2023 Suzhou Track and Field Open (Phase III) Online Network Promotion Ambassador: Meng Yan

2023 Suzhou Track and Field Open (Phase III) Online Network Promotion Ambassador: Bodybuilder-Meng Yan

The competition was sponsored by the track and field association of Yongqiao District, Suzhou City, and was followed up by Jinzan live broadcast to support online publicity and promotion. In the course of the 2023 Suzhou Track and Field Open (the third stage), a very eye-catching popular star player, Meng Yan, was born, which won the praise and support of the online public and won the title of online network promotion ambassador!

Ambassador of Network Promotion: Meng Yan

Meng Yan, English name Louis, born in Sanya, Hainan, was born in Northeast China after 1980s. Is a track and field javelin athlete, bodybuilder, currently working in the Australian brand F45 fitness.

At the age of 14, he won the national second-class javelin athlete certificate, and at the age of 17, he won the third honor in the youth group of China Bodybuilding Championship.

Dreaming of entering the national team and going out for the country. However, despite his talent and persistent efforts to exercise, he was unfortunately injured during school, which made it impossible to continue his studies in the field of javelin. Although it is a pity, the accidental opportunity changed his life direction-bodybuilding project. Because of physical education, I have a good quality and my muscle growth is particularly fast. Luckily, it was discovered by China bodybuilding champion. After the professional guidance of the master and hard training, I won the first honor in the club competition one year later. Then in the second year, he won the third honor in the national bodybuilding championship.

He was conscientious in track and field events and bodybuilding, and made great achievements. He also made unremitting efforts to make progress in his studies. At that time, many famous universities extended their efforts to the olive branch.

After graduating from college and working in Beijing for 2 years, I started my own entrepreneurial career and have been engaged in the sports and fitness industry until now.

Now it has been more than 20 years since I came into contact with the javelin project. But every time a friend asks him, he will be proud of having practiced javelin since childhood. Since I met my javelin thrower brother and Kang Ge, I have ignited my dream of javelin and yearned for the shouting and awe-inspiring scene on the field. So I returned to the arena, picked up my passion and love 20 years ago, and began to pursue my dream life.

Once the path of life is chosen, we must bravely go to the end and never look back.

That is, on this day, brunson completed the great cause that no one can match in the 33-year history of the Knicks! 4 years, 104 million over-value.

New york Knicks is undoubtedly the most surprising team in the East this season, not even one! The Knicks, led by brunson, Randall and Barrett, won 47-35 in the regular season and lost to the fifth place in the East. One year later, they entered the Eastern Conference playoffs. Their opponent in the first round was the same young Cleveland Cavaliers. The last time the team entered the playoffs was back when LeBron James was a Cavaliers player in 2017-18, and it was five years before they could return to the playoffs.

Therefore, from the playoff experience of both sides, the Knicks are an absolute advantage. Newly-joined Jay brunson has fully proved his strength in last season’s playoff, not only helping the lone ranger to reach the playoff, but also helping Dancsics to reach the Western Conference finals. After he left this season, the lone ranger didn’t even have a chance to enter the playoffs directly, which shows how much influence it has on the lone ranger! Moreover, Randall, Barrett and Derek Ross are all fighting in the playoffs and have some experience in the playoffs. But even so, the Knicks are still a team that didn’t get the chance to qualify. The Knicks still firmly believe that the young knights can the legendary swordsman in this round of series!

However, the Knicks, who never believed in evil, directly knocked out their face of belittling people in the G1 war between the two teams. The two teams played four quarters, and finally the Knicks narrowly won 101:97, and the Cavaliers directly got off to a good start. Being able to steal the Cleveland Cavaliers’ home victories and benefits is enough to prove the Knicks’ super fighting power, and even make people feel disapprovingly wild at the Cavaliers’ home. The G-2 Cavaliers woke up from a rude awakening, while drawing lessons from G-1′ s failure, they also defended their home court dignity, so they got up the courage to win the home court defense, defeated the Knicks 107-90, successfully pulled back a city and rewritten the series as 1-1.

G3 moving from home to Knicks is a brand-new attempt for Knicks and Cavaliers, and a brand-new arena and a brand-new atmosphere is a brand-new journey! For the Cavaliers, it is necessary to try to get back the lost home court advantage. It is necessary for the Knicks to maintain the dignity of the home court, overwhelm the visiting Cavaliers with more fierce momentum, and firmly grasp the initiative of the series in their hands! Because they want not only the first round of the playoffs, but also the Eastern Conference semifinals and even the Eastern Conference finals.

After G3 returned to the team, the Knicks really took on a new look. Although the offensive in the first quarter was not smooth and almost made the team dumb, in the second quarter, the two quickly recovered their feelings. When they scored 28 points in a single quarter, they even divided the Cavaliers into 15 points. In this way, they took a double-digit lead in the half-game. The Knicks entered the final showdown with a lead of 17 points in the third quarter at 27:23. Although the Cavaliers fought back, they couldn’t narrow the score. The Knicks finally beat the Cavaliers 99-79 at home and rewrote the big score of the series to 2-1.

Five Knicks scored in double figures, including Randall 11+8+3, Barrett 19+8+3, Hart 13+6+1, and Quikley 11+2+1. The Knicks’ anchor for winning the championship was still Jay brunson, who counted 10 of 18 shots, knocked down 21 points, 4 rebounds, 6 assists and 2 steals, and lost +20. Only with him could he win the championship. It was his appearance that made the Knicks invincible!

No one thought that after the game, brunson also achieved the great cause that the Knicks didn’t care about for nearly 33 years! According to ESPN data, Jay brunson became the first person in the history of new york Knicks to get at least 20 points and 5 assists in two consecutive playoff games since Ewing in 1990. G2 brunson scored 20 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists, G3 scored 21 points, 4 rebounds and 6 assists.

In the offseason last year, the Knicks took brunson away from the lone ranger with a big contract of 104 million yuan for four years. At that time, many people also had doubts about the contract of 100 million yuan, thinking that the Knicks had signed a junk contract again. But now it seems that brunson’s contract is not only cost-effective, but even the most far-sighted contract in Knicks’ history is regarded as a fortune. The Knicks’ rapid rise this season is due to the appearance of brunson, which has brought a winning culture to the team. The Knicks have also been liberated from the label of fish maw and become one of the upstarts in the east again. This alone, he is completely worthy of his four-year 104 million. What do you think of this problem?

Where is Macy going? Play in at least five major leagues for another year, after the 2024 America’s Cup or consider Saudi Arabia.

After this week’s Champions League eighth final in Paris was eliminated by Bayern Munich, the speculation about Messi’s future once again triggered many discussions. In the end, whether to stay in Paris, return to Camp Nou, play happy football in Major League America, or even become teammates in Saudi Arabia and Cristiano Ronaldo? The Argentine media Ole newspaper talked about Messi’s future.

Messi’s contract with Paris expires in three months, and there is a one-year extension option with Paris, but it has not been activated yet. Messi and Paris have been negotiating several times since FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in 2022, but no agreement has been reached. Messi’s own idea is to play in the five major leagues in Europe for at least another year. Messi hopes to continue to participate in the Champions League next season, and the America’s Cup in 2024 will be held after the end of the European League next season. Messi hopes to stay in Gao.

But so far, only the five major league teams in Greater Paris have made an offer for Messi.Greater Paris is now facing many problems, and the restriction of the fiscal fairness bill is very unfavorable to Greater Paris. Therefore, Grand Paris will make great adjustments to the lineup this summer, and the salaries of most players must be reduced. Recently, Greater Paris will also start negotiations with players on this matter.

Judging from the current situation, whether from the economic or competitive aspects, staying in Bali is the best choice for Messi.The first conversation between Messi’s father and Campos, director of Greater Paris, has ended. The two sides have not reached an agreement yet, and they will continue to discuss this matter after this week. The main contradiction between the two sides is that Messi expects Paris to make a breakthrough in sports, but Greater Paris needs to be forced to cut back on expenses, which may affect the signings in the transfer market.

For Barcelona to sign Messi back, Messi’s first choice is to renew his contract with Paris, and his father will continue to meet with Campos. Although Barcelona has also made contact with Messi, and Barcelona President laporta confirmed that he had met with Messi’s father to discuss the possibility of Messi’s return, it is reported that the negotiations between the two sides have not made much progress. Considering the current economic situation in Barcelona, it is more difficult to sign Messi back, and there has not been any direct contact between laporta and Messi himself, and Barcelona has not made an offer for Messi.

The MLS is really eager to introduce Messi, but the overall strength of MLS is obviously far from the top leagues in Europe.There is a certain gap between its economic strength and the clubs of European giants and even Saudi leagues. Saudi Arabia hopes to bid for the 2030 World Cup, so it is eager to sign Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to attract fans’ attention, but this will not be Messi’s main consideration option at present. Major League America may have to wait until after the Copa America in 2024.

Generally speaking, Messi’s future, if there is no accident, is to negotiate with Paris, and it is expected to continue to play in Paris for the third season, so as to help Barley go further in the Champions League next season.

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The eight most promising occupations in 2023! Come and see if there is a job for you?

At present, we are discussing which occupations have development prospects everywhere, but the development laws of various occupations are different, so it is very important to grasp the factors. This article will lead you to know which occupations have more development prospects. If you want to engage in these promising occupations, you can search and download them from Baidu, and send resumes to major enterprises to learn more.

The eight most promising occupations in 2023!

First, the most promising career in 2023: software engineer

Software engineer is a very technology-intensive occupation, and it is also a challenging occupation. Software engineers can play an important role in both mobile applications and PC-side software, and are responsible for the development, design and implementation of the software to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the software. In addition, software engineers can also develop various high-tech applications, such as AI and big data, which will bring more development to society.

Second, the most promising occupation in 2023: product manager

Product managers are a very diversified profession. They should not only be familiar with technology, but also grasp the market pulse and customer demand. Product managers should not only participate in product planning, but also participate in project management, manage project personnel and resources, and track project progress. Product managers have strong comprehensive skills, can grasp the pulse of the market and help enterprises walk in the forefront of the market.

Third, the most promising career in 2023: financial analyst

Financial analysts are a very theoretical profession. They should deeply understand the changes in the financial market, give appropriate investment suggestions to companies, and help enterprises seize financial opportunities and avoid financial risks, so as to obtain good returns. At the same time, financial analysts should also understand the changes in domestic and foreign financial markets, find new opportunities in time, and create more value for the company.

Fourth, the most promising career in 2023: artificial intelligence engineer

Artificial intelligence is the future development trend. With the development of artificial intelligence technology, related occupations also have development prospects. Artificial intelligence engineers can make full use of the advantages of AI technology according to the needs of enterprises, identify patterns, solve problems, and provide more possibilities for enterprises. In addition, artificial intelligence engineers can develop more valuable applications according to the needs of enterprises and bring more development to society.

V. The most promising occupation in 2023: website operation.

Website operation is a very complicated occupation, which involves network technology, marketing, channel management and other aspects, and requires operators to grasp the pulse of the market, accurately grasp the needs of users, improve the traffic and user experience of the website, improve the brand awareness of the website, and thus gain more users.

6. The most promising occupation in 2023: investment analyst.

Investment analysts are a very challenging profession. They should have the skills of investment analysis, economic analysis, financial market grasping, accurately grasp investment opportunities, provide valuable investment advice to customers, and help customers get good investment returns. In addition, investment analysts can help customers grasp new investment opportunities through different investment channels, so as to obtain more benefits.

7. The most promising occupation in 2023: Internet legal consultant.

Internet legal consultant is a very challenging profession. They should master legal knowledge, understand the changes of Internet laws at home and abroad, and the legal risks faced by Internet enterprises, and give reasonable suggestions to help enterprises seize legal opportunities and avoid legal risks, so as to make enterprises develop more healthily and stably.

Eight, the most promising career in 2023: data analyst

Data analysts are a very popular profession. They should master the data analysis technology, accurately grasp the data, find out the rules in the data, and put forward suggestions on data analysis to help enterprises seize market opportunities, thus enhancing their competitiveness and gaining more commercial value.

The above are the eight most promising occupations in 2023 compiled by Xiaobian. Look at the recruitment network and there are more occupations waiting for you to explore. Hurry up Baidu search and look at the recruitment network and start a job search!

Is UEFA better than the Premier League? Anthony’s three data have doubled. Tenghahe: It’s ok in the Premier League.

Manchester United beat real betis 4-1, and Anthony scored the second goal in the last five games in the 82nd minute. In this game, Anthony completed five shots and three straight shots, tied for the first time in the number of shots and straight shots of Manchester United, and missed two excellent goals, ranking behind Wieghorst.

After the game, Manchester United coach Teng Hahe expressed dissatisfaction with Anthony’s performance, and said: He could do better in the first half, and he did it well and boldly, using his speed to attract defensive players, especially the need for more running (original: but in the first half, he could do better to make more actions, be more brave, go more behind, taking players on, but especially more movement,using his speed)。 Tenghahe said Anthony performed better in the second half and scored important goals, but Tenghahe said Anthony can do this not only in the Europa League, but also in the Premier League, which sounds like Anthony played in the Europa League, slightly better than the Premier League, which seems to be true from the data.

Although Anthony missed two excellent goals, even the shot was once. If he chose to pass the ball, any of the three teammates behind him in the middle would get a goal. But from the data performance, Anthony’s Europa League shooting efficiency is indeed higher than that of the Premier League. Anthony scored 0.39 goals in 90 minutes in the Europa League this season, and only 0.27 goals in the Premier League. The shooting conversion rate is 13% in the Europa League, but only 9% in the Premier League.

The difference between Anthony’s expected goal value and the actual goal value in the Europa League is 0.1, far exceeding the Premier League’s 0.02. These data seem to be evidence. Anthony’s shooting efficiency in the Europa League is better and it is easier to score goals, which may be related to the intensity of the Premier League’s rush.

Anthony’s ability to pass the last pass is questioned. The expected assists in the season are only 0.06, which is only higher than the front waist and wingers in the five major leagues. What is the concept? Among the 96 teams in the five major leagues, each team has at least two wingers and a front waist, and Anthony expects the assists to rank in the last dozens among 300 or 400 celebrities. This is also Anthony’s most criticized place, averaging 3.14 shots per game over 91%, but the actual number of goals is average, and the actual assists are ranked very low.

However, Anthony scored 1.18 points in the small restricted area in the Europa League, only 0.72 points in the Premier League, and passing the ball to create a shooting opportunity was also 1.18 points in the Europa League. Basically, passing the small restricted area can be turned into a shot. But the number in the Premier League is only 0.81. Anthony obviously played more decisively and boldly in the Europa League.

The reason for the data change may be that the intensity of the Premier League and Europa League matches is different. Some data may explain others. For example, the number of times Anthony attacked the third zone with the ball was 1.76 in the Europa League, but it was 3.33 in the Premier League, and it seemed that he was less delayed in the Europa League. In the Europa League, the distance he held the ball and the number of times he entered the penalty area were reduced by half compared with those in the Premier League.

These two figures seem to show that Manchester United’s Europa League does not need to drag its feet and carry the ball forward on its own. According to the Take-Ons data, the Europa League has 5.1 games every 90 minutes, while the Premier League has only 3.24 games. It seems that the Europa League has gone more boldly, made a technical move or quickly broke through and moved the ball after attracting the other team to double-team.

In fact, there is no need to use data to measure. Anthony’s participation in the Europa League is indeed much better than that of the Premier League. Even if everyone criticized Anthony for wasting his chances in the last game, he had to run out of position in the Premier League to waste his chances. So is the difference between Anthony and the Europa League and the Premier League due to tactics, opponents or other factors?

More than 50 teams and nearly 2000 people participated in the competition! The first "Three Big Balls" City League in Guangyuan, Sichuan officially opened.

Li Kang Cover Journalist Liu Yangu

On March 11th, in the passionate melody of "March of Athletes", the athletes of 25 representative teams marched with vigor and uniformity, officially opening the curtain of the first "Three Big Balls" city league in Guangyuan. Yang Hao, member of the Standing Committee of Guangyuan Municipal Committee and Secretary-General of the Municipal Committee, announced the opening ceremony.

"Three Big Balls" refers to three kinds of collective ball games: football, basketball and volleyball, which have the characteristics of strong competition, high appreciation and great social influence. In 2021, the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" issued by the State Sports General Administration repeatedly mentioned the revitalization and development of the three big balls. At present, the revitalization of the three big balls has been included in the important content of the national development strategy reform, and Sichuan Province has become one of the four pilot provinces for the revitalization of the three big balls. In recent years, Guangyuan City has successively hosted the National Women’s Basketball Championship, the Eastern Basketball Competition and the Northern Volleyball Competition of the Three Big Ball City League, created the "Jianmenguan Cup" campus ball sports brand competition, and delivered 7 related athletes to the provincial team, solidly promoting the implementation of the "Three Big Ball" revitalization project.

It is understood that the purpose of this tournament is to speed up the construction of the three-ball revitalization system, create a good environment for the development of the three-ball, and contribute to speeding up the construction of a strong sports province and promoting the revitalization of the three-ball. By then, there will be more than 50 teams from 7 counties (districts), 17 industries (systems), government agencies, enterprises and institutions, social organizations, construction, media, wedding, logistics companies, bars and other industries in the city, and nearly 2,000 athletes and coaches will participate in the competitions including men’s and women’s football, men’s and women’s basketball and men’s and women’s volleyball.

The first "three big balls" city league champion was finally decided through passionate collisions such as group match, round robin (integral match), cross match and finals. According to the schedule, basketball, volleyball and football will be held in Guangyuan Aoyuan Sports Center, North Sichuan Kindergarten Teachers College, Sichuan Information Vocational and Technical College and other venues from March 11th to 19th, March 28th to April 2nd and April 1st to 7th respectively.

At the opening ceremony, cheerleading "Energetic", basketball exercise "Vigorous" and ball comprehensive exercise "Together with the Future" were staged, which quickly ignited the atmosphere. Volunteers from schools and units in Guangyuan City and Lizhou District, together with literary and art workers, shared the passion and joy brought by sports through the national fitness project, and presented a rich "literary feast" for the audience. Subsequently, the Cangxi County Basketball Team played against the North Sichuan Kindergarten Basketball Team and started the first "Three Big Balls" City League match in Guangyuan City.

"Guangyuan City held the first’ Three Big Balls’ City League, which fully demonstrated the city’s strength and reflected the city’s responsibility, and contributed Guangyuan’s strength to the revitalization of the three big balls in the province." At the opening ceremony, Leng Shiming, the second-level inspector of Sichuan Provincial Sports Bureau, expressed the hope that Guangyuan City would take the revitalization and development of the three major balls as an important carrier to build a large-scale sports pattern, do a good job in the system design of "government-led+integration of sports and education+diversified investment+career development", improve the long-term mechanism, lay a solid foundation for development, run the three major ball events well, comprehensively promote the long-term development model of universal fitness, professional competitions and extensive social participation in the three major balls, and take the road of revitalization out of the organic integration.

Vinicius becomes a brother of Brazil! Militao asensio scored and Real Madrid reversed the Spaniard 3-1.

On the evening of March 11th, Beijing time, in the focus match of La Liga, Real Madrid made a strong reversal in the backward situation and finally defeated the Spaniard 3-1. In the 8th minute, Jose Lu helped the Spaniard break the deadlock. In the 22nd minute, vinicius quickly tied the score. In the 39th minute, Militao overtook the score. In injury time, asensio sealed the score.

In the 2nd minute, the Spaniard steals the ball in midfield and sends it obliquely to Braithwaite in the left front court! Directly grabbed it and shot into the restricted area, and Militang struggled to block the bottom line!

In the 8th minute, the Spaniard steals a counter-attack in the backcourt, and makes a long pass to the right-wing frontcourt. Sanchez takes the ball and forcibly wipes away the defense and crosses the door. Jose Lu follows up with an unguarded shot into the net! Real Madrid are 0-1 behind.

In the 12th minute, vinicius made a surprise attack with the ball on the left wing and knocked back the triangle. Kamavin added a powerful shot! That’s right! Pacheco confiscated it directly!

In the 23rd minute, the cooperation of Real Madrid’s left-wing frontcourt was handed over to vinicius’s quick attack. After the direct left-wing breakthrough, he crossed into the net, swinging open the space, and then shot a difficult shot into the net! Real Madrid tied the Spaniard 1-1. This is also vinicius’s 19 goals this season, surpassing Neymar to become the Brazilian player with the most goals in the five major leagues this season.

In the 39th minute, the opportunity of Real Madrid’s right corner kick was pushed out in the cross with the cooperation of Cross and Magic Flute. vinicius grabbed it and gave it to Joan Ameni on the left wing. The left wing attacked and lifted it again, and then Militao headed the ball to break the net! Real Madrid 2-1 Spaniard!

In the 71st minute, Rodrigo stormed in with the ball, knocked it back to the follow-up Cross, and shot it away with one foot!

In the 76th minute, Cammavinga’s assault on the left wing was put down, and Rodrigo fired directly at the post for Real Madrid’s free kick!

In injury time, Na Qiao’s quick assault tore the right side of the two men’s defense, and asensio followed up to form a single-knife, small-angle shot to break the net! Real Madrid leads 3-1.

Five games tonight are worth looking forward to! At 18: 00 prime time, the Asian Cup staged a battle between China and South Korea.

On March 12th, Beijing time, it will be another football night tonight. In addition to the continuation of the five major leagues, two national teams, including the China Men’s Football Youth Team and the China Women’s Football Youth Team, will also make appearances one after another, which is very worthy of fans’ expectation.First of all, at 18: 00 pm prime time, China will play a decisive battle against South Korea in the U20 Asian Cup quarter-finals, and then China will play Laos in the U20 Women’s Asian Cup qualifier group match.There are Premier League Arsenal against Fulham, Manchester United against Southampton and La Liga Seville against almeria.

At 18 o’clock in the evening, the U20 Men’s Football Asian Cup will play the third game, and China will play against the South Korean team. This is a match comparable to the final, because there are four places in this Asian Cup that can advance to next year’s World Youth Championship, so whoever wins will get one of these four tickets. In the previous group stage, China was lucky to be ranked second in the group with 1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss and 4 points, while South Korea was ranked first in the group stage with 2 wins and 1 draw. It can be seen that South Korea performed better in the group stage, and compared with South Korea in the number of goals, China did not score as much as South Korea, and the outside world is generally more optimistic about South Korea’s promotion. However, it should be noted that in this Asian Cup, there are actually not many games with a gap of more than 2 goals, and the gap between countries is not very large. If China plays its momentum and plays well on the spot, it may have a chance to create miracles.

At 20 o’clock in the evening, the U20 Women’s Asian Cup qualifiers will continue, and China women’s football team will play Laos women’s football team. There is no suspense in this game. Previously, China women’s football team won 2 games and 2 wins, scored 12 goals, and did not lose 1 goal, ranking first. In fact, it has basically qualified. The level gap of women’s football in Asian countries is still very large, and China women’s football team is still first-class in Asia. Laos women’s football team scored only 2 goals in the previous two group matches, with poor attack power. It is difficult to challenge the strength of China women’s football team, and it is optimistic that China women’s football team will successfully qualify by beating its opponents.

At 22 o’clock in the evening, Arsenal in the Premier League played Fulham, which was the contest between the top spot and the seventh place. Arsenal have done well this season, leading the second place by five points, and if they win this game, their advantage may continue to expand. Comparing the performances of the two teams in the last five games, Arsenal is 4 wins and 1 draw, while Fulham is 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. On the surface, Arsenal has a good momentum, but it should be noted that Arsenal only played the Europa League two days ago, while Fulham rested for a week. Plus Fulham is playing at home, their home performance is still good, and it is difficult for Arsenal to win easily. This season, Fulham beat Chelsea and drew Liverpool. The strength should not be underestimated. In the first leg, the two teams met, and Fulham lost only 1-2. The two teams met again, and Fulham may have the chance to score points or even win.

At the same time, Manchester United will play Southampton at home, which is the contest between the third place and the penultimate one. Manchester United had been beaten by Liverpool 7-0 in the league, and their morale declined. Then they beat their opponents 4-1 in the Europa League, which boosted their morale a little. Winning at home against the relegation team was their only goal. Southampton’s attack power is very poor, with 2 wins and 5 losses in the last 7 games. Coupled with the away game, it is believed that it is difficult to challenge Manchester United and optimistic about Manchester United’s successful victory over opponents at home.

Finally, at 23: 15, there will be a relegation battle in La Liga. Seville, the fourth from the bottom, will play almeria, the third from the bottom. Although Seville is one place higher than the opponent, the points of the two teams are actually the same. Only because of the goal difference factor, Seville is lucky to be higher than the opponent. The performances of the two teams are not good this season, especially for Seville, the former king of the Europa League, this season’s performance is a cliff-like decline. In terms of winning games, they are one game less than almeria, and the strength of the two teams can be said to be very close. In addition, Seville was still playing the Europa League two days ago, playing on two fronts, which was unbearable for a relegation team, while almeria rested for more than a week, and he was full of physical fitness, so he was optimistic about almeria’s away game to score points or even win. Let’s wait and see!

[A little information] What are the functions of the industrial gateway? Industrial gateway wholesale factory

With the development of Internet of Things and industrial automation control equipment, industrial gateway, as an important foundation of industrial Internet of Things, has been paid more attention and applied. Equipment terminals in various industries transmit through the gateway, which meets the needs of enterprise information, intelligence, digitalization and scientific production and management, and provides a solid foundation for the development of industrial intelligence. So, what is a gateway? Do you know what an industrial gateway is?

Gateway is a kind of complex network interconnection equipment, which is mainly used to connect two networks with different high-level protocols, and can be used for both WAN and LAN interconnection. Industrial gateway is an industrial gateway designed to meet industrial standards and industrial customers’ needs. It connects the cloud platform to the top and industrial equipment to the bottom, converts different protocols of the equipment into protocols and data that can be understood by the cloud platform, and uploads and distributes information. It has the functions of data collection, data interaction, protocol conversion, wireless/wired big data transmission, communication management and edge calculation.

What is the function of industrial gateway? Simply speaking, industrial gateway is a kind of intelligent transmission terminal equipment, which can realize remote monitoring, debugging, upgrading, maintenance and control by connecting industrial equipment to the network and obtaining equipment operation data remotely. The following small series will give you a detailed introduction.

Characteristics of industrial gateway:

1. Data collection and data upload: the industrial gateway is connected with the industrial equipment control system to collect data and upload the read equipment information;

2. Remote monitoring of equipment status: remote monitoring of equipment operation status to reduce equipment failures, ensure normal operation of equipment and improve equipment reliability;

3. Remote management: The industrial gateway is connected with the cloud platform and can remotely manage the equipment, including remote upgrade, remote debugging and remote control.

4. Alarm push: Set alarm trigger conditions and push the alarm to relevant personnel;

5. Data interaction: support information interaction between two gateways through the cloud platform to realize data transmission between gateways;

6. Fault self-diagnosis: It has abundant LED indicators, and can quickly diagnose gateway faults according to the corresponding links of the indicators;

7. Strong adaptability to the environment: it supports various communication modes such as WIFI, Ethernet, 4G, 5G, Bluetooth and LORA, and can adapt to various industrial environments;

8. Flexible access mode: You can connect to the cloud platform through MQTT protocol, MODBUS protocol and other ways.

At present, industrial gateways are widely used in industrial automation, smart cities, manufacturing, smart agriculture, mechanical equipment, PLC control, intelligent robots, water supply equipment, intelligent transportation, smart factories, remote monitoring, environmental monitoring and other fields, without wiring, reducing maintenance costs and being very convenient to use.

With the continuous development of Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, industrial gateway has gradually become the key to smart new industries. Through safe and reliable automatic data collection and data transmission, it provides customers with remote equipment management solutions, builds a perfect production management system, breaks through manufacturing bottlenecks and builds a new generation of intelligent manufacturing production lines.

Zhejiang Dongsheng IOT Technology Co., Ltd. serves all kinds of AIOT equipment manufacturers, providing embedded software solutions based on chip and module forms, helping intelligent hardware manufacturers to quickly serve their customers’ human-computer interaction and wireless IOT product requirements. Today, nearly 50 domestic enterprises use our intelligent remote control scheme’s technical services, and dozens of domestic enterprises use our IOT hardware software services.

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Frankfurt’s successful appeal allows fans to watch the Champions League away from home, while Naples is worried about riots among fans.

Live on March 12 th, Frankfurt Club successfully appealed, and fans can go to Naples to watch the Champions League away game. However, Naples officials said that this may lead to riots among fans.

During the first leg of the two teams, some Naples fans were beaten by Frankfurt fans in Germany. For safety reasons, the Interior Ministry of Naples announced that it is forbidden to sell tickets to visiting fans in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final match between Naples and Frankfurt at home next week. However, the Frankfurt Club immediately appealed this and successfully won the appeal, so Frankfurt fans can buy tickets and enter the stadium to watch the game.

The Napoli club issued an official statement saying: "Naples is deeply worried about the decision to allow German fans to enter the Champions League on March 15th. As previously emphasized by the Sports Events Analysis Committee of the Ministry of the Interior, our concern stems from the possibility of fan riots. The Campania Regional Administrative Court made this judgment, so they will be responsible for what may happen. "