The movie Hot Search: Behind the "hot" is the "cold" data.

Original title: The movie Hot Search: Behind the "hot" is the "cold" data.

"Hot Search" is a very brave film, revealing some realities that were unknown, dare not say and no one said before. A cup of exquisite coffee, a fresh life, a bustling high-rise building and a cold rooftop, this contrast is too stinging. Moreover, it is rare for the director to give the audience a position of God’s perspective, that is, to jump out of the plane surrounded by public opinion or other people’s manipulation and to see the overall fermentation and trend of an event. It makes people feel wonderful and have some thoughts at the same time. Once upon a time, did I just be a member of that team?

The film tells the story that after Chen Miao, the editor-in-chief of the media, published an explosive article, he unexpectedly received help from the parties and involved a series of unexpected events. Chen Miao, the editor-in-chief of the media, penetrated the traffic password and created an explosive article to rush to the hot search, but indirectly boosted the female student of the "bully" to jump off the building. At this time, Chen Miao accidentally discovered the help information sent by a female student and involved a sexual assault case. He Yan, a partner of Chen Miao, and Peng Yue, a wealthy investor, were involved one after another. Public opinion has turned many times, what kind of interest chain is hidden behind the incident, and a public opinion war for the weak has started …

The film begins with cyber violence and reveals the story behind the frequent cyber violence in recent years. In this era when the media broke out, the truth of the matter is reversed every minute. The illusion of public opinion and the hot search list are behind the bloody and explicit truth, which makes people wonder how to choose justice in the Internet age. The network is rooted in life and has a far-reaching impact on life, even amplifying the dribs and drabs of life. Now the network world can no longer be described by virtual world, it is an enlarged version of the real world, and it has a layer of gauze more than the real world. The starting point of the film is very good, which lies in reminding, awakening and encouraging the conscience and goodwill of the society.

The whole film seems to focus on a story line of justice, using the shell of the current self-media and nesting it with an introduction of campus violence to show the dimension of "realism", but in fact, the film cleverly bypasses all issues that may cause stinging pain. Rather than focusing on the boundary of speech in the media era, this film focuses on the rabble to see how public opinion is induced and used again and again. All people give up thinking and become minions of traffic and topics under the guidance of the media, but this concern does not seem to be the main theme of the film, and the audience’s sense of justice is satisfied with the actions of the protagonist.

In the era of network information, there will be all kinds of information around us, and it is difficult to tell whether it is true or not, as well as active and passive cyber violence with guns and sticks in the information. As Deng, a student of Hunan Qifa Culture Media Co., Ltd., wrote in his commentary, this film is a realistic film that reflects cyber violence well. Moreover, it is said that it is based on a real-life event. If it is true, I can only say that the director dares to shoot. I really can’t imagine how to face it if I am in such a thing, but it also reminds us to express our views cautiously and restrained before facing an event that we don’t know the truth, instead of being mindless. Resist cyber violence and purify the network environment, starting from you and me.

The film focuses on the ethics of media and news reports and the ethics of media people. In today’s era, it is difficult to tell how much public opinion is being manipulated on the Internet, and how much traffic is behind whether the capital is pushing whether the traffic is the highest or the truth is the highest, whether the content is king or the capital is king, in repeated reversals and games. The movie plot seems to map every hot search that really happens on the Internet today. The hot search is not the hot search for defending justice, but the hot search for cyber violence, profit-seeking capital and carnival of the mob. Behind the hot search are actually cold data, indifferent individuals and neglected victims.

The director explained in a simple way how the media now use templated methods to manipulate public opinion to chase hot spots, and how ironic it is to quickly incite the mob’s emotions with just some eye-catching titles without moral bottom line. Isn’t this the case in the fast food era? Emotional venting is far more concerned than the truth. However, many people are eager for gold, and the bones are ruined. Words have no blade, killing is invisible! Therefore, together with the copywriters of Hunan Enterprise Culture, we should be a persistent self-media person, not seeking to be a Buddha who saves people, but seeking not to be a broker of public opinion, because the manipulator will also become a victim. Goodwill is more important than hot search. Truth or illusion? Holding the sword of justice has been secretly used. Before the next comment on social events, we can let the bullets fly a little longer.

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The glory of the king server crashed; Apple Low-key Plus Meta Universe | Game Industry Weekly

Wen San competes for the nucleus.

1. The the glory of the king system collapsed and reached the top of Weibo Hot Search.

On September 4th, a topic "the glory of the king collapsed" rushed to Weibo for hot search. The glory of the king official response, some players in qualifying, the peak race into the abnormal problem, the problem is being dealt with emergency positioning.

Although the official did not explain the specific reasons for the server abnormality, recently, the most stringent "anti-addiction" notice in history has just been issued. The notice requires strict restrictions on the online game time of minors, and can only provide one-hour service to minors from 20: 00 to 21: 00 on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays.

And "the glory of the king collapsed" is in the first weekend when major online game companies implement policies.

2. Apple’s first AR/VR chip exposure, low-key plus meta-universe.

On September 3rd, according to the exclusive report of The Information, Apple completed the research and development of chips such as System-on-Chip (SoC) last year, which has no built-in AI acceleration module. Apple chips have better performance than third-party SoC, including better wireless data transmission, compression, decompression and higher energy efficiency.

The report shows that SoC and two other Apple chips have reached what the semiconductor industry calls a milestone. The physical design of the chip has been completed and is ready for trial production. According to people familiar with the matter, TSMC is producing these three chips, and it is at least one year before mass production. This is a key stage in the development of this head display.

According to the previous news, its debut will be released as early as next year, but Apple may further postpone the release time.

3. Premier League Wolves acquired Chongqing QGhappy and entered the professional league in the glory of the king.

On September 5th, Fosun Sports, where the Premier League Wolves are located, officially announced the acquisition of the glory of the king Professional League (hereinafter referred to as KPL) club Chongqing QGhappy.

After the acquisition, Chongqing QGhappy will be renamed as Chongqing Wolves, and will continue to take Chongqing as the home of the team in the new season and fight with a brand-new attitude.

This announced that the Premier League Wolves officially entered KPL, and the Wolves became the first traditional football club to enter the world’s top mobile e-sports professional league.

4. South Korea’s "Partial Amendment to the Telecommunication Business Law" was passed, and Apple’s monopoly on commission has become a thing of the past.

The issue of Apple Store payment has been the focus of the industry in recent years, including the previous Epic vs Apple War.

On August 31, South Korea’s "Partial Amendment to the Telecommunication Business Law" was officially passed, and South Korea became the first country in the world to end the monopoly position of Apple and Google. According to the requirements of the Act, neither Google Play Store nor Apple AppStore can force developers to use the only payment system on the platform in the Korean market.

This means that developers will be able to use third-party payment, and the app store that has lasted for many years will be divided into 3: 7 models and take the lead in ending in the Korean market.

In addition, Japan, India and other countries have also indicated that they will further review the payment problem of Apple Store.

  • 2.1 Game list in domestic market

Chinese mainland market

Domestic market August 30, 2021 — On September 4th, in the best-selling list of iOS games, The Original God topped the list, and The Battle of the Golden Shovel temporarily occupied the third place in tencent games.

On August 31st, on the occasion of the first anniversary of "The Original God", Mihayou released a brand-new 2.1 version of "The Moon is under the sun". Including the new roles of "Thunder General, Coral Palace Heart Sea, and Jiutiao Luo", opening two new areas of "Qinglai Island and Haitang Island" and updating the fiend mission and legendary mission.

In addition, new weapons, fishing systems and new monsters have been put on the shelves.

Aside from the quality of products, The Original God has been successfully pushed out of the glory of the king on September 1st, and reached the top of the best-selling list of App Store games with its stable long-term content output, staged stacking of buff, and the amount of fluid absorbed by the first anniversary activities.

On the other hand, tencent games’s The Battle of the Golden Shovel has become the "third brother" of tencent games since it was launched on August 26th.

Recently, this work has been closely followed by the glory of the king and Peace Elite, and it has been firmly in Top5.

In terms of other products, Sanqi’s mutual entertainment "Douluo Mainland: Soul-to-Soul Match" and Netease’s game "Fantasy Westward Journey" performed steadily.

China Hong Kong market

China and Hongkong Market August 30, 2021 — On September 4th, in the best-selling list of iOS games, Ali’s games "The Three Kingdoms Strategic Edition", "The Original God" and "The Robbery of Heaven and Earth: The Return of the Dark City" topped the list.

As one of the heavyweight products of Ali Games, The Three Kingdoms Strategic Edition has been at the top of the local App Store game bestseller list since it landed in the Hong Kong market in January this year. In addition, the game was also a T1-level product in the strategy game market at that time.

Thanks to the first anniversary of the launch and version 2.1, the global release of Mihayou "The Original God" has also performed extremely well in the Hong Kong market this week. Temporarily remain in the best-selling list Top2.

In addition, Zi Long Games’ innovative placement of the RPG game "Robbery of Heaven and Earth: The Return of the Ghost Town" also topped the best-selling list of Hong Kong App Store games this week.

In addition to local products, the Marvel Comics IP adaptation MMORPG mobile game "Marvel Comics Future Revolution" launched by South Korea Netstone and Marvel Comics has also performed well in the Hong Kong market since it was launched on August 24. Japanese manufacturers’ products such as Zhilong Lost City, Baokemeng Master EX, Dragon Ball Z, and Football Teenager gathered in the Top10 of the best-selling list of App Store games in Hong Kong.

China Taiwan Province market

China Taiwan Province Market August 30, 2021 — On September 4th, in the best-selling list of iOS games, The Original God and Three Kingdoms Strategic Edition topped the list.

Similar to the Hong Kong market, Ali’s game "The Three Kingdoms Strategic Edition", Mikhail’s game "The Original God" and Zi Long’s game "The Robbery of Heaven and Earth: The Return of the Ghost Town" all performed well in the best-selling list of the App Store in Taiwan Province this week.

Sanqi Mutual Entertainment’s "Douluo Mainland: Soul-to-Soul Duel" is stable in the best-selling list Top5 this week. As far as performance is concerned, this work is a relatively successful mobile game adapted from Douluo Mainland IP on the market at present.

In addition, the company’s "Doomsday" and "Call me a big shopkeeper" two products, which mainly go to sea, also entered the Top10 of the App Store game list this week.

  • 2.2 List of Games in Major Overseas Markets

American market

American market August 30, 2021 — On September 4 th, in the best-selling list of iOS games, "The Original God" dominated the list.

Quality+global theme, coupled with the continuous and stable long-term content output, gives Mihayou the confidence to reach different cultural regions. Since September 1, the game has been on the best-selling list of App Store games in the United States for three consecutive days.

In addition, the only domestic game that entered the Top10 list this week is tencent games’s Call of Duty Mobile Games.

Japanese market

Japanese market August 30, 2021 — On September 4 th, in the best-selling list of iOS games, "Horse Racing Mother" topped the list.

In terms of domestic games going to sea in Japan, Mihayou’s Original God, music element Idol Dream Sacrifice, Netease’s game Wild Action and Fifth Personality entered the Top10 of the best-selling list.

Korean market

Korean market August 30, 2021 — On September 4th, in the best-selling list of iOS games, Odin: The Rise of Varhala still topped the list.

In terms of domestic South Korean games, Mihayou’s "The Original God" and Ali’s game "The History of the Three Kingdoms Strategic Edition" are on the Top2 of the best-selling list.

In addition, tencent games’s PUBG Mobile and Lilith’s Awakening of the Nations entered the Top10 list.

Indian market

Indian market August 30, 2021 — On September 4th, in the best-selling list of iOS games, PUBG MOBILE India Edition, SEA《Free Fire and tencent games’s Call of Duty Mobile Games launched a fierce competition around "India is the first brother to eat chicken mobile games".

Only from this week’s performance, the top two products ranked Top1 in the best-selling list, and basically remained within Top3. In contrast, the advantages of tencent games’s Call of Duty Mobile Games are not obvious. During the period, it ranked Top2 and dropped out of the Top10 list.

In fact, this is quite different from the performance of PUBG MOBILE India Edition. To some extent, in the same category, the products that enter the market first will definitely have the advantages of user base and usage habits.

Even if PUBG MOBILE India Edition has the support of "invisible hand", it is difficult to "cover the sky with one hand".

Data-Eye data shows that casual games occupy all the positions of Top10 in the buying list from August 30th to September 5th.

Compared with last week, although Beijing Zhanxin Power "Paradise 233" is still at the top of the buying list, the amount of materials released this week has dropped by 50% to 31,413 groups, compared with 68,993 groups in the same period last week.

In addition, from the perspective of product types, most products in the Top10 list are "leisure+online earning" types.

Since the State Press and Publication Administration released the game version number on July 22nd, no new version number information has been published recently.

According to competitive statistics, as of September 5, 2021, a total of 755 game version numbers were issued. Among them, there are 679 domestic game versions and 76 imported game versions.

Specifically, Tencent, Netease, ByteDance and Aauto Quicker were issued with version numbers in 2021, which were 13, 11, 2 and 3 respectively.

It is worth mentioning that on September 3, the State Council issued a notice on several measures to promote the reform and innovation of trade and investment facilitation in the Pilot Free Trade Zone, in which Article 16, "Piloting the territorial management of online games", pointed out that the Central Propaganda Department will be responsible for promoting the online game audit pilot work in the location of the eligible Pilot Free Trade Zone.

In fact, the idea of "launching a pilot project of territorial management of online games" has been put forward many times this year. For example, on April 8, the Ministry of Commerce of the National Development and Reform Commission issued the Opinions on Several Special Measures to Support the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port and Relax Market Access, and on April 21, the Ministry of Commerce issued the Overall Plan for the Comprehensive Pilot of Expanding and Opening up the Service Industry in Hainan Province, all of which advocated Hainan to deepen the pilot work of reviewing the content of local online games.

In addition, on April 21st, in the notice of the Ministry of Commerce on printing and distributing the "Overall Plan for the Comprehensive Pilot Project of Expanding and Opening up the Service Industry in Chongqing", it also mentioned "supporting Chongqing to actively create conditions to apply for the pilot project of reviewing the content of local online games".

Since 2018, the version number policy has been tightened in an all-round way, and the version number has been extremely strict. Hainan and Chongqing are expected to become new network audit pilots, and may be improved.

It must be pointed out that considering the recent "uninsured" incidents, Jinghe believes that the increase in pilot projects does not mean that the approval will be relaxed, or even stricter. For example, no new version number was issued in August 2021, which also explained some problems. 

Unresured correlation:

August 30th: The three-day and three-hour insurance policy was issued.
The State Press and Publication Administration issued the Notice on Further Strict Management to Effectively Prevent Minors from Indulging in Online Games. The contents of the notice are roughly divided into three parts: for game companies, the requirements for real-name registration and login of online game user accounts are strictly implemented; Strictly control the duration of providing game services to minors (only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays at 20: 20:00— 21:00)。

August 31st: Children’s game community should also be limited to 3 hours.

A number of official accounts of Baiao Family Interactive, the developer of Olastar and Obi Island mobile games and page games, announced that the anti-addiction system of mobile games and page games will be adjusted on September 1, and will only provide one-hour game service to minors from 20: 00 to 21: 00 on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays, and will not provide game service to users who are not registered and logged in by their real names in any form.

September 1st: Some e-sports events announced restrictions on the age of contestants.

The State Press and Publication Administration recently issued the Notice on Further Strict Management to Effectively Prevent Minors from Indulging in Online Games. Subsequently, some e-sports officials announced that they had begun to limit the age of the contestants. Among them, the PEL Peace Elite Professional League announced that it will carry out compliance work on the age of the contestants; KPL the glory of the king Professional League has made it clear that KPL and K-A players must be at least 18 years old before they can participate.

September 2nd: Hearthstone prohibits underage certified professional players.

Recently, the State Press and Publication Administration issued the Notice on Further Strict Management to Effectively Prevent Minors from Indulging in Online Games to solve the problem of minors’ overuse or even indulging in online games. Subsequently, major manufacturers have expressed their views, and now Netease has decided to prohibit minors from being certified as professional e-sports players of Hearthstone Legend.

September 4th: "the glory of the king" collapsed, ranking first in the hot search.

"the glory of the king collapsed" topped the hot search list in Weibo. Although the official did not explain the specific reasons for the server abnormality, recently, the most stringent "anti-addiction" notice in history has just been issued, demanding that the online game time of minors be strictly limited, and only one hour service can be provided to minors from 20: 00 to 21: 00 on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays. This is the first weekend for major online game companies to implement policies.

Industry trends: 

August 30th: The producer of "Rulong" is expected to join Netease.

According to Bloomberg News, Netease is in the final negotiations to poach the names of the producers of "Like a Dragon" series from Sega. According to people familiar with the matter, after Ming Yue changed jobs to Netease, he will set up his own team and develop new games. The two sides have not yet signed a final contract, and his responsibilities have not yet been finalized. Nobuyoshi Kuniyama is a famous game producer in the Japanese game industry, and the total sales volume of his series of "Rulong" games has exceeded 14 million.

August 31st: South Korea legislates to end Apple’s channel monopoly.

In the plenary vote of the National Assembly of Korea, the Partial Amendment to the Telecommunication Business Law was passed with 180 votes in favor, 0 votes against and 8 abstentions. Korea became the first country in the world to end the monopoly position of Apple and Google.

According to the requirements of the Act, neither Google Play Store nor Apple AppStore can force developers to use the only payment system on the platform in the Korean market. This means that developers will be able to use third-party payment, and the app store that has lasted for many years will be divided into 3: 7 models and take the lead in ending in the Korean market.

August 31: Netstone establishes Yuan Universe Company.

Netmarble F&C, a subsidiary of South Korean mobile game giant Netmarble, said on the 31st that its wholly-owned subsidiary "Metaverse Entertainment" was formally established. According to reports, "Metauniverse Entertainment" will devote itself to developing a virtual reality platform and operating virtual idols. The masterpieces of mobile games launched by Netstone in recent two years mainly include Seven Sins: The Battle of Light and Darkness and Sword Spirit Revolution.

August 31st: Robles invested 90 million dollars to expand.

The developer of Robles is planning to expand the company. In the latest quarterly financial report of Robles, the company plans to expand its headquarters in san mateo, California, with an expansion area of 123,000 square feet. The expansion project will cost about $90 million and is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2022.

August 31st: iQiyi launches VR All-in-One Adventure 3.

Iqiyi Adventure VR held an online new product release show with the theme of "Good Games, Free Play", and officially released its fun and beautiful new generation flagship VR masterpiece — — Adventure 3. The first 30 high-quality games are all open to the first owner for free, and the total value of the games exceeds 1700 yuan.

September 1st: The father of PUBG set up an independent game studio.

Brendan Greene, the creator of "Survival of the Jedi", announced that he has left Krafton, the parent company of Blue Hole. As the founder of Survival of the Jedi, PlayerUnknown in the full name of this book (Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds Player Unknown) is his screen name.

September 2: Lilith card new tour exposure.

Lilith officially announced that "Shenjue" has already made reservations on platforms such as bilibili and TapTap, and expressed the hope to present a brand-new popular fantasy IP for players through "Shenjue". "Shenjue" is an RPG mobile game developed by Lilith with the theme of urban mythology. In addition to combining urban and mythical themes, the game also incorporates the elements of trend and electronic sound, which is unique in terms of picture and music.

September 2nd: Hatsune Miku Mobile Games will be released in the morning and evening.

Hatsune Miku genuine authorized mobile game "World Plan Colorful Stage! Specially invited: Hatsune Miku (hereinafter referred to as "World Plan") officially announced that Lightyear, a subsidiary of ByteDance, will be responsible for the distribution in Asia except Japan.

September 2: Apple opens third-party payment for audio and video applications.

According to reports, Apple will allow third-party developers to connect their software to external websites, so that users can buy their paid services, which has solved the long-standing controversy surrounding the Apple App Store. These include audio and video, reading and other applications, and game applications are not among them for the time being.

September 3: Apple’s first AR/VR chip is exposed.

According to the exclusive report of The Information, Apple completed the research and development of chips such as System on Chip (SoC) last year, which has no built-in AI acceleration module. Apple chips have better performance than third-party SoC, including better wireless data transmission, compression, decompression and higher energy efficiency.

September 3: India or review Apple Store payment issues.

After South Korea, India’s antitrust authorities are also eyeing App Store’s in-app payment problem, that is, forcing developers to use their in-app purchase system. The Indian Competition Commission will review the case in the next few weeks and may order a wider investigation or deal with it in general.

September 3rd: JD.COM banned 87 console games.

JD.COM’s announcement of banning the sale of games has been widely circulated. There are as many as 87 games in the announcement, most of which are console games, among which there are many famous masterpieces such as Call of Duty series and Collection! Animal Forest Friends Association, FIFA19, etc.

September 3rd: Layabox wholly acquired FairyGUI, the largest third-party editor.
Recently, Layabox, the company owned by LayaAir engine, has completed the wholly-owned acquisition of Huagu Software. In the future, FairyGUI will still maintain independent operation and version maintenance. Gu Zhu (Xiao Yingtang), the founder of Huagu Software, joined Layabox and became the head of Layabox Guangzhou Branch, mainly responsible for the design and development of LayaAir engine 3.0 IDE. LayaAir engine, owned by the acquirer Layabox, accounts for 90% of the 3D engine of small game platform with its mature and leading 3D technology advantages.

Financial report dynamics:

August 30th: The revenue of Sanqi Entertainment H1 is 7.5 billion yuan.

Sanqi Entertainment released its financial report for the first half of 2021. The financial report shows that H1 Sanqi Entertainment achieved revenue of 7.539 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 5.63%; The total profit was 1.006 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 49.51%; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 854 million yuan, down 49.77% from the same period of last year. Among them, the company’s mobile game business revenue was 7.067 billion yuan, down 4.65% year-on-year.

August 30th: Google App Store earned $11.2 billion in 2019.

South Korea may ban Google and Apple from charging software developers commissions for in-app purchases, the first such containment measure in a major economy, which may damage the lucrative revenue sources of technology giants, Reuters reported. According to the report, the Legislative and Judicial Committee of South Korea’s Parliament is expected to approve an amendment to the Telecommunication Business Law known as the "Anti-Google Law" on Tuesday, prohibiting application store operators with dominant market positions from using certain payment systems.

August 30th: century huatong H1 game revenue is 6.2 billion yuan.

Century huatong released its financial report for the first half of 2021. The financial report shows that H1 century huatong achieved revenue of 7.31 billion yuan, down 5.9% year-on-year; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 2.45 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 52.88%. Among them, the proportion of Internet game revenue has reached 85.15%. During the reporting period, the company’s game business achieved operating income of 6.228 billion yuan, with a compound growth rate of 35.51% in three years.

August 31st: Netease game H1 revenue of 14.5 billion.

Netease announced its financial report for the second quarter of 2021. According to the financial report data, Netease Q2′ s total revenue was 20.52 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.9%. The net profit attributable to shareholders of the company was 3.54 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 21.9%; Under non-GAAP, the net profit attributable to shareholders of the company was 4.23 billion yuan. In terms of game business, Netease’s total game revenue in this quarter increased by 5% year-on-year to 14.53 billion yuan.

E-sports dynamics:

September 2nd: EDG won the LPL Summer Championship.

The 2021 LPL Summer Finals was held in Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center. EDG defeated FPX by 3:1 to win the Summer Finals, and finally successfully won the Silver Dragon Cup, and will compete in the 2021 League of Legends Global Finals S11 as the No.1 seed of LPL.

September 3rd: RNG Zero Letter WE entered S11.

In the first round of qualifiers in LPL Division of League of Legends Global Finals in 2021, RNG team defeated rival WE with a score of 3-0 and obtained the third seed qualification leading to the global finals.

September 5th: Premier League Wolves acquire Chongqing QGhappy.

Fosun Sports, where the Premier League Wolves are located, officially announced the acquisition of the glory of the king Professional League (hereinafter referred to as KPL) club Chongqing QGhappy. After the acquisition, Chongqing QGhappy will be renamed as Chongqing Wolves, and will continue to take Chongqing as the home of the team in the new season and fight with a brand-new attitude. This announced that the Premier League Wolves officially entered KPL, and the Wolves became the first traditional football club to enter the world’s top mobile e-sports professional league.

Start a new tour next week (9.6-9.12):

According to the statistics of hot money network, the only big factory game to be launched next week is Netease game Harry Potter: Magic Awakening.

This work is an RPG mobile game authorized by the original Harry Potter, developed and distributed by Netease Games.

In the game, the player plays a freshman in the School of Wizardry, enters Hogwarts College to study, and starts a mysterious adventure with other partners. Although the picture of the game is 3D, through the combination of filters, rendering and light and shadow, the whole picture has a retro picture book effect, which is very compatible with the magical theme of Harry Potter.

At present, Harry Potter: The Magic Awakens has more than 10 million reservations in official website, and the TapTap score is 7.1.

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse … More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, April 17th (Reporter Zhao Jiantong, Li Chunyu, Xu Dongyuan) Spring is as deep as the sea, and with the rapid temperature rise, people are enthusiastic about horse racing. According to incomplete statistics, only on the weekend of April 15th and 16th, there were more than 30 road races all over the country, and the races in Wuhan, Beijing and Shanghai became hot topics on social platforms.

  Xinhua News Agency reporter observed that this spring marathon showed a comprehensive return trend, and emerging events blossomed everywhere with outstanding characteristics. Judging from the surge in the number of applicants in some competitions, the horse racing fever even exceeded three years ago. Taking running as the medium, all localities have integrated the enthusiasm of national fitness with the vitality of urban development, and set up platforms such as sports consumption festivals, tourism festivals and expositions that are compatible with marathons, showing local cultural landscapes, beautiful ecological environment and meticulous public services.

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse ... More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  On April 16th, the contestants of Wuhan Marathon passed the Yellow Crane Tower. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Zhizun photo

  Running has become a way of life.

  In 2019, there were more than 300 marathons certified by China Athletics Association, and in 2023, only 133 events were registered in the first half of the year. Judging from the number of events, the marathon craze has basically returned to the level before the epidemic.

  The return of the number of races gives the horse racers more choices. Wang Lin, head of Beijing Fangshan Running Group, said: "There are marathons almost every weekend in China, and runners even have to make multiple-choice questions according to their own schedule!"

  The craze for horse racing among the whole people has risen again, and running has become a way of life for more and more people. According to the official data of Shanghai Half Marathon, the number of applicants reached 78,922 in 2023, which is more than the sum of the number of applicants in 2019 and 2021.

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse ... More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  "This year’s Beijing Half Horse, I felt a lot of people when I started. There were about 200 people running in our group. Everyone enjoyed the game and enjoyed sports." Wang Lin said.

  In addition to the number of participants, citizens from all over the world are also paying more attention to the marathon. In Wuhan on the early morning of the 16th, the cheers hardly stopped among the crowded crowd watching the marathon. The mother runner pushing a stroller, the uncle who came to watch the game with Regan Noodles, and the primary school students holding math test papers while cheering have become hot anecdotes in Wuhan.

  Yu Meng, 64, has been running for nearly 10 years. After the semi-Marseille in Shanghai, he said: "There are few people on the side of the road. Up to now, everyone will cheer for those who take part in the marathon. Our healthy life is getting better and better."

  Events have their own characteristics, and the experience of participating in the competition has improved.

  According to industry insiders, nowadays, national marathons are everywhere, and most of the events have distinct grades and characteristics, and they are becoming more and more mature in improving the experience and ensuring the safety of the events. At the beginning of planning and preparation, many events often publicize the biggest characteristics of the current event to attract more runners to punch in.

  Beijing Half Horse, which shows the charm of "Double Olympic City", is committed to telling the world the sports story of "Double Olympic City" this year. Competitors pass through the National Swimming Center, the National Gymnasium and other "double Olympic venues", and at the end of the competition, the "Snowflake" torch platform of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the nearby "Bird’s Nest" complement each other.

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse ... More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  On April 16th, the contestants of Beijing Half Marathon finished shooting medals after the race. Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Zhongyu photo

  The theme of the 2023 Wuhan Marathon is "The Return of Heroes", which reproduces the classic track of "One City, Two Rivers, Three Towns, Four Bridges and Five Lakes" in previous events, adjusts the starting mode, optimizes the participation experience, introduces the "Chinese Racing Plan" and "Famous School Team Challenge" to help China athletes improve their competitive level, and 7,000 volunteers from 19 universities in Wuhan enthusiastically maintain the reputation of "zero bad reviews" in running laps.

  Not only in "super cities", but also in some prefecture-level cities and even county towns, they have begun to create characteristic and high-quality marathon events. The new route of "Yangma" has turned into a punch line to experience Yangzhou cuisine, and "Fireworks in Yangzhou in March" has become a popular choice for domestic runners. The Dao Jiang Half Marathon in jianye district, Nanjing has created a "natural" smart track formed by closed-loop dikes, which can also be used by citizens for all-weather, self-help and intelligent running. Forest Marathon is held in Xianfeng County, Hubei Province, and runners from all over the country can enjoy the local customs in the "natural oxygen bar".

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse ... More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  On April 16th, the runners were in the 2023 Yangzhou Jian Zhen Half Marathon. Xinhua News Agency (photo by Ren Fei)

  "A marathon knows a city", and more and more regions regard marathon as an important carrier to enhance the image and influence of the city.

  Behind the road running craze, the sports industry is full of vitality

  Why is road running so hot? Where should the domestic marathon develop in the future?

  According to industry experts, the return of marathon craze is the natural release of the demand for exercise and fitness after the epidemic, and the underlying reason is that the concept of healthy living has taken root with the joint efforts of all sectors of society. Under the guidance of the national strategy of national fitness, local governments use the platform of competition to promote cities, thus releasing policy dividends; The experience of competition operators is getting richer and richer, which makes the sense of experience and satisfaction of participating in the competition gradually improve; With the development of national economy, the concept of participating in physical exercise has deepened, and participating in road running events has become the spontaneous demand of Chinese people; With the development of social media such as friends circle, Weibo and Xiaohongshu, the social attribute of road running activities has been further enhanced, and the participation of various groups has been enhanced.

  According to the calculation of China Athletics Association, by 2025, the number of domestic road races and related sports events is expected to increase to 2,500, and the number of people participating in the Volkswagen Marathon will increase to 10 million.

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse ... More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  On April 16th, the contestants of Wuhan Marathon passed the East Lake Greenway in Wuhan. Xinhua News Agency reporter Cheng Minshe

  In the face of such a broad development space of road running, the development prospects of related event services, sports training, tourism and catering, and sporting goods manufacturing are very impressive. According to media statistics, among the top 100 runners in this year’s Wuhan Marathon, more than half of them wear Xtep running shoes, leading the way in "fault"; Among the "breaking three" people in Malaysia, the proportion of wearing domestic running shoes is more than 70%. It seems that the phenomenon that Nike and Adidas running shoes once filled the track in Malaysia will be ended.

  At the same time, some experts said that although some domestic events are not inferior to the world Grand Slam events such as London Marathon and Boston Marathon in many aspects such as track design and service ability, there is still room for further improvement in terms of brand building. Many start-up events are greedy for perfection, pursuing the scale of the event regardless of the carrying capacity of urban management and the sustainability of the operation model.

  Therefore, in order to maintain the popularity of marathon and broaden the development space of the whole road running industry, we must further standardize the development of road running events and guide the marathon culture to truly take root and grow healthily and sustainably.

[Editor in charge:


Hua Fu Securities: The folding screen terminal is developing rapidly, and the screen and hinge market scale are expected to fully benefit.

Zhitong Finance APP learned that Hua Fu Securities released a research report saying that according to IDC data, the shipment of folding screen smartphones in China in the third quarter increased by 90% year on year. It is noteworthy that Huawei still maintains a market share of 31.7% and continues to be "far ahead" in the folding screen mobile phone market in China. As the best-selling model in Q3, Glory MagicV2 effectively helped Glory gain a market share of 15.1% in the first three quarters. Hua Fu Securities believes that the performance improvement of folding screen terminals is related to the technological progress of two key components-screen and hinge. As differentiated components in folding screen mobile phones, their market scale is expected to fully benefit with the sales growth of folding screens.

Suggest to pay attention to the target:

Technical aspects of cover material:It is suggested to pay attention to the domestic technical progress of core raw materials and their processing technology.Kaisheng Technology (600552.SH), Changxin Technology (300088.SZ), Ruihuatai (688323.SH), etc.

Structural parts:It is suggested to pay attention to the continuous iteration of related materials and their supporting processing technologies.Furong Technology (603327.SH), Dongmu Co., Ltd. (600114.SH), Jingyan Technology (300709.SZ), Tonglian Precision (688210.SH), Golden Sun (300606.SZ), Yuhuan CNC (002903.SZ), etc.

Folding screen terminals are developing rapidly, and Huawei’s glory is outstanding.

According to DSCC data, in Q3 of 2023, the global shipment of folding screen smartphones increased by 16% year-on-year. Among the mobile phone brand manufacturers, Samsung still ranks first in the global market, but its shipments have declined year-on-year, while most domestic brands have maintained a growth trend. As for the China market, according to IDC data, its year-on-year growth rate reached 90% in the third quarter. It is noteworthy that Huawei still maintains a market share of 31.7% and continues to be "far ahead" in the folding screen mobile phone market in China. As the best-selling model in Q3, Glory MagicV2 effectively helped Glory gain a market share of 15.1% in the first three quarters. With the development of folding technology, in addition to the mobile phone market, many well-known brand manufacturers have also begun to lay out folding products in the tablet and notebook market, striving to create unprecedented new high-end products.

The fuselage is thin and light, and the price is close to the people

According to the user feedback of folding mobile phones, the thin grip is the primary factor that affects the user experience. At the same time, in order to enhance the market competitiveness of folding screen mobile phones, brand manufacturers are constantly optimizing their cost structure. According to the data of iResearch, from 2021 to Q3 of 2023, the average body thickness of the main horizontal folding screen mobile phones in the market decreased from 15.1mm to 11.1mm, and the average weight decreased from 289.2g to 252.4g, among which Glory V.
Purse mobile phone takes the lead in bringing the folding screen mobile phone into the "millimeter era" with its body thickness of 8.6 mm.

In terms of the selling price of the whole machine, from 2020 to Q3 in 2023, the average selling price of the mobile phone with horizontal folding screen decreased from 14,032 yuan to 9,942 yuan, and the average selling price of the mobile phone with vertical folding screen decreased from 8,294 yuan to 6,766 yuan, with an overall decrease of nearly 30%, while glory V.
The price of Purse dropped to 5,999 yuan, which greatly reduced the migration cost for users in flagship machine to switch folding screen phones.

Differentiated components continue to iterate, and the sales scale is expected to fully benefit.

The performance improvement of folding screen terminal is related to the technical progress of two key components-screen and hinge.On the screen,With the progress of materials and production technology, UTG and CPI have become commercialized cover solutions. Among them, UTG cover material has development potential in the small and medium-sized folding screen market, while CPI can better exert its fist on the large and medium-sized folding screen.In terms of hinges,After several iterations, its performance is evolving in the direction of more natural folding and shallower crease. At the same time, with the participation of titanium alloy materials, the overall weight of the hinge has been optimized to some extent. Whether it is screen cover or hinge, as differentiated components in folding screen mobile phones, its market scale is expected to fully benefit with the sales growth of folding screens.

Risk warning:The technical iteration of folding screen mobile phone industry chain is less than expected, and the consumer electronics boom is less than expected.

Li Keqiang cultivates "double innovation ecosystem": China is becoming a global "maker paradise"

  Giving up a high-paying job in San Francisco and starting a business in Shenzhen, China, Canadian Lawrence’s choice won the support of many friends around him.

  "They are very envious when they know that I am coming to China, because they think that China has the most imaginative market at present." Lawrence said, "The atmosphere of entrepreneurial innovation in China is very strong, and you have unlimited possibilities to achieve what you want to do."

  In fact, more and more overseas "makers" choose to come to China just like Lawrence, and what attracts them is the "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" advocated by Premier China.

  Go to China to start a business! ",the British" Financial Times "website that noticed this phenomenon reported on this topic. "Economist" magazine also said: "Shanzhai merchants are gone, and innovators are coming!" Taking Shenzhen as an example, the report points out that it is attracting all kinds of entrepreneurs around the world who are trying to make new products in new ways. Invention and innovation are transforming the whole Pearl River Delta into an advanced manufacturing cluster.

  Chen Siyu, Commercial Officer of the Swedish Consulate General in Shanghai, said that Sweden is a "country of innovation", and there are about 20,000 start-ups with a total population of 10 million. However, in recent years, Swedish entrepreneurs have come to China one after another, because most of them have to rely on their own development to start their own businesses in Sweden. In China, the government has invested a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources to support entrepreneurial innovation, and with a relatively complete industrial chain in all walks of life, it is called "maker’s paradise".

  "internet plus" faces the whole world, and foreigners find new opportunities in China.

  "China is vigorously promoting ‘ Internet plus & rsquo; This is itself global. " On June 28th, Premier Li Keqiang’s statement during the dialogue and exchange with the representatives of international business circles attending the Davos Forum in the summer of 2017 was regarded as a "strong signal" released to foreign businessmen.

  China’s booming "internet plus" and consumption upgrading have already made more and more foreigners see the business opportunities of starting new businesses. And China’s superior "double innovation" environment is making their entrepreneurial dream come true.

  German Alberton founded Zanado Company in China, which not only provided online travel booking service, but also opened an offline VR experience store, bringing travelers a 360-degree virtual travel experience. Alberton said that China people are willing to "try early", while it may take 10 years for the United States and Europe to accept these.

  Lan Jili, founder of Vitas, a game and entertainment production company, believes that the China government is very friendly to entrepreneurs, and "we have the opportunity to bring new technologies into China". Jared, founder of R2Games, said: "In the era of mobile Internet, it is safe to say that China is ahead of Americans in this area. For a global Internet company, the opportunity is now in China. It won’t happen anywhere else, it can only happen here. "

  It takes two years in the United States and only half a year in China. China is the first choice for hardware entrepreneurship.

  The Economist also found that China is rewriting another rule, that is, embracing open innovation. Taking Shenzhen as an example, the report points out that China’s open innovators are not secretive, but are committed to providing solutions for the public. Analysts pointed out that the "double-innovation ecosystem" formed by the integration of China’s policy support and complete industrial chain is unmatched by many other countries.

  The world’s thinnest folding full-color touch screen produced by Rouyu Technology Co., Ltd. needs a lot of "integrated innovation" and "maker" ecosystems from early research to finished products. Bill Liu, the founder of the company, said that when he set out to establish Rouyu, it was clear that the company had to establish itself in Shenzhen to be successful.

  Jenny Lee, an investor in the hardware industry and a partner of GGV capital (GGV), said that in Shenzhen, it takes only half a year for a hardware startup to turn a concept into a product, which usually takes two years in the United States. When Revols, a Canadian "maker", tried to develop economical customized headphones in Montreal, he found that things there were slow and expensive. After he moved the company to Shenzhen, he quickly made a prototype and the product has been put into production.

  "China’s already blazing pace of innovation is still accelerating!" The Economist said. Many multinational companies have set up "observation posts" in China to pay close attention to the latest trends here. Shenzhen, China has become one of the global innovation centers of intelligent manufacturing, and is favored by all kinds of "makers".

  Scientific research results can land, and scientists bring "black technology"

  Many foreign "makers" said that overseas, many "black technologies" are only academic achievements, but coming to China, which is full of possibilities, can make it a reality.

  Professor Wusi Kaelte, an academician of the European Academy of Sciences, believes that China’s government and industry are actively promoting the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, and starting a business in China is the best opportunity for its research results to land. The scientist in the field of artificial intelligence set up the Institute of Know Infinite Artificial Intelligence in Beijing in May this year, and cooperated with JD.COM, BOE and other enterprises to help China enterprises build an innovative ecosystem in the fields of AI visual recognition and translation.

  Liu Huijun, dean of the School of Electronic Engineering of the Korean Academy of Sciences, also settled in Dongguan with the whole team. Its "black technology" AI-AR smart glasses will be mass-produced locally, which can realize remote precision maintenance of automobiles and airplanes. As long as the staff wear this kind of smart glasses, they can see the maintenance scene and remotely maintain it. In the process, they can also see the analysis of the fault made by AI behind the glasses.

  In the article calling for starting a business in China, the Financial Times website wrote that overseas entrepreneurs who have successfully started a business in China have pointed out a new path for young people who are interested in starting a business.

  As Premier Li Keqiang said: "Our entrepreneurial innovation is open. We should sum up experience and attract enterprises from more countries to come with capital, technology and talents, so as to achieve a win-win situation in cooperation." (Beijing News special correspondent Mu Yi)

Dongan county launched a special rectification campaign for illegal satellite TV ground receiving facilities.

Red Net News March 19th(Correspondent Tang Chaojun, Lu Fangsan, Luo Chunrong) In order to further strengthen the management of satellite TV ground receiving facilities and severely crack down on the illegal sale, installation and use of satellite TV ground receiving facilities, from March 18 to 19, the Cultural Tourism and Sports Bureau of Dongan County, Yongzhou City organized comprehensive administrative law enforcement personnel in the county cultural market to carry out special rectification actions against illegal satellite TV ground receiving facilities and overseas TV network receiving facilities.

Wechat screenshot _20240319181217.png

Law enforcement activities.

This special rectification and law enforcement action banned 18 sales outlets that illegally sold satellite TV ground receiving facilities and dismantled 9 sets of illegally installed satellite cookers, which effectively cracked down on illegal sales and illegal installation of illegal satellite TV ground receiving facilities, ensured the safe broadcasting of radio and television programs, and effectively safeguarded the national political security, cultural security and ideological security.

In the next step, Dong ‘an County will continue to strengthen the law enforcement and supervision of the radio and television market, strengthen the publicity of the Regulations on the Management of Ground Receiving Facilities for Satellite TV Broadcasting, let the people know about relevant laws, regulations and policies, consciously abide by the law, and take the initiative to correct violations of laws and regulations to ensure the normalization and legalization of the management of ground receiving facilities for satellite TV broadcasting in the county.

Media criticism of China football has caused fans to laugh at it. It is a hot topic that you can’t miss at 7 am.

Recently, there has been a "AFC Champions League" in China football circle, and the Super League team won all the matches in this round, which made China football fans shine at the moment. However, at this exciting moment, some people began to worry about the goal of domestic players, which made people feel a little surprised. Among them, Ran Xiongfei’s comments caused great controversy. He said that the team’s victory in three games was a shot in the arm, and it was completely nonsense to worry that domestic players scored less goals. What he seems to want to express is that in a team, everyone should contribute to the victory, not worry about who scores the goal. Of course, some fans don’t agree with this view. They think that if foreign aid always occupies the forefront of the scorer list, the room for improvement of local players will be limited.

However, is this idea too narrow? As a team, victory is the most important thing, and everyone should strive for it. In addition, we must not forget that local players also need time to grow up, and they need to improve their strength through youth training. Nowadays, the adult players have been finalized, but we can improve the overall level of football in China by cultivating young players. If we only pay attention to the immediate results and ignore the future development, then China football may never catch up with other countries. Therefore, let’s put aside our worries about the number of goals scored and take practical actions for the development of football in China.

Let us believe that as long as everyone tries their best, China football will surely usher in a more brilliant future.

The above contents and materials are all from the internet, and the relevant data, and the theoretical research is based on the internet data, does not mean that the author agrees with the laws, rules, opinions and behaviors in the article and is responsible for the authenticity of the relevant materials. I am not responsible for any problems arising from the above or related issues, and the author of this article does not bear any direct or indirect legal responsibilities.

The maximum flow rate is 2180 cubic meters per second! Overwarning floods occurred in 84 rivers in 15 provinces in China.

  Cctv newsIn the past few days, many places in China have suffered from heavy rainfall. Floods exceeding the police occurred in 84 rivers in 15 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in the northwest, Huanghuai, Jianghuai, Jiangnan and Southwest China. The emergency management department said that although some local disasters are serious, on the whole, all major rivers are in a controllable state.

  Ningxia: The No.1 flood of the Yellow River in 2020 entered Ningxia.

  Since June, affected by the rainfall in the source area, the inflow of water in the upper reaches of the Yellow River has continued to increase. On the morning of 21st, the No.1 flood of the Yellow River arrived in Ningxia, two days earlier than in previous years. The maximum flow rate is 2180 cubic meters per second. Ningxia Emergency Management Headquarters has issued flood prevention notices to cities and counties (districts) along the Yellow River.

  Sichuan: Super-historical flood occurred in Marcand, Aba Prefecture.

  Affected by several days of heavy rainfall, the Suomo River in Barkam City, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province experienced a super-historical flood yesterday (23rd). As of 11: 00 last night, the flood level was 2,580.34m, with a flow of 494m3/s, the over-alarm level was 0.73m, and the over-guaranteed level was 0.21m. The heavy rainfall also caused many natural disasters such as mudslides and mountain collapses in Marcand of National Highway 317, and some sections were flooded.

  Chongqing Qijiang: The electricity consumption of more than 14,000 households crossing the flood peak is affected.

  On the 22nd, the biggest flood peak since the flood season of the Qijiang River passed through the urban area of the Qijiang River, and many places along the Qijiang River were affected. The power facilities in the flooded area were threatened, and the electricity consumption of 14,056 households was affected. The local power department launched a comprehensive investigation and management of the safety hazards of the affected users and resumed power supply. As of press time, 10026 users have been restored to power supply.

  Anhui: A dam burst in Dongpei River due to continuous rainstorm.

  Dongpi River, located in Anhui Province, is one of the main tributaries of Huaihe River, and it is also the flood discharge channel of three large reservoirs: Foziling, Mozitan and Bailianya. The heavy rainfall in the past few days and the increased flood discharge of the three upstream reservoirs have caused the water level of the Dongpei River to rise. On the morning of the 23rd, a dam on the east bank of the Dongpei River burst nearly 10 meters. The local water conservancy department has joined hands with Qingshan Township Government in Yu ‘an District, where the production dam is located, to stop and repair the breach.

  Huaihua, Hunan Province: Class III emergency response to flood control was launched to urgently transfer more than 60,000 people.

  In Huaihua City, Hunan Province, more than 700,000 people in Hongjiang District, Jingzhou County and Yuanling County were affected by heavy rain, and 63,217 people were urgently transferred. 125 houses were damaged, and Huaihua City started flood control level III emergency response. Due to the timely storage, the four major rivers in Hunan — — The water level of each branch in Yuanling section of Yuanshui River is stable.

  Yingshan, Hubei: The secretary of the village branch was washed away by the flood during the rescue.

  At noon on June 21st, Liu Shuicun, secretary of the Party branch of Poernao Village, Wenquan Town, yingshan county, Hubei Province, was washed away by the flood during the emergency rescue. Yingshan county firefighting, public security and professional rescue teams are conducting search and rescue.

  Jiang Hongsheng, Deputy Squadron Leader of Yingshan Squadron of Huanggang Blue Sky Rescue TeamAccording to our experience, we analyzed the scene of the accident. We mobilized two search and rescue boats, two sonar, 14 search and rescue team members, and other neighboring units to participate in the joint rescue. At present, the search and rescue area has reached 18,000 square meters, which is underwater. We are going to expand the search area.

Why can miscellaneous grains reduce cardiovascular disease? What foods can be counted as "miscellaneous grains"?

  The idea of coarse cereals has a long history. As early as more than 2,000 years ago, in the book Huangdi Neijing, the principle of balanced diet was put forward, in which coarse cereals refer to "rice, adzuki beans, wheat, soybeans and millet", which shows that coarse cereals have played an important role in diet since ancient times. So, what kinds of grains do miscellaneous grains include?

  Generally, it refers to cereal crops other than rice, wheat, corn, soybean and potato, in which cereal grains mainly include sorghum, oats, millet, quinoa, buckwheat, etc., and bean grains mainly include mung beans, adzuki beans, kidney beans, peas, chickpeas and lentils.

  Compared with polished rice, which nutrients of miscellaneous grains are more abundant?

  Miscellaneous grains are rich in protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and a variety of bioactive substances, with high nutritional value. Compared with polished rice, miscellaneous grains are richer in protein, insoluble dietary fiber, B vitamins and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium and iron.

  1. protein

  Protein is rich in coarse cereals, especially leguminous coarse cereals, and protein is as high as 20%, which is a good source of plant protein. Cereal protein generally lacks essential amino acids — — Lysine, while miscellaneous beans contain high lysine. When they are eaten together, they can make up for the shortage of cereals and improve the overall utilization rate of protein.

  2. Dietary fiber

  Miscellaneous grains are also rich in dietary fiber, which can not only increase satiety, control weight and lose weight, but also enhance intestinal function and improve constipation, which is also very helpful for lowering blood lipid and protecting blood vessels.

  3. Vitamins and minerals

  Coarse cereals are rich in B vitamins, and the contents of minerals such as calcium, iron and zinc are much higher than those of refined rice. These nutrients play a very important role in maintaining the normal function of the body. For example, B vitamins generally participate in various physiological processes in the body in the form of coenzyme, which is an indispensable substance to promote metabolism in the body and convert sugar, fat and protein into energy. Calcium can form a strong skeleton to support the whole body and protect the heart, lungs and teeth. Iron is the raw material of cells and participates in the synthesis of hemoglobin, myoglobin and some enzymes in the body. Zinc can promote growth and tissue regeneration, promote vitamin A metabolism, and participate in immune function.

  4. Other plant active ingredients

  Coarse cereals are also rich in phenolic compounds, such as phenolic acids, flavonoids and phytosterols, which have strong antioxidant biological activities.

  In addition to reducing cardiovascular diseases, what are the effects of miscellaneous grains?

  1. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular metabolic diseases.

  Studies have shown that a higher intake of miscellaneous grains is associated with a lower risk of diabetes and ischemic stroke. For every 100g/day increase in intake of miscellaneous grains, the risk of diabetes and ischemic stroke is reduced by 14% and 13% respectively.

  2. Regulate blood sugar

  Miscellaneous grains contain many plant active ingredients that can reduce blood sugar concentration, including polysaccharides, flavonoids, dietary fiber and so on. These plant active ingredients are helpful to delay the digestion and absorption of food, improve insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism, and thus play a role in preventing or slowing down the increase of blood sugar in the body.

  3. Regulating blood lipids

  Coarse cereals are rich in dietary fiber and polyphenols, which can reduce the plasma cholesterol level by reducing the absorption of cholesterol in the diet and promoting the excretion of cholesterol, or by slowing down or reducing the fat absorption.

  4. Promote intestinal health

  The rich dietary fiber contained in coarse cereals can hold water, adsorb water molecules in the intestine, increase the volume of feces, promote food residues or toxins to move in the intestine and excrete them quickly, which is helpful to prevent constipation and reduce the risk of rectal cancer. The plant polysaccharides contained in it are decomposed and utilized by intestinal flora in the intestine, and fermented to produce short-chain fatty acids, which provide energy for intestinal epithelial cells and protect the intestinal barrier.

  5. Antioxidant activity

  Coarse cereals are rich in natural antioxidants, such as phenols, unsaturated fatty acids, sterols, phytic acid, vitamin E, etc., which can help the human body to better resist free radicals and delay aging.

  How to open the correct posture of eating miscellaneous grains?

  1. The intake should be appropriate

  China residents’ dietary guidelines recommend that 50-150g of whole grains and legumes should be consumed every day, among which whole grains and legumes are the main sources of whole grains and legumes.

  2. Eat with thickness.

  Although the nutrition of miscellaneous grains is good, it cannot completely replace polished rice flour. Because of the high content of dietary fiber and resistant starch in miscellaneous grains, it will cause certain pressure on the gastrointestinal tract. Especially for the elderly, children and people with weak digestive function, the inedible dosage is too large. You can eat coarse cereals and polished rice flour together, and gradually increase the proportion of coarse cereals in the staple food according to your own physical reaction and taste acceptance. Healthy adults can eat 1/3 to 1/2 of the staple food every day.

  3. Fine coarse grains and diversified cooking methods.

  Coarse cereals are hard in texture, so they can be soaked for several hours before cooking to fully absorb water, and at the same time, anti-nutritional factors such as phytic acid and saponin can be removed by soaking. The miscellaneous grains rice or porridge with soft and rotten taste can be made by using the miscellaneous grains rice function of electric rice cooker or pressure cooker, and it is also a good choice to make miscellaneous grains soybean milk or miscellaneous grains rice paste with soybean milk machine and wall-breaking machine.

  4. Gluten and beans are mixed and varied.

  The composition of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients contained in different miscellaneous grains is quite different, so it is more nutritious to eat them together. When cereals and beans are eaten together, amino acids can complement each other and the overall utilization rate of protein can be improved.

  Text/Qin Wen (Institute of Nutrition and Health, China Center for Disease Control and Prevention)

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  Afraid of cardiovascular disease? These foods will be late if you don’t eat them.

  Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the world. According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, nearly 18 million people worldwide die of cardiovascular diseases every year, accounting for more than 30% of the total deaths. Three points move, seven points eat. Many diseases are eaten diseases, and cardiovascular diseases are no exception. If you don’t eat right, the chances of high blood pressure, myocardial infarction and stroke are much higher than those who "eat". So, what is the right way to eat? Let’s take a look at a recent research conclusion published in the European Heart Journal, which is a joint research result from Fuwai Hospital in Beijing and McMaster University in Canada. If you want to help your parents and your friends with healthier cardiovascular system, prepare a small notebook quickly.

  These seven kinds of foods, if eaten in the right amount, can have stronger small hearts and blood vessels. (Note: 1 cup = about 240 ~ 250 ml, 1 ounce ≈ 28.3 grams)

  1. Fruits and vegetables: 4 to 5 servings a day.

  Quantity per serving: 1 apple/banana/pear; 1 cup of green leafy vegetables; 1/2 cup other vegetables

  2. beans: 3 to 4 servings per week

  Dosage per serving: 1/2 cup of beans or lentils.

  3. Nuts: 7 servings per week

  Quantity per serving: 1 ounce (about 28.3 grams) of tree nuts or peanuts.

  4. Fish: 2 to 3 servings per week.

  Quantity per serving: 3 ounces of cooked fish.

  5. Dairy products: 14 servings per week

  Quantity per serving: 1 cup of milk or yogurt; 1.5 ounces of cheese

  6. Whole grains: appropriate amount (for example, 1 serving per day)

  Quantity per serving: 1 slice of bread (40g); Half a medium-sized pancake (40 grams); Half-cooked (about 75-120g) rice/barley/buckwheat flour/coarse wheat flour/corn paste/coarse wheat or quinoa.

  7. Natural meat: moderate amount (for example, 1 serving per day)

  Quantity per serving: 3 ounces of cooked red meat or poultry meat.

  To sum up, the healthiest diet with high scores corresponds to the energy supply ratio of the three energy-supplying nutrients, which is roughly as follows: 56% comes from carbohydrate, 27% comes from fat (8.9% comes from saturated fat, 15.0% comes from unsaturated fat), and 17.2% comes from protein.

  After sharing the core information, let’s talk about the reference level of this study: the sample size of 245 thousand people; The sample covers 80 countries on 5 continents and regions with different levels of economic development. 21% of the participants come from high-income countries, 60% from middle-income countries and 19% from low-income countries, which is similar to the global population distribution; The average follow-up time was 9.3 years. It is by far the most diversified nutrition and health outcome study in the world.

  Text/Liu Suiqian (popular science worker, clinical nutritionist, member of China Nutrition Society)

These Qingzhou authentic nourishing foods will give you a full-fledged autumn!

The weather cooled down when you were not careful.
Summer seems to be yesterday.
The feeling of crisp autumn is beginning to be obvious.
Summer is over in Qiu Lai, and the cool wind drops to.
It’s a good time to keep fit.
At this time, it is most appropriate to supplement.
Have some delicious food in your arms
Only then can you feel satisfied?
You can’t miss these Qingzhou authentic nourishing foods!
Miaozi whole lamb
Originated in the Qing Dynasty, it has been explored and innovated by chefs. No matter the characteristics of dishes or cooking skills, the whole lamb banquet has its own style. A bowl of mutton soup is definitely a good cure for autumn!
Muslim sauce beef
At the turn of summer and autumn, eating beef can tonify the middle energizer, nourish the spleen and stomach, and has the effects of strengthening bones and muscles, resolving phlegm and calming wind, quenching thirst and saliva, and enhancing immunity. There are many old-fashioned Muslim sauce beef shops near Dongguan Street in Qingzhou. The products are mellow, not greasy, fragrant and palatable, with a long aftertaste. The traditional production technology is followed, and the food is salty and moderate, crisp and refreshing, which is an ideal delicacy on people’s table.
Jiahe donkey meat
Jiahe in Qingzhou City is famous for producing donkey meat by traditional techniques. Like Yao donkey meat, spiced donkey meat was first produced in the early Ming Dynasty, and was used as a special palace banquet in the early Qing Dynasty, and gained a good reputation throughout the country in the later period. The finished donkey meat is ruddy in color, thin but not firewood, rotten but not loose, fragrant and tender in meat, far from having the health care functions of invigorating qi and tonifying deficiency, and enjoys the reputation of "dragon meat in the sky and donkey meat on the ground".
Jihe tofu
Tofu is a tonic, heat-clearing and health-preserving food, which can tonify the middle energizer and qi, clear away heat and moisten dryness, promote fluid production and quench thirst, and clean the stomach. After beginning of autumn, the summer heat gradually faded, and the weather turned cold. Eating tofu can nourish yin and moisten dryness, with many effects. Jihe Tofu in Huanglou Street is made of selected soybeans and carefully produced by traditional techniques. It has been passed down from generation to generation and still thrives. Because of the pure and pollution-free water source of Jihe River and the ancient production technology, Jihe tofu is soft, tender and delicious, and it is famous for its miles and eight townships.
Qingzhou peach
Qingzhou peach, the fruit is spherical or oblate, the top of the fruit is flat and round, the top is slightly convex to one side, slightly concave at the top, and it is native to the mountainous area of Qingzhou City, Shandong Province. Because of seedling propagation, it has great variation and can be divided into early-maturing peaches, middle-maturing peaches, late-maturing peaches, extra-late-maturing peaches and Qingzhou Guangtao peaches. After ripe, it is juicy, sweet and slightly light in flavor, and has a fibrous feeling when eating.
Muslim cakes
The ancient city of Qingzhou has a long history and splendid culture. For thousands of years, Han, Hui, Manchu and other ethnic groups have jointly written its dazzling local culture. After years of precipitation, the rich food culture of the Hui nationality has formed many delicious and unique foods, among which the Muslim cakes refined in strict accordance with the religious habits of the Hui nationality and the traditional handmade crafts are important representatives.
Misandao (honey food)
Walnut cake
Square crisp
Sesame slices
green bean cake
birthday peach (offered as a birthday present)
Fried sugar
Baked cake
The cake is homophonic "seeking height", hoping for height means auspiciousness. This is a necessary food for Hui people’s families in Qingzhou on holidays and festivals, and it is also the most characteristic food in Qingzhou. In autumn, eat a cake, not to mention how sweet it is!
Shortbread is named after a special pastry. Grease-baked crisp with good lard, mixed with appropriate amount of steamed flour, adding appropriate amount of pepper and cinnamon when oiling, after oiling, picking out the fried pepper and cinnamon, and then mixing with flour to form a flame. The burnt skin is made of sesame oil and flour, wrapped in a furnace and baked with slow fire. It is characterized by crisp skin, and it is fragrant but not greasy.
Xuan cake is a special food of the Hui people in Qingzhou, which has a history of hundreds of years. It is made of refined wheat flour and hard flour with very little water content. When the flour is choked, it is rolled with wooden poles and kneaded into a shape. Then it has the characteristics of crisp and hard skin when eaten, strong wheat flavor inside, strong chewiness and good storage at room temperature for several months.
Dear foodies ~ Come to Qingzhou in late summer and early autumn!