Let’s see which "beauty politician" is the most beautiful. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu is on the list.

Luciana Leon

Mercedes arauz

Fujikawa Yuri



Jiang Yu

  British media reported on the 25th that 20 Minutos, Spain’s largest newspaper, voted online on its website and selected "the most beautiful female politician in the world". Luciana Leon, a young female parliamentarian from Peru, was ranked first for the time being. Other beautiful politicians on the list include US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Republican vice presidential candidate Palin, and China Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu is also on the list, ranking 37th.

  Peruvian beauty is known as "the eighth wonder"

  According to the report, 54 female politicians shortlisted for this vote came from 30 countries including Israel, Italy, Afghanistan, Ukraine and Finland.

  At present, the voting results show that Luciana Leon, a Peruvian congresswoman who is a lawyer, won about 24,000 votes and was temporarily elected as the "most beautiful female politician" in the world. The blond Leon is 30 years old and is now the youngest member of Congress in Peru. One voter described her as having an "angel face", and even worse, praised her beauty as "the eighth wonder of the world".

  In the second place, a female member of parliament from Peru, 47-year-old Mercedes Arauz, won about 15,000 votes. She is Peru’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism.

  Two Chinese are on the list.

  On the Chinese side, there are two Penny Wong the list, namely, China Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu, ranked 37th, and Australian Minister of Climate Change and Water Resources Huang Yingxian, ranked 48th. Voters gave Jiang Yu an evaluation that she was beautiful and generous, and her manners were quite decent.

  Jiang Yu, 44, was born and raised in Beijing. She graduated from the Foreign Affairs College, the cradle of China diplomats, in 1986. She was proficient in English and worked in the Permanent Mission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China to the United Nations. Since 2003, she has been a spokesperson for the Office of the Commissioner in. At the end of 2005, she was transferred back to the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing as a political counselor. In 2006, she became the deputy director and spokesperson of the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  Hillary Clinton was shortlisted for the "oldest"

  Palin, a 44-year-old US vice presidential candidate, ranked 24th with 3,173 votes. The 61-year-old US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ranked 34th. She is the oldest female politician on the list. In addition, Tymoshenko, the Ukrainian Prime Minister whose beauty has long been recognized by the outside world and known as the "natural gas princess", ranked eighth. Royal, a French socialist who lost to Sarkozy in the presidential election, ranked 36th.

  The female parliamentarians on the German list are only 22 years old.

  The youngest female politician on the list is Julia Bunker, a 22-year-old female member of parliament from Germany. She was elected as a member of parliament at the age of 18 and is the youngest state member in Germany’s history. She holds high the banner of anti-Nazi, and is a high-profile political star in Germany recently. She ranks 22nd on the list.

  Fujikawa Yuri, known as the most beautiful Japanese parliamentarian, also made the list, ranking fifth. Fujikawa Yuri has a star-like face. Earlier, in order to promote the tourism industry in her hometown, she tried her best and even boldly launched a photo album to boost the local economy.

  None of the British female politicians was selected.

  Surprisingly, there are many young and beautiful female parliamentarians in Britain, and no one is selected for this list. This inevitably makes British journalists somewhat frustrated. In this regard, the British "Daily Mail" said: "British female politicians may not attract the attention of people in other countries in the world in terms of appearance, but they are also very eye-catching."

  A reporter from 20 Minutes said: "I don’t think British female politicians are famous for their beauty, but if you browse female politicians around the world, some of them are really attractive."

  According to him, hundreds of readers sent emails to the voting website to discuss their views, but none of them volunteered to add British female politicians to the voting list of the "Global Beauty Politicians List".

  Spain has five female politicians on the list, which is the country with the largest number of finalists, followed by the United States and Mexico with four people on the list.

  China Daily Yang Zong

Editor: Li Erqing