700,000 people across the country have a low admission rate for civil servants, and candidates laugh at themselves as "cannon fodder"

  At noon yesterday, after the exam, people who took the national civil service exam walked out of the examination room of Beijing Union University. Our reporter Zhang Tao photo

  (Reporter Jiang Yanxin) At 9: 00 am yesterday, the national civil service examination was officially opened in 2009. The number of people taking the national civil service examination this year is about 775,000, more than 130,000 last year, and the number of candidates is the highest in the past years. Although the central authorities and their directly affiliated institutions plan to enroll 13,500 civil servants in 2009, which is slightly higher than that in 2008, the admission rate is still only 1.75%.

  Candidates with low admission rate laugh at themselves as "cannon fodder"

  Yesterday’s exam was arranged for administrative professional ability test (9: 00 am to 11: 00 am) and application (2: 00 pm to 4: 30 pm). Located in Muxidi, Xicheng District, the test center of Beijing No.8 Middle School Branch, the red banner indicates that the civil service exam will be held here. Although the entrance was prompted at 8: 40 on the blackboard at the school gate, from 8: 00 onwards, candidates came one after another and lined up naturally in order.

  It is understood that in this year’s civil service examination, there are 95,000 candidates in Beijing, an increase of 15,000 over last year. Beijing has set up 132 test sites and 3,186 examination rooms in the city this year. This year, the proportion of the national civil service examination is 57: 1, which is more competitive than last year’s 46: 1. Many candidates who take the examination jokingly call themselves "cannon fodder".

  Paying attention to the world food crisis by applying for the exam

  In yesterday afternoon’s application examination, the theme of the examination questions was the food crisis. The reading materials provided by the examination paper amount to more than 9400 words. The question and answer includes seven aspects, which require candidates to summarize the causes of the world food crisis and the grain production situation in China from complicated materials. At the same time, candidates are also required to draft the Opinions on the Development of Grain Production as a functional department of the provincial government.

  Zhong Jun, director of the Application Teaching and Research Section of Huatu Civil Servant Examination Research Center, said that this test closely follows social hotspots and focuses on the analysis ability of candidates and the ability to judge the effectiveness of some countermeasures in combination with the international and domestic situation.

  Regarding why this topic was chosen, Zhong Jun said that food security is now a threat facing the whole world; At present, the financial crisis, oil shortage and other issues that everyone is generally concerned about are not particularly obvious around September when the exam questions are given.

  The written test results will be announced in January next year.

  It is understood that after the written examination of public subjects, the relevant departments will organize personnel to mark the papers, and it is expected that the written examination results will be announced in early January 2009. In order to avoid the problem of network congestion last year, this year’s candidates can also query by SMS. In addition, the interview and professional examination of the national civil service examination will be held before March 15, 2009, and the whole recruitment work will be completed before June next year.

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  The exam is a serious violation of discipline for 5 years and cannot be re-tested.

  (Reporter Jiang Yanxin) According to the relevant person of the National Civil Service Bureau, in order to purify the examination room environment and ensure fairness and justice, any candidate who is found by the relevant departments to be seriously violating discipline and discipline in the examination will be scored as zero, and will not be allowed to apply for civil servants again within five years. Many high-tech means have been used this year to investigate and deal with violations in the examination room. According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Personnel Bureau, radio signal shielding devices and radio signal monitoring vehicles have been set up in key test sites in Beijing. These devices can quickly find and accurately locate radio signals suspected of cheating, and at the same time investigate and block unknown signals and suspected cheating radio signals in time. In addition, the public security department will also strengthen the security patrol around the examination room to ensure the safety and fairness of the civil service recruitment examination.

  -Key words of national examination

  The examination questions are closely related to social hotspots and life.

  Li Weiming, director of the quantitative relationship and data analysis teaching and research section of Huatu Civil Service Examination Research Center, said that the overall difficulty of this year’s administrative professional ability test is equivalent to last year, but the order of questions has changed. It is understood that this exam is closely related to social hotspots. The impact of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the launch of the Shenzhou VII rocket, the subprime mortgage crisis and the significance of CPI are all reflected in this exam. At the same time, in the topic setting, many topics are more innovative, reflecting the timeliness and flexibility, and are closely related to life. For example, "Sima Qian and the rule of Wenjing, who was earlier"; For example, "what is the secondary meaning of the subprime mortgage crisis"; For example, "What school of thought of China was used in the’ harmony’ of the Olympic Games"; For example, "When did China’s 30-year economic system reform begin?" and so on.

  Most candidates have not finished answering the questions.

  There are 140 questions in the test, and some candidates report that some of the questions are too long and have too much reading. At 11 o’clock in the morning, the candidate Xiao Xia was a little depressed when he walked out of the test center of the Eighth Middle School: "The difficulty of the test questions is average, but the number of questions is too large. I only answered more than 90 questions. Other math problems can’t be solved by themselves, but they can only be blinded. It is estimated that they will be tested. " Xiao Xia said that he spent a lot of time reading books for this purpose, but unfortunately the effect was not good.



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