of some professional and technical personnel in 2024. Among them, the first-class construction engineer predicted that the registration entrance would be open from June 7th to June 28th, and the survey and design registered engineer predicted that the registration entrance would be open from August 25th to September 6th, with the first and second grades.

The original text is as follows

Important Tips for Professional and Technical Personnel’s Professional Qualification Examination in 2024

In order to help candidates successfully apply for the professional qualification examination for professional and technical personnel and provide better examination services, we are now giving tips on relevant matters for your reference.

Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Personnel Testing Center

● Understand the general process of professional qualification examination for professional and technical personnel.

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Hometown is also home! Construction workers of Universiade venues stay in Rong for the New Year’s feast to warm their stomachs and hearts.

Love Chengdu and welcome the Universiade! In August this year, the 31st Summer Universiade will be held in Chengdu. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, the Red Star News Universiade Channel will be specially launched."Happy New Year, New Fashion of Universiade"A series of reports tell the stories of Chengdu citizens, college athletes, Universiade venue builders and Universiade volunteers and other people from all walks of life preparing for the Universiade, convey the ardent expectations of people from all walks of life to "love Chengdu and welcome the Universiade", and present the influence of the Universiade on the healthy sports lifestyle of Chengdu citizens …
This year is over tonight, and it will be urged next year and tomorrow. On New Year’s Eve, the construction sites of the Universiade venues are still in full swing. In response to the government’s initiative, many Universiade venues, including Donganhu Sports Park and Fenghuangshan Sports Park, have a large number of workers sticking to the front line of construction and production, and struggling to write a "Universiade chapter" for a happy and beautiful life.
Under the premise of strictly implementing the requirements for the prevention and control of epidemic normalization, everyone got together for the New Year’s Eve while ensuring the construction progress. The hot reunion dinner symbolizes everyone’s expectation for the New Year. The workers showed their talents at the scene of the group year, handwritten Spring Festival couplets, song and dance performances and a series of activities, so that they stuck to the front line and spent a "reunion and happiness year" together!
Write couplets to congratulate the Spring Festival.
Make dumplings to welcome the new year.
More than 50 workers and project managers have been busy since the early morning of New Year’s Eve in the construction site of China Construction Third Bureau in Donganhu Sports Park in Longquanyi District, Chengdu. The reporter of Red Star News Universiade Channel saw at the scene that all the workers were sitting around the canteen, including jiaozi, to welcome the New Year, except the frontline workers who were writing couplets on the construction site. According to Luo Shuang, deputy secretary of the Party branch of Dongan Lake Sports Park, there are 500 workers staying at work during the Spring Festival, of whom more than 300 are workers from other provinces and cities. "We organize everyone to have a reunion dinner at noon on New Year’s Eve, which is to hope that everyone can have a reunion, celebration and peaceful Spring Festival in Chengdu."
Junjie Chen
Chen Junjie, from Hubei Province, is a project safety officer. He has been stationed in the construction site of Donganhu Sports Park for more than a year, and he stayed in Chengdu for the holidays this year. Facing the camera, Chen Junjie said that he had gained a lot in this year: "From the time I first came to the construction site, it was basically in the infrastructure stage. Now, through the efforts of all the workers, we have built such a beautiful venue, and we are very proud and full of sense of accomplishment."
On New Year’s Eve, Chen Junjie wrote couplets and blessings for everyone, and every stroke devoted his expectation and blessing to the New Year. "Influenced by my father, I like to write calligraphy since I was a child, and calligraphy can be said to be my greatest hobby," Chen Junjie said. "In Chengdu for the New Year, the project is very lively. Although everyone has no time to go back to accompany their families, we have long been a family. Being able to happily welcome the arrival of the Year of the Ox together can also feel happiness and joy. "
Pack jiaozi together.
During the Spring Festival of the project, Luo Shuang told reporters: "At noon on New Year’s Eve, all the workers left behind in the project will come to pack jiaozi and let them eat hot Universiade dumplings. I hope everyone can feel the warmth of home in Chengdu and at the site of Universiade construction." CCTV News also broadcast live the group year activities at noon on New Year’s Eve of the Three Pavilions Project of Donganhu Sports Park of China Construction Third Bureau. Everyone also sent their sincere wishes to relatives and friends far away from home through the lens.
A sumptuous meal+a wonderful party
Chengdu feels at ease during the holidays.
In 2020, Chengdu will promote the construction of "three cities and three capitals" with high standards, and the strong and orderly preparations for the Universiade show the determination and fighting spirit of the land of abundance to create a world famous sports city. As one of the core venues of this year’s Chengdu Universiade, the ice basketball stadium of Phoenix Mountain Sports Park will host basketball games, when citizens and friends can enjoy the elegance of college athletes from all over the world in this "NBA-level" venue at home. During the Spring Festival, more than 1,000 workers will stay in Phoenix Mountain Sports Park to continue to ensure the construction progress of the project.
The relevant person in charge distributed condolences to workers.
On New Year’s Eve, as a time of family reunion, a sumptuous meal and a wonderful party are the standard for everyone. Although the opportunity to spend the holidays with family members was given up because of the left-behind project, the workers on the Phoenix Mountain Sports Park project of China Construction Eighth Bureau stayed with each other on New Year’s Eve, enjoyed a sumptuous meal and greeted the arrival of the zero-o-clock bell while watching the Spring Festival Evening. According to the person in charge of Phoenix Mountain Sports Park Project of China Construction Eighth Bureau, Chengdu and China Construction Eighth Bureau are very concerned about the workers. "Many condolence activities were organized years ago, and I hope all the workers and friends can have a safe and comfortable Spring Festival in Chengdu."
According to the overall strategic plan of the Municipal Party Committee to build "three cities and three capitals", Phoenix Mountain Sports Park will be built into a world-class venue with the ability to undertake top international events and top domestic leagues, and meet the multi-functional needs of youth professional training, sports exchanges, commercial performances, large-scale variety shows, etc., and develop into a top international event center, sports professional training center, sports cultural exchange center and sports industry development center. It can be said that this new sports park bears the dream of building Chengdu into a famous sports city, which will enrich the spiritual and cultural life of Chengdu citizens. The person in charge of Fenghuangshan Sports Park Project of China Construction Eighth Bureau told the reporter: "All our workers will also work overtime during the Spring Festival. On the premise of ensuring strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control requirements, we will strive to ensure the construction period and strive to contribute the greatest strength to the Chengdu Universiade!"
A sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner
Shi Dexiang is one of the builders of Phoenix Mountain Sports Park. On New Year’s Eve, she sat in front of the TV with other workers after a rich reunion dinner and watched the Spring Festival party in the New Year. "My favorite is Yun-peng Yue, and I usually listen to his cross talk to relax during the break. Although 2020 is busy in engineering, I am still full of expectations when I think of August 2021 when I can see the sun birds flying high in our Phoenix Mountain Sports Park! I hope I can come here again as an audience at that time. If I can see China athletes performing well here, it will be even better! "
Red Star Journalist He Pengnan Pei Han Photojournalist Zhang Zhi
Editor Li Jie
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Does it cost oil to turn on the warm air in winter?

In winter, many car owners will be concerned about whether turning on the warm air will increase the fuel consumption of the car. In fact, if used correctly, heating the car in winter won’t cost oil.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that the cold air and warm air in the car are produced by two different systems. The cold air is cooled by the compressor, while the warm air is generated by the thermal cycle of the car itself. Therefore, when we turn on the warm air, we don’t need the compressor to work, so it won’t increase the fuel consumption.

However, some car owners may find that turning on the warm air when starting the car will lead to excessive engine load, thus increasing fuel consumption. This is because it takes some time for the engine oil to fully lubricate all parts of the engine when the car is just started. If the warm air is turned on at this time, the internal lubrication of the engine will be insufficient, and the friction resistance will increase, which will lead to excessive engine load and increase fuel consumption.

Therefore, the correct way is to wait for 3 to 5 minutes after the car starts, and then turn on the warm air after the engine water temperature rises. This can ensure that the engine is fully lubricated, reduce friction resistance, and thus reduce fuel consumption.

In short, as long as it is used correctly, turning on warm air in winter will not increase the fuel consumption of the car. Car owners can safely use warm air to keep the cab warm and comfortable.

In 2018, the total number of passenger cars in Beijing will be reduced to 100,000, and the proportion will be tilted towards individuals.

  On December 15th, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Communications released the total number and allocation ratio of passenger cars in Beijing in 2018, and announced the revision of the 2017 edition of the Interim Provisions on the Regulation of the Number of Passenger Cars in Beijing. In 2018, the total number of passenger car indicators decreased from 150,000 to 100,000, of which the new energy indicators remained unchanged at 60,000, and the general indicators were reduced from 90,000 to 40,000. Although the index has been reduced, it will be greatly tilted towards individuals, and the number of individual ordinary car indexes will become 38 thousand. The number of new energy indicators will exceed that of ordinary vehicles for the first time. According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Transportation Commission, Beijing must control the total development of passenger cars due to environmental and road resource constraints. While controlling the number of passenger cars, Beijing will make great efforts to accelerate the construction and development of rail transit and continuously increase the supply of public transport infrastructure.


  Individual ordinary car index reduced to 38,000

  Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission that on December 15, 2017, the newly revised Interim Provisions on the Regulation of the Number of Passenger Cars in Beijing and the Notice on the Total Quantity and Allocation Ratio of Passenger Cars in 2018 were announced to the public on the website of Beijing Passenger Car Index Regulation Management Information System, and the Interim Provisions will be implemented on January 15, 2018.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Transportation Commission, in order to implement the goal of "the number of motor vehicles in the city should be controlled within 6.3 million by the end of 2020" in the Traffic Development and Construction Plan of Beijing during the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan and the Work Plan for the Implementation of the Beijing Urban Master Plan (2017-2020), the Notice clarifies that the total number of passenger car allocation indicators will be reduced from 150,000 to 100,000 in 2018.

  In 2018, the quotas of general indicators and new energy indicators will be further tilted towards individuals, and the proportion of individual general indicators will increase from 92% in 2017 to 95%, which is 38,000.

  The index of new energy vehicles exceeds that of ordinary vehicles for the first time.

  In 2015, 2016 and 2017, the total number of new passenger cars in Beijing each year was 150,000. Among them, the number of new energy indicators increased from 30,000 in 2015 to 60,000 in 2016 and 2017. With the increase in the proportion of new energy vehicles, the number of indicators of ordinary vehicles has decreased, and the difficulty of winning the lottery has hit record highs.

  In 2018, the new energy indicators will remain unchanged at 60,000, the proportion of individual new energy indicators will increase from 85% to 90% (54,000), and the unit indicators and operating indicators will each account for 5% of the annual quota (3,000 each). This is also the first time that the personal new energy index has exceeded the personal ordinary car index.

  The reporter of Beiqing Daily learned that according to the detailed rules for the implementation of the Interim Provisions on the Regulation of the Number of Passenger Cars in Beijing (revised in 2013), the city has implemented a system of quantity regulation and quota management for passenger cars. The specific growth quantity and regulation ratio are determined by the demand situation of passenger cars, road traffic and environmental carrying capacity. In fact, according to the data of the Municipal Traffic Management Bureau, as of November 2017, the number of motor vehicles in the city has reached 5.9 million, which is close to the carrying capacity of traffic and environment.

  The allocation ratio is constantly tilting towards individuals.

  At present, the index applications of individuals and units in Beijing are all in the same pool, but in the past two years, the proportion is constantly tilting towards individuals.

  In 2015, the quota of passenger cars in Beijing was 150,000, including 120,000 ordinary indicators and 30,000 demonstration and application new energy indicators. Among them, the individual quota accounts for 88% of the annual quota, the unit quota accounts for 6% of the annual quota, and the operating passenger car quota accounts for 6% of the annual quota. In 2016, the quota of individual indicators accounted for 90% of the annual quota. In 2017, the quota of individual indicators accounted for 92% of the annual quota. In 2018, the data increased to 95%.

  The validity of indicators is automatically extended to one year.

  At present, the index is valid for 6 months. However, due to various reasons such as the purchase of new cars and the late signing of the index, many citizens report that the index is too short. In the future, the validity period of the index will be adjusted to one year to facilitate the citizens to go through the formalities. According to reports, the extension of the validity period is not only for the newly added configuration indicators, but also for the time limit for applying for updating indicators after the vehicle is transferred out or scrapped and the time limit for buying a car after obtaining the updated indicators. Citizens have a year to make a choice after they get the ordinary index or wait for the new energy index. Citizens who update their vehicles have two years to choose from eliminating the previous car to buying a new one. Indicators that have been held before the official implementation of the new interim provisions and are still within the validity period will be automatically extended.

  Four types of situations will not update the indicators.

  The reporter of Beiqing Daily learned that in this new policy, there are four situations in which the indicators are not updated: (1) Reaching the service life (among them, small and micro non-operating passenger cars have no service life limit. The service life of small, micro, medium and large rental passenger cars is 8 years, 10 years and 12 years respectively, and the rental passenger car is 15 years); (2) After repair and adjustment, it still does not meet the relevant requirements of the national standards for motor vehicle safety technology for in-use vehicles; (3) After being repaired and adjusted or adopting control technology, the pollutants or noise discharged into the atmosphere still do not meet the relevant requirements of the national standards for in-use vehicles; (4) Failing to obtain the motor vehicle inspection conformity mark within three consecutive motor vehicle inspection cycles after the expiration of the inspection validity period.

  For ordinary citizens, if they fail to obtain the motor vehicle inspection conformity mark within three consecutive motor vehicle inspection cycles after the expiration of the inspection validity period, the indicators will not be updated.


  Why is the index of ordinary cars reduced?

  Since Beijing implemented the policy of controlling the number of passenger cars in 2011, the number of passenger cars has increased reasonably and orderly. From January 2011 to the end of November 2017, the number of passenger cars in this city increased by 954,000, and the annual growth rate dropped from 24.3% in 2010 to 2.4%. In the same period, the resident population increased from 19.612 million in 2010 to 22 million in 2017, with an estimated increase of 2.38 million. The traffic index dropped from 6.1 in 2010 to about 5.6 in 2017, and the congestion situation not only did not deteriorate, but also improved.

  At the same time, the index control policy has also promoted the demonstration application of new energy vehicles and promoted the optimization of vehicle energy structure in this city. At present, the city has registered more than 137,800 pure electric passenger cars, ranking first in the country.

  Judging from the current development situation, although the disorderly and rapid growth of passenger cars has been effectively curbed, the continuous growth of motor vehicles still poses great pressure on air quality, traffic operation and urban space.

  On the atmospheric side, with the pollution control of industrial production, coal burning and dust in this city, the proportion of motor vehicle emission pollution in local pollution sources is prominent, becoming the biggest "contributor" of PM2.5

  In terms of traffic operation, from 2010 to 2016, the city’s total highway mileage increased by 0.66% and urban roads by 0.17% annually, while motor vehicles increased by 3.23% annually during the same period, which was much higher than the growth rate of road construction mileage. The carrying capacity of urban road network is still fragile.

  In terms of urban space, the contradiction between supply and demand between the number of motor vehicles and parking spaces is still outstanding. Judging from the distribution of passenger cars, the number of cars between the Second and Third Ring Roads is about 5,500/km2, which is obviously higher than that between the Fifth and Sixth Ring Roads, which is about 700/km2, showing a high-density gathering trend, while the parking contradiction between the old residential area in the central city and the bungalow hutong area is the most prominent, and it is the most difficult to tap the potential. Therefore, it is necessary to take the bearing capacity as a binding condition to further slow down the growth of motor vehicles.

  answer questions

  How to calculate the validity period of indicators?

  Q: Which indicators can be extended?

  A: In August, October and December, 2017, the passenger car configuration indicators obtained by lottery and waiting were extended for 6 months on the original basis.

  If you haven’t applied for updating the index after selling or scrapping the Beijing brand minibus from July 15, 2017 to January 14, 2018, the time limit for applying for updating the index will also be extended by six months on the original basis.

  After the vehicle was stolen and robbed, if the public security organ filed the case after July 15, 2016 (inclusive), and the case has not been recovered for 12 months, and the stolen and robbed state has been registered in the vehicle management system of the public security organ, you can apply for the passenger car index within the next 12 months.

  Q: How to calculate the annual inspection cycle of passenger cars?

  A: Article 16 of the Regulations for the Implementation of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China stipulates the inspection period of various motor vehicles, among which the passenger cars are inspected once a year within 5 years; More than 5 years, once every 6 months. Small and micro non-operating passenger cars shall be inspected once every 2 years within 6 years; More than 6 years, the inspection once a year; More than 15 years, once every 6 months.

  Q: Is it impossible to apply for updating indicators as long as the time limit for compulsory scrapping is reached?

  Answer: For vehicles that have reached the national compulsory scrapping standards for motor vehicles, the Public Security Traffic Management Bureau of this Municipality will regularly issue the Announcement on the Invalidation of the License Plate, Driving License and Registration Certificate of Motor Vehicles that have not been deregistered according to the national compulsory scrapping standards through official website. Any vehicle whose deregistration date is later than the announcement date will no longer accept the application for updating the indicators. Passenger cars whose motor vehicle license plates have been declared invalid before January 15, 2018 will no longer accept applications for updating indicators if they cancel their registration after January 15, 2018.

  be relevant

  Beijing opens next year.

  Three sections of subway line

  In recent years, while controlling the number of passenger cars, the city has made great efforts to speed up the construction and development of rail transit, constantly increasing the supply of public transport infrastructure, and new lines have been opened and put into operation every year.

  Three new lines will be opened at the end of this year, namely Yanfang Line, Xijiao Line and S1 Line. After the opening of the three new lines, there will be 22 subway lines in this city, and the operating mileage will increase from 574 kilometers to 608.2 kilometers.

  In 2018, the city plans to open three more lines, including the third phase of Line 8 (Zhushikou Station to Wufutang Station, Nanluoguxiang Station to National Art Museum of China Station), the fourth phase of Line 8, and the west extension of Line 6 (Haidian Wuluju Station to Pingguoyuan South Road Station). The operating mileage has increased to more than 630 kilometers.

  At the same time, Beijing will accelerate the construction of more than 300 kilometers of rail transit lines, such as the new airport line, pinggu line, the east extension of Line 7, Line 12, the remaining section of Line 14, Line 16, Line 17, Line 19, CBD line and Yanfang line branch. It is planned to realize 900 kilometers of rail transit by 2020, and the coverage rate of 750 meters in the central city subway station will reach 90%.

  In addition, we will continue to optimize the ground bus network, build a comprehensive and convenient transfer system, grasp the new changes in the rapid development of the subway network and share the economy, and make the green travel environment of "subway+ground bus, bike-sharing and walking" better and better.


  Regulation policy on the number of passenger cars

  Optimization for many times in six years.

  The reporter of Beiqing Daily learned from the passenger car indicator office that since the implementation of the passenger car quantity control policy in 2011, the indicator office has actively listened to the opinions and suggestions of the Municipal People’s Congress, CPPCC members and the general public, and has revised, supplemented and improved the implementation rules several times.

  On December 27, 2011, the implementation rules were revised for the first time. The revised contents mainly include: First, it is clear that the expired unused personal passenger car indicators will be re-incorporated into the lottery pool configuration; The second is to stipulate the validity period of personal configuration index application and streamline the number of lottery pool codes; The third is to allow newly registered enterprises to participate in the lottery to facilitate the development of enterprises; The fourth is to clearly update the application time limit of indicators and strengthen the management of indicators.

  On November 27, 2013, the implementation rules were revised again. The revised contents mainly include: setting the winning rate of individual lottery ladder to alleviate the pressure of "long-term failure"; Increase the index configuration of new energy passenger cars; Solve the problem of applying for indicators after the passenger car is stolen; Cooperate with the municipal court to implement the judicial auction of Beijing brand passenger cars with index transfer, and solve the problem of difficult implementation.

  On January 22, 2016, the advanced rules for the winning rate of the lottery ladder of ordinary passenger cars were further adjusted, and the care for applicants who have been shaken for a long time was increased. Issued the "Notice on Demonstrating and Applying the Relevant Rules for Waiting for the Allocation of New Energy Passenger Cars", and cancelled the lottery of new energy passenger cars.

  This time, in combination with the revision of the Interim Provisions on the Regulation of the Number of Passenger Cars in Beijing, the Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Interim Provisions on the Regulation of the Number of Passenger Cars in Beijing have been revised, which will also be announced in the near future and will be implemented simultaneously on January 15, 2018.

  This edition/reporter Liu Wei

  Cartography/Reporter Wang Zixuan for the picture/vision china


  The number of motor vehicles in megacities in the world has gradually increased by zero.

  Xu Kangming, a transportation expert, said in an interview with the reporter of Beiqing Daily that the number of motor vehicles in megacities in the world has gradually increased by zero or even negative growth. For example, the number of motor vehicles in some European cities and Singapore has been zero growth. It can be seen from the new index management method that Beijing has adopted a rational overall policy for motor vehicle development.

  Xu Kangming believes that the motor vehicle development policy may go through four stages, from the past control to the current reduction of the total increase, and will gradually develop to zero growth or even negative growth in the future.