The most beautiful autumn scenery in Qingshan is about to go online! Don’t miss these beautiful scenery.

As the saying goes, the most beautiful thing in the world is clear autumn.

Cold autumn

Bleak but rich

Lonely but prosperous

Looks like a spear and shield.

But it is the ultimate interpretation of human beings.

At the beginning of October

Autumn in Qingshan came without warning.

The setting sun penetrates dimly.

Air temperature condenses osmanthus fragrance.

The breeze rippled the lake.

Even the people in the path

Have become elegant and gentle.

In Qingshan Park, although the autumn wind is wrapped in coolness, it also takes in all the osmanthus fragrance in the garden. For the reunion of this year, tourists under the tree lightly smell this refreshing fragrance, as if to keep this breath for a whole year.

It’s not just tourists who are immersed in the autumn atmosphere. Daijiahu Park is also amazed by its own flowers and trees. On the one hand, there is romantic and dreamy pink grass, and on the other hand, there is wild but savage Pennisetum, plus patches of yellowish already hanging on the treetops. This kind of come and go with every season’s seasonal limited beauty has to make people feel the magic of nature.

Sunflower sea+wind blowing fragrant rice, the autumn of Qingshan can also have the joy of "bumper harvest" On the roadside of Jianshe No.10 Road near Linjiang Avenue, sunflowers were planted in an open space of nearly 10,000 square meters. Sunflowers blossomed in the sun, and at first glance, they felt the smell of sunshine.

Unexpectedly, a large area of grain was planted next door to the sunflower, and the heavy ears of grain bent the branches in late autumn, as if telling pedestrians their joy. Walking in, a deep homesickness arises spontaneously, and this autumn harvest joy should be shared with everyone.

In addition, the golden autumn in October.

Of course, the trees are full of golden yellow and the layers of forests are completely dyed.

Every autumn leaf is a kind of scenery.

A big wave of the most beautiful scenery is about to go online.

Guide to leaf viewing in Castle PeakPlease collect it in advance.

Punch in one by one


Viewing place:Chaoyang Street, Friendship Avenue (Luojiagang Section of Sangong Road), Jianshe Sixth Road, and various parks.

△//Ginkgo biloba leaves like duck feet.

Ginkgo biloba, a specialty of China, has existed on the earth for 200 million years and is known as the giant panda in the plant kingdom. In ancient times, the working people called it duck’s feet. In the Song Dynasty, duck’s feet became a tribute, so it was changed to the current foreign name. Ginkgo biloba fruit can be eaten, but not greedy.


Viewing place:Jianshe No.10 Road, Suizhou Street, Gongye No.1 Road, Peace Park, Nangan Canal Garden and Daijiahu Park.

△//Have you ever picked the soapy fruit?

Li Shizhen recorded in Compendium of Materia Medica that "Sapindus mukoraiensis can be used to wash hair and whiten and remove spots", and Bawang shampoo has a special oil control fund for Sapindus mukoraiensis.


Viewing place:Daokouhu park

Cotinus coggygria (red leaves in Xiangshan) is highly sought after in autumn, and the misty pale pink flowers in early summer are also lovable, so it has a dreamy nickname, the smoke tree.


Viewing place:Construction of No.10 Road, Peace Park, Nangan Canal Garden, Daijiahu Park, Qingshan Park and Baiyu Park.

△//The white fruit on the branches of Sapium sebiferum makes the colorful leaves more fresh.

The leaves are diamond-shaped, and it is tallow. Sapium sebiferum with colorful leaves is a favorite of young artists, and it has been seen in the works of Lu You, Li Yu, Lu Xun and Yu Dafu.

Acer henryi

Viewing place:All parks

△//Acer henryi with leaves like chicken feet.

Acer henryi, the most common red leaf in Japan, was also used as a parenting tool by ancient Japanese parents to teach children to learn to count because its leaves have 5~9 tips.


Viewing place:Gongye Road, Sangong Road and various parks

△//The fruit on the Luan tree is like a lantern. Although it begins to wither, it still looks good.

Luan tree blooms yellow flowers in summer and bears red fruits in autumn. Although it is yellow now, it still looks good. In addition, besides lantern tree, it is also called black leaf tree, because the leaves of Luan tree and white cloth can be boiled together to dye the cloth black.

Chinese tulip tree

Viewing place:Peace Park, Castle Peak Park

△//The leaves are just like yellow jackets.

Flowers are large and beautiful, with golden leaves in autumn, like yellow jackets. They are precious street trees and garden ornamental trees, and can be shaded quickly after planting.

Have you made up your plan for viewing the green hills and leaves?

So many landscapes

Waiting for you by destiny.

Produced by: Qingshan District Media Center, Propaganda Department of CPC Qingshan District Committee