LI released its 2022 financial report: the gross profit margin dropped to 19.4%, and the loss increased by 2.6 times.

On February 27th, LI released its financial report for the fourth quarter and the whole year of 2022.

Data show that in the fourth quarter of last year, LI achieved revenue of 17.65 billion yuan, and the annual revenue of 45.29 billion yuan, up 67.7% year-on-year, but the operating loss in the same period was as high as 3.65 billion yuan, up 259.3% year-on-year.About every LI sold, the net loss is 27,000 yuan..

At the same time, the gross profit margin rose to 20.2% in the fourth quarter of 2022, butThe annual gross profit margin dropped to 19.4%.In 2021, the gross profit margin was 21.3%, down 1.9 percentage points year-on-year.

In 2022, the company’s operating expenses and R&D expenses were 12.45 billion yuan and 6.78 billion yuan respectively, up by 83.6% and 106.3% year-on-year, and other expenses related to employee management were 5.67 billion yuan, up by 62.2% year-on-year.

By the end of 2021, the number of employees in LI was 11,900, and by the end of 2022, this number had increased to 19,300, with a year-on-year increase of 62.2%.

However, as of the end of the fourth quarter of last year, the ideal book cash flow was still as high as 58.45 billion yuan. For the company, there is not much pressure on future R&D and management expenditures.

It generally takes a long period of loss for new forces to build cars. Even Tesla only turned losses into profits in 2020, and its annual gross profit margin during 2012-2022 experienced repeated fluctuations.

From 7.3% in 2012 to the peak of 27.6% in 2014, it then fell all the way until it stabilized and rebounded in 2020, and remained above 21% for three consecutive years.The gross profit margin in 2022 was 25.6%.

Therefore, the increase in operating losses is not a problem in the short term. It depends on whether the brand can shorten the time of profit through product layout. For capital, long-term interests can be considered, but patience is limited.

For LI, in 2022, it stopped production in Li ONE decisively, introduced L9, L8 and L7 in reverse order, and broke through the 20,000-vehicle mark in December, which also proved the correctness of its product strategy.

If the previous ideal was only individual combat, then the next step was the wolf tactics, and it didn’t give itself too many price barriers, unlike Wei Lai’s rigid high-end work, butThrough the iteration of new products, it gradually penetrated into the market space of 200,000-300,000 yuan..

Why should BYD break through the price bottom line at all costs? The purpose is to take the volume, and then share the total cost based on the general volume, and finally achieve the goal of quick turnover and small profits.

Ideally, to reduce the loss, it is difficult to rely solely on high-end products, and the real volume is concentrated in the range of 150,000-300,000 yuan.

Li Xiang, CEO of LI, once said that it is not a dream to sell 30,000 vehicles a month if the L7 Air version is delivered.

In January of this year, Ideality became the only car company with monthly sales exceeding 10,000 with 15,141 vehicles. The sales of L9 and L8 were hot, and the L7 was scheduled to be optimistic. This is also the reason why Li wants to have the confidence to achieve monthly sales of 30,000 in the future.

Ideally, the analysis of the product array is more accurate, such as the L9 (459,800 yuan) with the highest price, which is aimed at potential customers with sufficient budget and BBA. They hope to experience the fun completely different from the traditional high-end fuel vehicles, and at the same time, the six-seat layout meets the needs of Chinese family travel scenes.

The guide price of L8 is 339.8-399.8 thousand yuan, which is a reduced version of L9, and it is also six seats, but the price has dropped by 60-12 thousand yuan to meet those groups who want to buy L9 but have insufficient budget.

L7 focuses on five luxury SUV markets, with a guide price of 31.98-37.98 million yuan, which is cheaper than L8, making up for the gaps in five markets and directly grabbing customers from Audi Q5L and Mercedes-Benz GLC. This kind of consumers don’t care about six, which is more pragmatic and has limited budget.

But from that ideal background display,LI car owners used the smart big screen for more than 6 hours/week during parking.It also reflects from one side that people who choose LI have a high demand for entertainment functions of new energy vehicles, which is becoming a breakthrough to help new forces rapidly expand their market share.

In addition, the new forces also have great advantages in intelligence. They can rely on large-capacity batteries to achieve rich car experience, which traditional fuel vehicles can’t do at all.

In 2023, for the new forces, the cost of power batteries is expected to be greatly reduced. For example, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited has launched a half-price cooperation idea for large customers, and LI will be one of the cooperative car companies.

With the improvement of product structure and the initial effect of function optimization, the expenditure on R&D will also decrease in the future. LI is waiting for the mass production of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip, and the car system experience will be promoted by leaps and bounds.

Full text summary:Under the background of frequent negative news and employees blowing their own dirty linen, it seems that LI’s counter-attack road has not encountered much resistance, and the market of high-end intelligent new energy vehicles is still a blue ocean, which is also the basis for many new forces to dare to burn money. However, this year’s new energy market will usher in a cruel price war. Fortunately, it has not yet reached the high-end market. For new forces, adhering to the product concept of high scarcity and exclusiveness may be the key to avoiding strangulation.

Lepuoleqi is the leader in the field of early correction! Review of Nine Hot Words on the Internet; Co-construction of Lepuqi’s Early Orthodontics Discipline

As a leader in the field of early correction, in 2023, Lepuqi gave oral colleagues practical actions (emotional value, economic empowerment, positive companionship).

1. Far ahead

As a leader in the field of early correction in China, Lepuqi focuses on providing clinicians with a one-stop early correction solution with full cycle, multiple tools and combined treatment.

With the technical support of Lepu Medical, huge case database and one-stop service mode, Lepu Leqi will bring more innovative product systems and all-round quality services to the early correction industry in China.

2. Go in both directions

Original intention: refers to the parties concerned working together towards a common goal and getting close to each other. It is often used between people, expressing people’s good wishes of mutual love and closeness.

In August, 2023, Lepuqi and Dole went in two directions, joined forces, integrated resource advantages, opened a new chapter in strategic cooperation, and jointly launched the "Happy+"comprehensive systematic early correction suit, which was full of emotional value, economic empowerment and positive companionship.

This two-way trip not only shows the strength and determination of both sides, but also conveys the good wishes of mutual "love" and mutual closeness. The joint efforts of Lepuqi and Dole have injected new vitality into the development of early correction discipline.

3. Emotional value

Original intention: it is a marketing concept, which refers to the difference between emotional benefits and emotional costs perceived by customers. Emotional income is the positive emotional experience of customers, while emotional cost is the negative emotional experience.

In the process of early orthodontics discipline co-construction, this all-round service has brought positive emotional value and positive companionship to both doctors and patients, from consultation guidance, full consultation, scheme design, case accompanying counseling, risk control and perfect ending, and academic counseling.

Early correction is accompanied by children’s growth and development, which is unpredictable and difficult to standardize, and requires doctors to have accurate prediction. In clinic, many risks and problems will gradually appear, which is difficult to solve, resulting in the case can not be closed.

At the DTC Dental Exhibition in Shanghai, Lepuqi launched a case closing service with its own strength, which really solved the problems of doctors and patients in clinic and made the early correction industry have positive emotional value.

Positive emotional value can give people a good feeling and stimulate positive emotions, which is the service concept of happy correction of Lepuqi, so as to promote the development of the whole early orthodontic discipline.

* As of the date of publication, the early correction discipline has been promoted for only 100 days, which has brought positive emotional value to about 1,600 patients and doctors.

4. The wheel of fate begins to turn.

Original intention: "The wheel of fate begins to turn" means that the trajectory of life has undergone a major turning point at a certain moment, and since then, fate has been completely rewritten. But what makes people empathetic is never an illusory fate, but the efforts that have been made silently before, and it is also a brave and fearless life choice at key nodes!

As a leader in the field of early correction, Lepuqi created a platform for early correction knowledge sharing and deep learning — — #majoR Early Correction Academic Exchange Center.

There are many kinds of courses, which provide an all-round academic exchange platform for the majority of early orthodontists. 100 thousand early orthodontists resonate at the same frequency here, and the gear of fate begins to turn.

5, conspicuous bag

Original intention: "conspicuous bag" lies not only in its superficial "pushiness", but also in its internal vitality overflow, which is both cute and interesting and can create a happy atmosphere.

In order to bring happiness correction experience to doctors, Lepuqi launched the "Happiness Correction 365 Action". The following Lepuqi is either creating happiness or spreading happiness … … (# Le Pledge’s happiness correction is everywhere, conspicuous enough! )

6. Partner

Original intention: "partner" reflects a new social relationship model. Because of the similarities in one aspect or the same hobbies, "partners" spend a satisfactory and comfortable time together.

In November, 2023, the awarding ceremony of "MOST Early Orthodontics Discipline Co-construction" was held in Hefei Liangmei Stomatological Hospital, which meant that more early orthodontics "partners" joined the discipline co-construction circle.

The co-construction of early orthodontics focuses on "co-construction, co-education and symbiosis", focusing on how to break down the barriers in early orthodontics cooperation, open up the "Ren Du Er Mai" of talent training, and jointly promote standardized diagnosis and treatment in early orthodontics areas.

The goal of discipline co-construction is not only cooperation, but also common cultivation, common development and common endless life. Through the awarding ceremony of disciplines, early correction professionals will work together with Qi Xin to create a new benchmark for early correction and contribute wisdom and strength to the standardized development of early correction. Welcome more early correction partners to join!

7. Artificial intelligence

Original intention: In the field of artificial intelligence, large model refers to a machine learning model with super-large-scale parameters (usually more than one billion) and super computing resources, which can handle massive data and complete various complex tasks, such as natural language processing and image recognition.

As a closing ceremony, Leqiyun AI Visual Toothbrush and Leqiyun AI Oral Observation Instrument released by Lepu Leqi make full use of artificial intelligence technology, which can help you find potential oral problems in time and provide corresponding suggestions and treatment plans to patients through accurate analysis of the taken oral images.

8. Dopamine

Original intention: "Dopamine" is a chemical substance, which is both a hormone and a neurotransmitter and plays an important role in the human body. From the perspective of color psychology, bright and bright colors can stimulate dopamine secretion and make people feel happy.

In the process of promoting the co-construction of early orthodontics in China, Lepuqi has built many dopamine booths.

At the DTC Dental Exhibition in Shanghai and the 22nd National Orthodontics Conference, Lepuqi incorporated dopamine color into the booth design, conveying Lepuqi’s concept of happy correction in the co-construction of early orthodontic disciplines to doctors and patients in a more vivid way.

9. Princess/Prince, please get on the bus.

Original intention: This kind-sounding, but not greasy, sentence was derived from the creation in different scenes. For example, in the school cafeteria, banners were put up saying that "the princess is invited to have dinner" and "the princess is invited to help herself". Also, in order to take care of the mood of male students, there were words like "the prince is invited to have dinner" ~

The discipline of early orthodontics will be jointly established and promoted nationwide, and by promoting the standardization of early orthodontics standards, it will promote cross-regional discipline coordination, improve the training level of professional talents, and promote scientific research innovation.

In the process of joint construction and nationwide promotion of disciplines, Lepuqi is eager to meet and work together with more like-minded people. This is not only a process of co-construction of disciplines, but also a journey of unity, cooperation and common growth. Ladies and gentlemen, please get on the bus ~

Disclaimer: The market is risky, so you should be careful when choosing! This article is for reference only, not as a basis for trading.

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Huawei AITO appeared, and Sailis was abandoned by Xiaokang shares.


At the beginning of December, the share price of Xiaokang shares went up and down after Celeste released a brand new high-end brand AITO, but after Huawei’s press conference appeared in AITO M5 yesterday, Xiaokang shares went down on December 24th. Economic analysts believe that this is due to Huawei’s increasing participation in AITO and M5, which broke the expectation that Xiaokang shares are Huawei’s automobile partners. This means that the Celeste SF5 blessed by Huawei is also afraid of being uncompetitive in front of the M5. However, from the perspective of the whole new energy track, it is still unknown how Huawei AITO asks about the future of M5.


On December 24, Xiaokang shares opened at 70.68 yuan. As of 10: 15, Xiaokang shares fell by 10% to 63.19 yuan, hitting the limit, with a turnover of 1.323 billion yuan.

Combing the car stocks in the secondary market today, the overall car sector fell, especially Xiaokang shares. CRRC called the secretary of Xiaokang shares, saying that this was caused by various factors in the secondary market and it was impossible to determine the specific reasons.

On December 23rd, Huawei unveiled two AITO cars at the flagship product launch conference in winter. At the beginning of December, Sailis, a subsidiary of Xiaokang, released a brand new high-end brand AITO. According to the official statement, AITO is a high-end smart car brand deeply empowered by Huawei. Compared with Sailis SF5, the R&D, manufacturing and sales services of AITO are deeply involved by Huawei, and Sailis also given great autonomy to Huawei. As soon as the news came out, Xiaokang shares had a daily limit on December 13, and its market value once again stood at 100 billion market value.

At the press conference, Huawei unveiled the first model of AITO brand-Wenjie M5, and started the pre-sale. The new car is positioned in a medium-sized luxury electric extended-range SUV, which is the first car equipped with a Harmony OS smart cockpit. The new car will be exhibited in 180 stores in 42 cities of Huawei. This is the second new car exhibited in Huawei stores after Cyrus SF5.

The appearance of AITO did not drive the share price of Xiaokang shares to rise, but plummeted. Shen Meng, chairman of chansons Capital, told CRRC: "Huawei released auto products based on its own system, but it did not involve Xiaokang shares, breaking the expectation that Xiaokang shares are Huawei’s auto partners."

From the above, although the AITO brand belongs to Cyrus, most of what we see from the AITO brand and the M5 model in Wenjie is the shadow of Huawei, except that the model name does not carry the Huawei logo, which basically belongs to the car built by Huawei.


Xiaokang Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 and listed on the A-share market in June 2016. The company’s business scope includes R&D, production, sales and service of complete vehicles and their engines and parts. Before catching up with Huawei, Xiaokang shares had been in a marginal situation. From 2018 to 2020, the revenue and profits of Xiaokang shares showed a downward trend, and the accumulated losses in three years exceeded 1.6 billion yuan; At the same time, its capital-liability ratio is as high as 79%.

At the beginning of 2019, Xiaokang shares and Huawei signed a comprehensive cooperation contract to cooperate in the field of new energy vehicles. Since then, Xiaokang shares have gradually entered the eyes of investors in the capital market. In April 2021, Huawei Zhixuan reached a cooperation with Xiaokang, and Huawei said that it would sell the new energy Cyrus under Xiaokang in its sales channels; At this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, the Seles Huawei Smart Selection SF5 jointly built by Seles and Huawei was officially listed and jointly sold in both channels.

Regardless of the sales volume of Celestial SF5, the advent of Celestial SF5 blessed by Huawei alone made Xiaokang shares in the capital market. The share price of Huawei Xiaokang shares rose from 8.81 yuan/share at the beginning of November last year to 77.77 yuan/share around June this year, an increase of 782.75%.

Relevant data show that since the listing of Celestial SF5, its sales from April to November were 129 vehicles, 204 vehicles, 1097 vehicles, 507 vehicles, 715 vehicles, 1117 vehicles, 1926 vehicles and 2205 vehicles, with a total of 8,170 vehicles this year. Although compared with the past, Celestial SF5 has supported the sales of Xiaokang shares, this sales volume is not as good as when it first came out.


It is worth noting that China National Intellectual Property Administration showed that AITO was applied by Zhengde Electronics Co., Ltd. on March 29, 2021; On August 3, 2021, AITO trademark was transferred from Zhengde Electronics Co., Ltd. to Chongqing Haokang Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. According to the data, the consulting company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chongqing Xiaokang Industrial Co., Ltd.

The trademark ownership of AITO high-end new energy brand, which is deeply involved by Huawei, belongs to Xiaokang shares, which also means that for Xiaokang shares, AITO brand models are "well-known".

Now, after Huawei-led AITO high-end brand M5 appeared, how to develop Celeste SF5 has become another problem. It is still unknown whether Xiaokang shares, which have entered the club with a market value of 100 billion yuan, can win the favor of investors with Huawei.

From the current point of view, if the dominance of Cyrus is still in the hands of Xiaokang shares, Huawei will be more and more involved in the appearance of the brand new AITO. Compared with Huawei, Cyrus has few chips left. In Huawei, well-off society is not the only choice. Now Huawei has cooperated with other automakers such as Auto and Beiqi Extreme Fox. But for Xiaokang, Huawei is the catalyst to promote it on the new car track.

Although Huawei has repeatedly denied that it will build a car next time, it is generally believed that it is only a matter of time before Huawei will build a car next time. Then, in the future Huawei stores, when Huawei’s smart selection of Celestial SF5 and AITO’s world M5 are placed at the same time, Celestial SF5 may not be competitive.

It is worth noting that AITO Wenjie M5, a new entrant of high-end new energy brand, is still facing competition in the face of new car-making forces such as Weilai and Ideality, which have already occupied a certain market share in the high-end luxury new energy market, and high-end brands that traditional car companies such as Zhiji and Lantu have devoted themselves to building, despite Huawei’s blessing.

AITO asks M5 EV to release a small art, which makes the car voice interaction more temperature.

On September 6th, 2022, at the autumn conference of Mate50 series and new products in the whole scene held by Huawei, the new pure electric vehicle AITO Wenjie M5 EV, which was deeply empowered by Huawei, was officially released. Thanks to the HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit, the intelligent level, endurance and comprehensive performance of the M5 EV have evolved in an all-round way, aiming to bring consumers the ultimate carefree smart travel experience. As a part of the HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit, Xiaoyi has also been upgraded again, bringing a new and more humanized voice interaction experience to car owners with continuous technological innovation and functional optimization.

Intimate service will be upgraded, and car xiaoyi will be a travel assistant who knows you better.

Traditional voice assistants often need users to send voice instructions in one direction before they can provide services. Xiaoyi, the intelligent assistant of AITO’s M5 EV, can not only actively provide services through wisdom perception, but also add five functions, from reminding to start the power-saving mode, charging reminder, charging station inquiry and screening to easy navigation and getting off at complex locations, providing car owners with all-round intimate services such as getting on, driving and getting off, making travel smarter and more enjoyable.

Super power saving mode reminderIn view of the emergency that may occur during driving, Xiaoyi has added the function of "Super Power Saving Mode Reminder", which is the first in the industry. Specifically, when the vehicle is in a low battery, Xiaoyi will take the initiative to broadcast "The battery is low, do you want to turn on the super power-saving mode?"; After the user agrees to turn it on, it will voice again to remind that "the torque and maximum speed of the vehicle will be limited after turning on the super power-saving mode. Are you sure to turn it on?" After getting the second confirmation from the user, Xiaoyi will switch the vehicle to the super power-saving mode to help the owner drive with peace of mind.

Voice charging serviceWhen you want to charge the car but can’t find a suitable charging station, the user can wake up Xiaoyi by voice to quickly query and filter. After the voice wakes up Xiaoyi, the user can say "Filter Fast Charge/Slow Charge", and Xiaoyi will filter out the list of nearby fast charge/slow charge charging stations according to the voice instruction, and the user can go directly to the charging station he wants to go according to the planned route of Xiaoyi. The whole process of inquiry and screening needs no hands-on, and the voice control skill is easily realized, which greatly improves the driving convenience.

Intelligent voice charging reminderFor users who often charge their cars in a fixed period of time, Xiaoyi can intelligently learn and remember the user’s habits, and when the user does not charge the car according to his habits, he will take the initiative to remind "I suggest you charge according to your charging habits" and respond quickly and actively; When the temperature drop may affect the car’s power, Xiaoyi will also perceive and broadcast the weather information in time to remind users to charge in advance-"The temperature will be low tomorrow, so it is recommended to charge today".

Easy navigation in commonly used complex placeswhenWhen the frequented places are too complicated and navigation is troublesome, clever and capable small arts can also help. It can select the destination information and plan the route to the destination according to the user’s historical preference-that is, after the user has visited a complex location for three times, Xiaoyi can directly locate the specific location when the user navigates to this address next time, avoiding the search for complex locations and easily improving the travel efficiency.

Xiaoyi reminded meAlways forget to bring the necessary items after getting off the bus. In order to avoid running back and forth in a hurry, the user can set the get-off reminder for Xiaoyi voice in advance. For example, when you get on the bus, you say "Xiao Yi Xiao Yi, remind me to take an umbrella in the trunk when you get off the bus". When you judge that the user gets off the bus according to the behavior intelligence such as hanging the P file and opening the door, Xiao Yi will remind you in time: Please remember to take an umbrella in the trunk.

In addition to these intimate functions, the car-mounted Xiaoyi can accurately judge and respond to voice commands from the main driver, the co-driver and the rear row through "four-tone zone recognition", communicate with the owner more smoothly and naturally through "full-duplex continuous dialogue", and operate the text, buttons and function options of the car interface at any time through "full-interface visual speaking". The smarter you use Xiaoyi, it is expected that through continuous function upgrade, it will bring users a more humanized car voice service experience and redefine the new way of smart travel.

Disclaimer: This article is reprinted by our website, aiming to provide readers with more news information. The contents involved do not constitute investment and consumption suggestions, and are for readers’ reference only.

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Detonate a new upsurge of consumption! The 4th West Coast International Auto Show was successfully concluded in 2024.

  March 27th On March 24th, 2024, the 4th West Coast International Auto Show was successfully concluded in Qingdao World Expo City (No.3399 Sansha Road, Huangdao District).

  The exhibition opened two indoor exhibition halls S1 and S2 and some outdoor exhibition areas of Qingdao World Expo City, with an exhibition area of more than 30,000 square meters. More than 60 participating brands brought more than 400 display models to the exhibition. During the three-day exhibition, more than 2,000 on-site orders were placed, and the turnover exceeded 300 million yuan. In 2024, the new automobile consumption boom zone in Qingdao was detonated!

  New car debut, crowds surging west coast

  As the first official auto show in Qingdao in 2024, it is also one of the four official brand auto shows in Qingdao. The 2024 West Coast International Auto Show has attracted much attention and made the new district in March particularly lively.

  With the care and support from all walks of life, the West Coast International Auto Show has been attached to the new area for four years, adding a brand event to the Expo City and becoming a dazzling business card for the exhibition industry in the new area. In terms of the scale of participating brands and the number of people visiting the exhibition, this exhibition has achieved a new leap, with a long queue at the entrance, a lot of people in the exhibition hall, good news on the booth and a barrage rolling in the live broadcast room.

  Looking up at the brand to start the first automobile exhibition in Shandong, although it is only a static display, the close-range test ride contact has greatly satisfied the curiosity of the audience.

  SAIC-Volkswagen made its debut with all models, and luxury manufacturers’ exhibits and wonderful car models became live stars.

  () Brought the "Glory Edition" of all models, and took the price/performance ratio to the end.

  ICAR 03, Ford Fierce Horse, brand-new Krypton 001, Dongfeng Yipai 007, Geely Yinhe E8, Aouita 12, Chery Fengyun A8, FAW Audi Q4 e-tron, Haobo HT, brand-new Mercedes-Benz E-Class … dozens of new cars appeared in the official exhibition in the new year, bringing new features to the new district and injecting vitality into urban culture and citizen life.

  When the low price "falls", the regional economy will show its benefits.

  Run a meeting well and enliven a city.

  As a "famous exhibition city" under the new economic format, West Coast New District stands out with strong policy guidance and meticulous service attitude, aiming at building the most beautiful exhibition coastal zone in China and becoming a gathering place for exhibitions of characteristic industries.

  "Vitality" is synonymous with the exhibition industry in West Coast New District, which not only comes from sharp market insight, but also depends on active regional groups and consumption potential.

  In the beginning of 2024, the wave of price reduction led by new energy brands began again in an orderly manner. The highest discount is 160,000 yuan, cash official reduction, deposit inflation, replacement subsidies, and attractive price policies are all over the 2024 West Coast International Auto Show, which has also become one of the reasons why many consumers come here.

  On-site FAW Audi, Mercedes-Benz and FAW Hongqi booths were crowded, and new energy brands made excellent transactions. The exhibition scale of pure electric brands is nearly half, and the figure of new energy vehicles occupies almost every booth.

  The new industry outlook and new consumption boom are flourishing in the new district, which will be displayed in the panorama of the 4th West Coast International Auto Show in 2024.

  Buy a car, get a good gift, watch the exhibition and win the gold bars. With a more immersive exhibition experience, the West Coast International Auto Show is also rewarding this fertile land. The official first exhibition of the opening year ended successfully, bid farewell to Huangdao for the time being, focus on Laoshan, and set off in glory in May for the 23rd Qingdao Spring International Auto Show in 2024! (Reporter of this website)

Crazy for 50 hours! On-the-spot report of Liaoning Lingyuan escaping criminals, many witnesses restore thrilling moments.

       CCTV News:At about 3: 50am on October 4th, Chloe Wang and Zhang Guilin escaped from Lingyuan No.3 Prison of Liaoning Provincial Prison Administration. At about 13: 00pm on October 6th, two criminals were arrested in Taitoushan Town, Pingquan City, Hebei Province. So, how did the two criminals escape, and how did the police open tight encirclement to bring the two escaped criminals to justice?

       After the escape case occurred, Lingyuan No.3 Prison issued an investigation report on October 4th. According to the circular, Chloe Wang, an escaped criminal, was sentenced to death with a two-year suspension of execution by the Higher People’s Court of Liaoning Province for kidnapping. On December 28, 2017, he was reduced to life imprisonment, and on December 22, 2016, he was transferred to Lingyuan No.3 Prison to serve his sentence. Zhang Guilin, an escaped criminal, was sentenced to life imprisonment by Wenzhou Intermediate People’s Court for robbery. On June 12, 2014, he was transferred to Lingyuan No.3 Prison to serve his sentence.



       [List seven contents, official disclosure of escape details]

       As for the details about the escape of two criminals, the Liaoning Provincial Prison Administration published an article entitled "Notice of Liaoning Provincial Prison Administration on the details of the escape of criminals in Lingyuan No.3 Prison" in official website on October 8. The notice was in the form of a question and answer, listing seven items.

       1. Did the escaped criminals escape from the gate through the access card?

       The criminals used the noise of Lingyuan Iron and Steel Company as a cover to pry open the doors and windows of the interview room and escape.

       Second, how did the criminal get the police uniform?

       The criminal stole a police uniform worn by prison administrators, with armbands, no warning signs and epaulettes.

       3. Does the fugitive have a mobile phone?

       The escaped prisoner has no mobile phone, but MP4 in his hand.

       4. Did the criminal Zhang Guilin escape twice before?

       Zhang Guilin, a criminal, tried to escape twice before being transferred to prison, and both of them were given heavier punishment according to law.

       5. Does the criminal have any cash?

       After entering the interview room, the criminal pried open the desk of the staff and stole some cash.

       6. Has the accountability mechanism been initiated?

       At present, the warden, the general manager and two deputy wardens have been dismissed, and the relevant authorities have intervened in the investigation of the directly responsible personnel. We will seriously pursue the responsibility according to the law and regulations and will never tolerate it.

       7. Did the criminal commit a crime after he escaped?

       After the two criminals escaped, they have been kept in the mountains, and there have been no crimes such as theft and robbery.

       [Crazy 50 hours, both arrested and restored the arrest process]

       After the two criminals escaped, the police immediately launched a large-scale search. Escaped from about 3: 50 am on October 4 to about 13: 00 pm on October 6. In the past 50 hours, how did the local public security police quickly arrest him? After the two criminals arrived at the case, CCTV reporters interviewed the relevant police handling the case and visited some witnesses for the first time, which restored this thrilling more than 50 hours.

       Fan Junyang, director of the Public Security Bureau of lingyuan city, Liaoning Province, said: "Our police should have received an alarm from the prison at 8: 00 am on October 4th, less than 9: 00 am. Say two felons in custody, one is Chloe Wang and the other is Zhang Guilin. They are at large and have escaped from prison. " After receiving the alarm, the public security organs in lingyuan city immediately called the police to carry out the investigation.


       Fan Junyang, director of the Public Security Bureau of lingyuan city, Liaoning Province, said: "Our first reaction was to mobilize the police. After collecting all the videos around the prison, we learned about their escape route, analyzed the time of their escape from this route and the distance within the time after their escape, and set up various posts. For example, we are on the necessary roads near Lingyuan No.3 prison, and we have set up posts on all the necessary roads. In addition, around the prison and around lingyuan city, you can get out of Lingyuan and set up posts in an emergency. "

       At about 12 noon, the police received a report from the masses that two fugitives appeared in Shi Hu Gou Village, Shiyang, Songzhangzi Town, lingyuan city, 20 kilometers away from the Third Prison. The monitoring installed in the canteen recorded the whole process of the two people buying things.

       Witness Master Xu: "At about 11: 30 noon, the tall man came in first, and then I was there. He said he wanted to buy something, and he came over. I said what you want to buy, and he said I’ll buy two boxes of cigarettes first, and then I’ll buy some drinks and mineral water after I finish. He said he had everything to eat, and I said there was bread … …” Master Xu recalled that while the taller man was shopping, another thin man entered the store.


       Witness Master Xu: "The second one was thirsty when he came in. Look at that. Drink another bottle of mineral water. But let’s be honest, it’s quite thirsty. After buying, there are villagers and shoppers, all of whom are here. After leaving, they are left. After they are settled, they are all cash. He went out after finishing the account, and I watched them go outside when they went out. "

       Through monitoring, the police found that the two men under surveillance were the fugitives Chloe Wang and Zhang Guilin they wanted to arrest. Then, where will the two fugitives go after buying things from the canteen? The police immediately organized police forces to conduct a carpet search around Shi Hu Gou Village, Shiyang, but found nothing. It’s getting dark and the search is still going on.


       The weather in Liaoning is getting cold after autumn, especially after night. Because the villages where the two fugitives were found were mostly surrounded by mountain woodlands and there were many paths, it was very difficult to catch them.

       Gu Tuanwei, deputy detachment leader of Chaoyang detachment of Liaoning Armed Police Corps: "Because the wind is relatively strong, the sense of smell of police dogs is not very sensitive, and the mountains are relatively high. The highest peak reaches more than 700 meters. When the drone rises, plus the forest is dense and the grass is deep, there are many disadvantages to drone detection."


       In addition to the unfavorable external environment for search, there is another problem before the police. Fan Junyang, director of the Public Security Bureau of lingyuan city, Liaoning Province, said: "If according to our routine, there is no funds, and the main purpose of criminals is to escape from Lingyuan and leave this trouble spot to a safe place, then he needs funds. They don’t have their ID cards with them, so they want to commit crimes, rob or steal. This is the most urgent thing for our public security organs. "

       At this time, it has been more than twenty hours since the two criminals escaped from the third prison, and no one knows where the two criminals will eventually flee. As Shiyang Shi Hu Gou Village is located at the junction of Liaoning and Hebei provinces, it is very likely that the two criminals will flee Liaoning and enter Hebei. The police decided to immediately issue a regional police cooperation investigation letter to inform the two escapees in Lingyuan No.3 Prison. The Hebei Provincial Public Security Department, Chengde Municipal Bureau and Pingquan Municipal Bureau, which received the regional police cooperation investigation letter, also immediately started the cooperation mechanism, and dispatched public security police and armed police officers and soldiers to conduct simultaneous raids from Hebei, forming a two-sided attack situation.

       Fan Junyang, director of the Public Security Bureau of lingyuan city, Liaoning Province, said: "That night, the director of the (Liaoning) Provincial Public Security Bureau led a team from the Command Hall and set up a headquarters here to mobilize all the police forces in various cities, including the armed police, police, public security police and judicial police, including the people. At this time, nearly 7,000 people were mobilized, including the police. "

       On the morning of October 5, the police received another report from the masses that one of the fugitives, Chloe Wang, appeared in a canteen in Fangshen Village, Yushu Linzi Town, Pingquan City, Hebei Province at about 18: 35 pm on October 4. The owner of the canteen also told reporters about the scene at that time.


       Shopkeeper: "When he came in, he started to say that he wanted to buy beer and buy cans of beer. He said to buy four, and then he suggested buying six, six for a dozen. Then he bought six. Then he said, is there anything with canned fish and meat? I said no. He picked out some intestines, water, milk and the like. " The police immediately organized police forces to conduct a search centered on Fangshen Village.

       Fan Junyang, director of the Public Security Bureau of lingyuan city, Liaoning Province, said: "Around Pingquan, there are four towns in Pingquan, and Fiona Fang is 250 square kilometers, which is surrounded and blocked. These two criminals, after they went out to buy things at night, went up the mountain. Now the mountain is very dense. At the same time, they set up checkpoints and took the action of clearing the mountain. Statistically, more than 3,000 people were organized and the armed police participated in the encirclement and suppression of the mountain. Nothing was found. "

       [The official car rolled over and two auxiliary police officers died unfortunately]

       No one would have thought that the bad news came at this time. In the process of organizing the police to carry out the arrest task, the Public Security Bureau of Pingquan City, Hebei Province, an official vehicle was damaged and four auxiliary police officers were injured because the road surface bumped and rolled over. Two of the auxiliary police officers, Wang Dongyu and Xu Yuelong, died after being rescued by the hospital.



       [Report again at the critical moment when the search is fruitless]

       The lives of the two auxiliary police officers were fixed at this moment forever. They wore badges on their heads and paid their young lives to keep one side safe. But at this moment, criminals Chloe Wang and Zhang Guilin are still at large. With the fruitless search around Fangshen Village, the arrest work returned to the original point. At this time, the police once again received a report from the masses that one of the fugitives once again appeared in a canteen in Sanjiazi Town, lingyuan city. According to the store advocate, the old lady said that at 8 o’clock in the morning on October 6, she was cleaning in the store. At this moment, a man came in.

       The small shop advocated the old lady: "When he came in, he said he wanted to wash his hands, so I poured him water to wash his face and hands there, and then he came here." He said I was wondering if there was anything to eat. I bought some, and I said there was no delicious chicken leg. He said my aunt would bring this for me, so I put it here for him. I wanted 20, and then I ordered that, four bottles of mineral water, four bottles of milk, four bottles of eight-treasure porridge, and two bags of egg yolk pie. He said he repaired cars and didn’t eat for a day. He said I was too hungry, and the four of us all said so.

       When leaving, the old man’s son happened to come back and had a face-to-face meeting with the man. Mr. Wang found out that the man was a fugitive. Mr. Wang immediately called the police. The police confirmed that the man Mr. Wang met was one of the two fugitives, Chloe Wang. At this time, the police once again received an alarm from the masses that the fugitive Chloe Wang appeared near the high-speed rail viaduct not far from the canteen.

       Witness Mr. Li: "At that time, my wife and I were picking corn in that area. When I looked up, I saw a person carrying a yellow bag coming down. After I came down, I saw that it was not our local person. I thought it was the staff of the high-speed rail at first, and then I looked at him on the opposite side. He looked around." Feeling suspicious, Mr. Li quietly followed. "I walked around in front of him. We walked in front of him. I saw him. After seeing him, I thought that this person was not our local. I could know him locally, just about our age. Later, he went to the mountains in the west. Later, I thought that this was definitely not our local, even if it was a suspicious person. Later, I called the police."

       Soon, the police who searched nearby rushed to the scene. After identification, this person is the fugitive Chloe Wang. Due to many road forks, the police and mass soldiers who arrived in advance launched a search in multiple ways.


       Wang Huidong, the captain of the anti-drug brigade of lingyuan city Public Security Bureau: "From Taitou Mountain in Hebei Province, after the mountain ridge passed, to the mouth of the cooking pot, we didn’t find it after arriving at the mouth of the ditch. We waited there for a while without finding it." At this time, the police who were guarding here found that a man came out of the ravine not far away.

       Wang Huidong, the captain of the anti-drug brigade of lingyuan city Public Security Bureau: "At that time, I was sure that when I came down from the mountain, I didn’t find anyone on the mountain. At that time, I felt very suspicious, so I went to meet him, and I went with my captain. When he went to trace it, he felt that it was wrong, turned his head and ran away. We chased after it and chased it to a gully. He jumped into the ditch and we couldn’t find him." When Wang Huidong and his colleagues tried to find the man, the man appeared on the opposite side of the ditch and was walking down the hill. The police immediately chased him up and mobilized the people on the spot to assist in the pursuit.


       Wang Huidong, captain of the anti-drug brigade of lingyuan city Public Security Bureau, said, "I said these two men are fugitives, please help the police catch them. At this time, all the people were dispatched, and there were bicycles on the road in the greenhouse. At this time, Huludao and Jinzhou and our Fan Bureau took a team and also rushed to the scene to surround him in the cornfield, and our Fan Bureau arrested him. " It was confirmed that this man was Chloe Wang. At this point, the subsequent police officers quickly searched and arrested the second fugitive Zhang Guilin not far away.


       [Expert Interpretation: How to Sentence the Crime of Escaping]

       What did the escape of two criminals, Chloe Wang and Zhang Guilin, constitute? What kind of punishment should I receive? Let’s listen to the expert’s interpretation.

       Professor Ruan Qilin of China University of Political Science and Law believes that according to the details of the case now announced, criminals Chloe Wang and Zhang Guilin are suspected of escaping the crime. Article 316th of the Criminal Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) stipulates that the crime of escape refers to the act of a criminal, a defendant or a criminal suspect who is detained according to law, escaping from the prison and leaving the prison. Then, if two criminals are suspected of escaping from the crime, what kind of punishment will they receive?

       Professor Ruan Qilin said that the crime of escape is lightly punished in law and will generally be combined with the original punishment.

Exposure of M9 real car map: brand-new design+multiple power options.

According to the exposure of the latest issue of the new car declaration catalogue of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the real car map of the M9 large SUV has aroused widespread concern. It is reported that the car is expected to be officially unveiled in the fourth quarter of this year, and the pre-sale price range is between 500,000 and 600,000 yuan.

According to the news, the M9 will be produced in an exclusive factory, and equipped with Queen’s co-driver, rear wheel steering and digital headlights. However, these news have not been officially confirmed by AITO, and the specific situation needs to wait for the official release.

As can be seen from the declaration drawing, Wenjie M9 adopts a brand-new family design language, with a rounded front face, and the headlight group and the taillight group all adopt a through-going light strip design. The front grille has a trapezoidal shape, the roof position is also equipped with a laser radar, and there is a camera at the front fender. It is expected that the car will support a high-level driver assistance function.

The side lines of the M9 are smooth, and the door handles are hidden, which increases the sense of science and technology of the whole vehicle. The pure electric version provides the choice of two-color body. According to different configurations, it provides two specifications of 21-inch rims, which are 265/45 R21 and 285/45 R21 in tyre size respectively. In terms of body size, the length, width and height are 5230/1999/1800 mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 3110 mm.

In terms of power, M9 provides two sets of power systems. The pure electric version adopts double motor layout, with the maximum power of the front motor of 160 kW and the maximum power of the rear motor of 230 kW. The extended-range hybrid version is equipped with a 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 112kW, and the motor parameters are the same as those of the pure electric version. Both power systems are equipped with ternary lithium batteries, but the specific capacity and cruising range are not clear.

In terms of intelligent functions, the M9 will be equipped with HarmonyOS 4.0 cockpit system and Huawei ADS advanced autopilot assistance system. The co-pilot in the car will be equipped with a separate screen, and laser projection equipment will be provided in the back row.

Yu Chengdong stepped down as CEO

Text | Technology Daily Push

The position of CEO did disappear, but he was promoted to chairman.

On September 21, the first financial news, Huawei officially issued a document, and adjusted the position of the automobile industry.

Jin Yuzhi, president of Huawei’s optical product line, took over the post of CEO of smart car solution BU from Yu Chengdong, and Yu Chengdong became the chairman of BU.

Huawei official website introduced that it has not been adjusted yet.

Ask the world about the new car launch in the future, and you can still hear "far ahead".

Huawei’s mobile phone returns, and Yu Chengdong needs to redo time management.

Regarding this operation, a senior industry insider said, "With the return of Huawei mobile phones, Yu Chengdong can focus more on mobile phones. 」

In the past few years, Huawei’s mobile phone sales have fallen sharply due to sanctions. To this end, Yu Chengdong took over the BU and promoted the smart car selection mode, hoping to make up for the lost mobile phone revenue by selling cars.

However, in the first half of this year, the situation ushered in a turning point, and many new machines such as P60 series and Mate X3 series helped Huawei’s mobile phones rise against the trend.

According to data released by IDC, in the domestic market in the second quarter, Huawei’s mobile phone shipments increased by 76.1% year-on-year, the fastest growth rate among all manufacturers, and tied for fifth place with Xiaomi’s mobile phone with a market share of 13.0%, up 5.7 percentage points over the same period last year.

And its momentum in the second half of the year will be even stronger.

On August 29th and September 8th, Huawei directly launched three models in official website: Mate 60 Pro/Pro+ and Mate X5. All three models are hard to find, which also makes the sales of Huawei mobile phones to a higher level.

According to the authoritative market research organization of the supply chain, in the 36th week of this year (9.4-9.10), Huawei mobile phones won the second place in the smart phone market in China with a market share of 17%, only 17.2% higher than the first, and 0.2% behind.

It is estimated that in the 37th week (9.11-9.17), Huawei is expected to achieve the first market share in sales volume.

At the same time, according to Caijing. com, many people close to Huawei confirmed that Huawei has launched a comprehensive plan to return to the global mobile phone market, with the domestic market first and the overseas market later.

On September 14th, Huawei held an overseas conference in Barcelona, bringing a variety of flagship products to the European market. After that, Huawei will continue to hold press conferences in China, Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

Re-attacking cities overseas requires a leader who can fight "tough battles", and Yu Chengdong is the best candidate.

In February this year, Yu Chengdong mentioned in an interview with the media that he spent his holiday time and evening time on car business besides working during the day. "Now my personal energy investment is relatively large, and I may spend 40% of my time in AITO."

Obviously, with the return of Huawei mobile phones, Yu Chengdong needs to do time management again. The outgoing car BU CEO was appointed as the chairman and put more energy into the mobile phone.

Yu Chengdong’s successor, the first show or the M9 conference in the world.

Yu Chengdong BU CEO was succeeded by Jin Yuzhi, president of Huawei Optical Product Line.

Huawei optical product line, also known as Huawei optical transmission and access product line, has jurisdiction over optical transmission, optical access, optical applications and other fields. Mainly to provide customers with high-value, high-reliability assisted driving, light display and light technology production solutions.

Prior to this, the intersection of optical product line and car BU was Huawei’s newly established intelligent car optical service in recent years, including AR HUD, intelligent car lights and light field screens.

Among them, Huawei’s AR HUD has been mass-produced on Feifan R7; Huawei’s smart car lights, light field screens and other products are expected to be carried on the follow-up models selected by Huawei, such as Wenjie M9.

If there are no accidents, the upcoming M9 will be Jin Yuzhi’s first show after taking office. I wonder if he will shout "Far ahead" ~

With the above changes, the current management structure of Che BU includes:

Huawei Terminal BG CEO, Chairman of Smart Car Solution BU, Yu Chengdong

President of Huawei Optical Product Line, BU CEO of Smart Car Solution, Jin Yuzhi

Huawei Smart Car Solution BU CSO, Wang Jun

President of Huawei’s intelligent driving solution product line and general manager of intelligent driving field, Li Wenguang


For Jin Yuzhi, Huawei Car BU CEO is a very challenging position.

Since its establishment, the business unit has invested more than 3 billion US dollars (about 20.6 billion yuan) in research and development, but its revenue in 2022 was only 2.1 billion yuan, and in the first half of 2023 it was only 1 billion yuan, making it the only loss-making business of Huawei.

At present, Huawei BU has three business models, one is to sell standardized auto parts; The second is the Huawei Inside mode (HI mode) that provides full-stack smart car solutions; The third is to deeply participate in product and vehicle design, as well as the intelligent car selection mode that provides sales network channels.

HI mode and intelligent car selection mode are not developing smoothly.

The monthly sales of Changan Aouita and Beiqi Polar Fox, which adopt HI mode, are hovering around one or two thousand units, far less than expected. Guangzhou automobile directly gave up the HI mode.

The intellectual car selection model was very strong when it first came out last year, and its delivery volume exceeded 10,000 for four consecutive months, becoming the biggest dark horse of the new forces. However, this year, the situation has turned sharply, and there is no good news that the monthly delivery volume has exceeded 10,000.

Last week, the redesigned M7 went on the market, which ushered in a big sale through "upgrade+price reduction". Before we could celebrate, this week’s redesigned G9 in Tucki came and stole many users.

The good news is that Jin Yuzhi and Huawei BU have more intersections with the auto parts model, and the development in this direction is relatively good.

Huawei’s annual report last year showed that by the end of 2022, it had shipped nearly 2 million sets of components, including intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving, intelligent electric, intelligent Che Yun, millimeter-wave radar, camera, gateway, lidar, computing platform, AR HUD, T-Box and other products and solutions.

In recent days, it has been reported through the grapevine that Huawei and BYD signed a cooperation agreement to provide Kirin car chips for each other. If it is true, it will be a big business.

Yu Chengdong has publicly stated that Huawei BU will be profitable in 2025.

We will wait and see what kind of plan Jin Yuzhi will come up with in the face of the goals set by the leaders before.

The explosion of online celebrity cuisine in the National People’s Congress canteen has raised the memory of taste buds to the level of cultural expression.

  "I finally got it ‘ Online celebrity ’ Youth League! " With pictures and click Send, a graduate student of Renmin University of China Law School wrote such a circle of friends and joined the big team of "punching in" in the campus canteen.

  On the eve of Tomb-Sweeping Day, the Youth League made by the dining hall in the North District of Renmin University was once again "on fire", with an average of 2,000 copies sold every day. On the Internet, netizens from inside and outside the school have forwarded and commented on relevant news, bluntly saying "I want to eat". On March 26th, the Logistics Group of the National People’s Congress also launched the Youth League Gift Set, which was sold online and offline.

  In fact, the Youth League is not the only "online celebrity cuisine" produced by the National People’s Congress canteen. Also famous are more than 10 kinds of food, such as pumpkin bread in the east dining hall, gift box for new year’s goods in the central dining hall, Shandong jujube steamed bread bigger than the face in the west dining hall, and Chongyang cake in the north dining hall.

  Why can university canteens keep making "explosive online celebrity dishes"? How are these "online celebrity dishes" cooked? What kind of sparks can be generated when the canteen tastes big data and the Internet?

  Online and offline "sense of participation"

  Many students of Renmin University know Wang Ruorong and Song Da Me.

  Off-line, Wang Ruorong is the director of the canteen in the North District of the National People’s Congress. At the peak of eating, I can always see him shuttling among the students to collect comments. Online, he is also a little-known "online celebrity". Since he opened the Weibo, he has frequently interacted with students to discuss what is delicious in the canteen. He has also published a book called "The Taste of the National People’s Congress".

  Originally, there was only an ordinary "big pot rice" on the first floor of the North District canteen. Wang Ruorong found that this could not meet the needs of students, and made up his mind to open a Jiangnan flavor window, focusing on crab yellow soup packets. Not long after, a student went to Weibo to leave a message, "Can we also do some youth groups?"

  The suggestion was quickly adopted. Wang Ruorong studied it several times with the chef of the canteen. Before Tomb-Sweeping Day last year, this kind of snacks with Jiangsu and Zhejiang flavor was launched on the first floor of the North District canteen and sold for more than 20 days. Because all of them are on-site packages and steaming, students waiting in line often have to stand at the gate of the canteen from the window.

  At present, this "online celebrity Youth League" has two kinds of fillings: egg yolk floss and pine nut bean paste. In order to ensure the quality, Wang Ruorong and the masters did not choose the egg yolk packed in vacuum in the market, but pulled the egg yolk from the salted duck eggs on the spot; In order to adjust the greasy bean paste, they added kumquat pieces and pine nuts to it, blending a sour and sweet smell.

  If the youth league’s "red-hot" is an accident, then this year, other foods in the National People’s Congress canteen, like the youth league, have been on fire one after another, which proves that this is not just an accident.

  Song Da-i, also a "Weibo red man", was the deputy director of the Institute of Investigation Technology of the National People’s Congress. The associate professor of Renmin University commented that he "loves food and life". After being transferred from the front line of teaching to the general manager of the school logistics group, he began to "toss".

  "Warm People’s Congress" is the official WeChat of the logistics of the National People’s Congress, and it is also the WeChat WeChat official account that the students of the National People’s Congress pay the most attention to. In order to improve the service ability of the canteen, they posted a lot of news about campus food, such as new dishes and scheduled tasting activities.

  Not long ago, the logistics group also launched the "canteen iron powder group" on the micro-signal. Students of the Iron Powder Group can deeply participate in the promotion of new dishes in the canteen, the promotion of dishes and the tasting of dishes, and at the same time enjoy VIP treatment and participate in cooking demonstration classes and practical classes. The Logistics Group also gives lectures on cooking techniques to Iron Powder from time to time and gives live demonstrations on cooking. Carry out cooking practice classes or organize "iron powder" for cooking skill competitions.

  The opinions of these students can influence the standard of food in the canteen. Song Da I hope that the students who join are not "canteen tourists" who have tasted it, but "senior foodies" who really have an insightful understanding of the canteen. Their screening criteria for "iron powder" are: participating in 8 campus food activities each semester, and at the same time "punching in" and collecting 18 "likes" in the circle of friends.

  "Many times, food is just a chat." Song Dawei said that the canteen and students should break the distance and communicate more through various channels. Now, they display new products in articles pushed by WeChat, and also disclose the production process of "online celebrity cuisine" one by one.

  Song Da I gradually found that many students would "like" the canteen even if they didn’t eat new food. The alumni who have graduated seem to feel the happiness brought by the campus canteen from a distance, and many outsiders know the "online celebrity cuisine" of the National People’s Congress through this window.

  The "assembly line" of interdisciplinary subjects

  As the master planner of "online celebrity" food, Song Da always talks about his student team.

  Song Da came from a statistical background, and I know how to "play with" data best. After starting to work as a student, he added logistics-related contents to the campus satisfaction survey of the National People’s Congress: students’ taste preferences, the degree of solving canteen service problems, and "scoring your favorite canteen" all appeared on the questionnaire. Subsequently, the teachers and students of the School of Statistics will conduct big data processing to screen out the most useful information.

  Find out the taste and demand, and the rest is publicity and packaging. The promotion of "online celebrity cuisine" in the new media is "manipulated" by the students of the School of Journalism; Product design is free for students majoring in Chinese painting in the Art College.

  Before each new issue of "online celebrity" is released, Song Da and I will take the team to "meet the model" first, observe the shape and color of the cooked dishes, then understand their ingredients and preparation methods, then take photos and finally taste them. "Only in this way can we design a higher quality copy."

  The food design and dissemination of the National People’s Congress has benefited from the professional strength of this top comprehensive university. Luan Yimei, a professor at the School of Journalism, Renmin University of China, said that "online celebrity cuisine" can be a big fire precisely because of interdisciplinary cooperation among students. "We used to focus on the development of a single discipline and explain problems, but to really solve problems, we must cooperate across disciplines. ‘ Online celebrity cuisine ’ Starting from the needs of students, telling your own story well and grasping the law of communication will be welcomed. "

  Dishes are popular, and innovation is naturally more motivated. In the impression of Zhang Yiran, a sophomore in the School of Journalism, in the past year, the innovation of the school canteen has become greater, and new dishes will be introduced soon. This is also the change that Song Da expected to achieve. On Monday alone this week, more than 30 kinds of snacks were introduced in the North District canteen.

  Behind the new dishes, the logistics group "I am a chef" WeChat group studied and pondered at length. Last year, Song Da and I brought several canteen directors into a group. Usually, he would throw the good ideas he saw and thought into the group at any time to share, and sometimes they hit it off, forming offline products.

  For example, after the creativity of pumpkin bread reached an agreement, the central dining hall took the lead in setting an example, tying the bread into a strand with a string, which visually approached the appearance of pumpkin; The dining hall in the North District has worked hard on stuffing to turn pumpkin into a hidden "connotation"; The east dining hall also added sausage elements. "Everyone is competing for a competition. I didn’t expect the campus canteen to be so active." Song Da sighed.

  The youthful taste of productization

  After the Youth League became "hot", many graduates left a message under the article of WeChat WeChat official account, "What a pity! I graduated too early. "

  I found that the Youth League is not only a holiday food need for students in school, but also symbolizes a unique "symbol of the National People’s Congress" — — Students who have graduated expect to find campus memories through tasting, and teachers and students of the school also want to share this campus taste with relatives and friends. At the end of 2017, the Logistics Group officially planned to make the bulk youth league into a gift box set that can be sold.

  On March 26th, the Youth League gift box set was officially launched. The kraft paper bag used for packaging is printed with "memories of youth from the National People’s Congress canteen". The green ball stuffed with meat floss and egg yolk is called "this heart stumbles", and the green ball stuffed with pine nuts and bean paste is called "Acacia". A new green ball stuffed with fresh shepherd’s purse also has the same literary name — — "A thousand miles".

  Song Da I said, "The most fundamental duty of the school canteen is to meet the dining needs of students and ensure their food and clothing for three meals a day. On this basis, delicious food is also very important. We hope to bring students different experiences, enhance their campus happiness, and let the memory of taste buds rise to the cultural expression level of the National People’s Congress. "

  In addition to "going out" of products, they also attach importance to "bringing in" to supplement new energy for campus canteens. Last year, Song Da-i founded a series of activities called "Guest Chef RUC" with the logistics group, and invited elites from the catering industry in society and universities to come to the school for exchange.

  The activity was held in turn by five canteens of the National People’s Congress, and the directors of each canteen were secretly "competing". They invited the master of state banquet in the Great Hall of the People, chef Tan Jiacai of Beijing Hotel, members of the French Chef’s Association, and even a team of chefs who maintained the Guinness World Record.

  This activity has been successfully held for 12 times, and there is no funding for inviting chefs. I didn’t expect that the catering department of a well-known hotel would take the initiative to find it and ask to enter the school to cook for the students.

  Zhang Yiran has experienced several guest kitchens, and she still remembers the popularity of the event. "Hundreds of copies were sold out at once.". Now, she and her classmates are on the public platform of "Warm People’s Congress", waiting for the news released by the guest kitchen activities.

  Song Da, I feel gratified. He said that many new dishes had been introduced in the original canteen. Because of the asymmetric information, it was sometimes difficult for students to know the relevant information. After the trial period, these dishes were removed from the shelves with low sales. "The convenience brought by new media communication is mainly rapid. Students can quickly understand information, experience and give opinions quickly, and we can also make judgments quickly and adjust in time. "

The General Administration of Market Supervision imposed administrative penalties on unfair price behaviors of five community group buying enterprises.

  CCTV News:Some sell goods below the purchase cost through huge subsidies, "dumping at low prices"; Some mark false original prices and discounts when selling goods, and lie about price reduction to trick consumers into buying. To this end, the General Administration of Market Supervision imposed administrative penalties on unfair price behaviors of five community group-buying enterprises, including Orange Heart Optimization, Buy More Vegetables, Meituan Optimization, Shihui Group and Food Enjoyment Club, and five enterprises were fined, with a total fine of 6.5 million yuan. In this regard, on the morning of March 3, the General Administration of Market Supervision made an administrative penalty on the unfair price behavior of five community group buying enterprises.

  Question 1: Recently, the General Administration of Market Supervision imposed administrative penalties on five community group buying enterprises according to law. What are the main considerations?

  In recent years, the status of Internet economy in China’s national economy and society has been significantly improved, and it has become an important engine to promote economic development and an important starting point to improve people’s livelihood. It has played a positive role in coping with the impact of epidemic situation, improving shopping experience and improving supply chain structure. However, with the large-scale entry of major Internet platform enterprises into the community group buying market, problems such as irregular order and illegal operation have become increasingly apparent, which has aroused great concern from all walks of life.

  First, improper means are used to squeeze the offline community economic market, which is easy to cause disorder and affect social stability. Internet platform enterprises use the advantages of capital and traffic to enter "community group buying" and compete for the market at a price lower than the cost, which will have an impact on offline community economic models such as small vendors and community convenience stores and bring obvious negative effects. Second, large Internet platform enterprises have an unfair competition tendency of "burning money to grab the market and raising prices after monopoly", which is easy to damage consumers’ rights and interests. In the short term, consumers can really get short-term benefits at a lower price when the relevant enterprises implement the "subsidy" strategy in the early stage of competition. However, after occupying the market, related enterprises are likely to raise prices substantially to obtain high monopoly profits, seriously damaging the interests of consumers. Third, unfair price behavior disrupts the market price order. Community group buying platforms generally have problems such as huge subsidies, selling goods below the cost price, and some community group buying platforms use price fraud to deceive consumers. The above acts seriously infringe upon the legitimate interests of other operators and consumers, damage the market environment of fair competition and undermine the normal market price order.

  The products and services provided by community group buying are mainly "rice bags" and "vegetable baskets". The rising prices of these basic livelihood commodities are likely to lead to economic and social turmoil. The Central Economic Work Conference made it clear that the disorderly expansion of capital should be prevented. The General Administration of Market Supervision resolutely implemented the deployment of the Central Economic Work Conference, took effective measures to strengthen the supervision of the community group buying market, responded to social concerns in a timely manner, and standardized corporate behavior. Monitor the price behavior of community group buying enterprises and conduct investigations according to law. It has been found that there are unfair price behaviors such as low-price dumping and price fraud in community group buying enterprises such as Orange Heart Youxuan (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yucan Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Meituan Youxuan Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Shihui Technology Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Qiwei Delicious Technology Co., Ltd.

  Question 2: Please brief us on the basic situation of these five cases?

  The companies punished this time are: Orange Heart Optimization (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Orange Heart Optimization), Shanghai Yucan Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Buy more food), Shenzhen Meituan Optimization Technology Co., Ltd. (Meituan Optimization), Beijing Shihui Technology Co., Ltd. (Shihui Group) and Wuhan Seven Kinds of Delicious Technology Co., Ltd. (Food Enjoyment). The above five enterprises occupy a large share in the community group buying market, and the basic situation of the case is as follows.

  First, through huge subsidies, there is a "low-price dumping" behavior of selling goods below the purchase cost. In order to seize the market, four community group buying enterprises, such as Orange Heart Youxuan (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yucan Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Meituan Youxuan Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Shihui Technology Co., Ltd., took advantage of the capital and adopted subsidies in the form of direct drop and coupons, resulting in the sales price of a large number of goods being lower than the purchase cost. If the costs of operation, warehousing and logistics are included, the actual sales revenue is much lower than the cost of goods, which disrupts the normal production and operation order and damages the legitimate rights and interests of other operators. The above acts violate the relevant provisions of Article 14 of the Price Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC), and constitute dumping at a low price.

  The second is to use price fraud to trick consumers into trading with them. Five companies, including Orange Heart Optimization (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yucan Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Meituan Optimization Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Shihui Technology Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Qiwei Delicious Technology Co., Ltd., used false original prices, discounts, and lied about price reduction to trick consumers into buying goods; There are price violations such as not clearly indicating the meaning of the price comparison line. The above-mentioned behaviors belong to the behaviors mentioned in Article 7 of the Provisions on Prohibiting Price Fraud and Article 21 of the Interim Provisions on Regulating Promotion Behavior, which violates the relevant provisions of Article 14 of the Price Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) and constitutes price fraud.

  Judging from the investigation, the illegal facts in five cases are very clear. During the investigation, we extracted the commodity pages, relevant financial data and service agreements related to price behavior according to law, carefully combed and analyzed the relevant materials, and repeatedly accounted for the amount of subsidies. At the same time, we also solicited the opinions of relevant parties according to the specific circumstances of the case. The survey shows that the facts of unfair price behaviors of five enterprises are clear and the evidence is conclusive. The General Administration of Market Supervision decided to impose a total fine of 6.5 million yuan on five enterprises, including Orange Heart Optimization (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yucan Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Meituan Optimization Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Shihui Technology Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Qiwei Delicious Technology Co., Ltd., for low-price dumping and price fraud.

  Question 3: We noticed that the above-mentioned enterprises were fined. What factors were mainly considered?

  When the General Administration of Market Supervision made the decision on administrative punishment, it mainly considered the following aspects. First, illegal activities have a greater impact on the normal market competition order. The above-mentioned enterprises sell goods below cost, with a wide range of subsidies, frequent subsidies and large subsidies, and their business volume has exploded, which has a great impact on the normal business activities of farmers’ markets, bazaars and small traders. Second, the social harmful consequences of illegal acts are more serious. The above-mentioned enterprises have great influence in the industry, with a huge number of users and huge market influence. The impact of their illegal activities is rapidly amplified by the scale effect and network effect of the Internet, with wide coverage and serious harmful consequences. Third, the circumstances of the illegal act are relatively bad. After the administrative guidance meeting of the General Administration of Market Supervision to standardize the order of community group buying, although the amount of subsidies for the above-mentioned enterprises has been reduced, it has not been comprehensively rectified. Therefore, the General Administration of Market Supervision decided to impose a fine within the scope prescribed by law in the hope of investigating a number of cases, standardizing an industry and purifying a field.

  Question 4: What other work has the General Administration of Market Supervision done to strengthen the supervision of community group buying, and what are the specific considerations for the next step?

  On December 22, 2020, the General Administration of Market Supervision and the Ministry of Commerce organized an administrative guidance meeting to regulate the order of community group buying. The meeting affirmed the positive significance of the economic development of the Internet platform, and seriously pointed out the outstanding problems such as low-price dumping and price fraud in community group buying. It is emphasized that Internet platform enterprises should strictly regulate the business behavior of community group buying, and strictly abide by the prohibition of low-price dumping and price fraud; Do not engage in acts of unfair competition such as commercial confusion, false propaganda and commercial slander; Do not use the advantages of data to "kill" and harm the legitimate rights and interests of consumers; Do not use technical means to damage the order of competition and hinder the normal operation of other market players.

  In the middle and late December of 2020, the General Administration of Market Supervision directly investigated five community group buying enterprises. On March 3, 2021, the General Administration of Market Supervision publicly fined the above-mentioned community group-buying enterprises for unfair price behaviors such as low-price dumping and price fraud, which effectively shocked the illegal enterprises and effectively promoted their rectification.

  In the next step, the General Administration of Market Supervision will actively respond to social concerns, strengthen investigation and study, judge and grasp the market dynamics of community group buying, innovate supervision methods, strengthen law enforcement and case handling, standardize the market order of community group buying according to law, effectively safeguard the legitimate interests of other operators and the legitimate rights and interests of the people, and create a fair and orderly market environment.