The King changed his style of play at the end of the game, and Brown said frankly that he would punish the Warriors for defending. Fans: Don’t be fooled by Cole.

In the last game between Kings and Warriors, Kings got a fiasco. In the first two matchups between the two teams, the two sides still played to the last moment, but there was a garbage time in the last game, and the Kings lost nearly 20 points. This proves that the Kings did not do enough in dealing with the Warriors’ home court in the last game. After losing the last game, the Kings admitted that they would adjust their strategy in the next game.

The Kings will change their style of play in the next game. The Kings coach Brown admitted that the Warriors chose to let Sabonis go when defending him. When Sabonis took the ball in the middle distance, the Warriors’ inside player was defensive. Gave Sabonis a lot of shooting space. However, Sabonis didn’t shoot the middle distance decisively in these games. Brown admits that Sabonis can shoot the middle distance at any time, and he has unlimited right to fire.

Brown’s remarks also mean that he encouraged Sabonis to shoot a lot of middle-range shots. Brown wants Sabonis to punish the Warriors’ defense with a middle distance. However, many fans think that this is actually a trap set by the Warriors for the Kings, and they are eager to let Sabonis shoot a lot of middle distance shots.

You know, in the playoffs, the average player is under great pressure to shoot. Sabonis himself is not a player who is particularly good at hitting the middle distance, and he is not a player like Durant and Aldridge, so the Warriors are willing to let Sabonis shoot in the middle distance, even if he can hit one or two goals, which is acceptable to the Warriors.

Sabonis’s middle distance is not so terrible, so the Warriors dare to use this defensive strategy. If Sabonis hits a lot of shots in the next game, it will inevitably reduce the number of shots by other players. Fox’s attacks will also be reduced. Compared with Fox, Sabonis is not so sure on the offensive end. Moreover, because Sabonis wants to shoot the middle distance, he may also lose a lot of hand-to-hand cover with Fox. In that way, the pressure on the defensive end of the Warriors will be reduced a lot, and the defensive players on the outside of the Warriors will also have a lot of rounds to squeeze the cover. So this is exactly what the Warriors want.

Many fans admit that Brown should not be taken in by Cole. If Sabonis throws a lot of shots at the middle distance, it’s exactly what Cole wants. The safest way for the Kings is to let Fox play inside and punish the Warriors for their lack of inside height. Sabonis can’t kill anyone for this. I wonder what the fans think?