Professional counterfeiter Wang Hai: This year, we will not rule out playing online red and playing Wechat business.

  When Wang Hai, a tall man, appeared in front of Chengdu Business Daily reporters, he would not attract much attention. He didn’t wear his trademark sunglasses, the personal logo that has been with him in his anti-counterfeiting career for the past 21 years. But when it comes to taking pictures, the black sunglasses appear on his face in a blink of an eye.

  The man who used to wear the hat of "fake hero" is now 43 years old. With the promulgation of the new Consumer Protection Law and the improvement of a series of relevant laws and regulations, it is easier for consumers to protect their rights. Today’s Wang Hai seems to be inferior to the "fake idol" who has been shouting and fighting all the time. With only 100,000 fans in Weibo, he is not even "online celebrity", although his personal introduction is still "the first person to fight counterfeiting".

  However, with the emergence of more and more professional counterfeiters, consumer rights protection has entered a normalization, and Wang Hai is only one of many professional counterfeiters.

  When online shopping has become an important way of consumption, professional counterfeiters have begun to specialize in e-commerce. Liu Yanqing sued more than 30 cases in half a month, all of which were related to online shopping. He said that after he picked out the thorns, the operators would definitely improve, which was a thunder for future consumers.

  Professional counterfeiters have gone through 21 years from barbaric growth to rational rights protection. Nowadays, they prefer to be called builders. "Promote the improvement of relevant laws and claim compensation within the legal bottom line."

  Wang hai

  "My personal pursuit is to be a builder"

  "This year, I don’t rule out playing net red and playing Wechat business."

  Wang Hai, who owns four business investigation companies, currently has more than 30 employees, mostly lawyers and investigation managers. Last year, more than 500 cases were handled, with an amount of more than 10 million. The company is mainly engaged in three kinds of businesses to help consumers defend their rights and fight counterfeiting; Knowing and buying fakes; Employed by enterprises, counterfeiting for enterprises. The third is the focus of his business.

  Compared with before, Wang Hai’s exposure has decreased, but his cooperation with government departments has increased, more than 400 times a year. He has become more gentle, not always "pinching". In his own words, it is called "rational blood".

  "My personal pursuit is to be a builder. Solve the problem constructively. " What Wang Hai hasn’t changed is the clarity of thinking and the endless desire to express. He said that he expected to promote consumers’ awareness of rights protection and the integrity of China people, so as to advance the law.

  Nowadays, compared with the endless stream of "online celebrity", Wang Hai is not a name with internet popularity anytime and anywhere. He sent a Weibo, and there were often only a few or dozens of comments and reposts. "There is no deliberate management, and I don’t want to be too conspicuous. Being online celebrity is not the goal."

  Wang Hai is dismissive of today’s "online celebrity economy". He mentioned that many online celebrity stores sell all kinds of cosmetics and clothing, but many of them are refurbished by stalls, and there are quite a few inferior products. "This year, we will not rule out playing online red and playing Wechat business."

  What Wang Hai is pondering now is how to promote the establishment of the Whistleblower Act (whistleblower sharing fines) in China. He said that he had previously reported Nike, and the maximum bonus given by the government department was 100,000 yuan. And if the Whistleblower Act can be established, 30% to 50% of the fines imposed on enterprises will be distributed to whistleblowers, which will give every insider, even corporate executives, the incentive to become a voluntary supervisor.

  Another goal of Wang Hai is to promote consumer organizations that can play games. He gave this organization, which is still spinning in his mind, a grounded name "Children’s Mothers Association". Wang Hai said that the "Children’s Mothers Association" can set up a laboratory to test all kinds of goods at any time; Detectives can be sent to investigate the production of each enterprise and test reports can be issued. The price violence of foreign milk powder will not happen, and it can also fight against the format contract with overlord clause. "If the child’s mother is associated with 1 million people, pricing consumers can participate."

  Liu Yanqing

  From shopping malls to online shopping.

  You can easily take screenshots to collect evidence without leaving home.

  Liu Yanqing, who has 15 years of experience in counterfeiting, is a native of Beijing. His office is hidden in a two-bedroom apartment in an old residential area near the Apple Orchard in Beijing. His company has only five or six employees at present. The main business, of course, is counterfeiting. Last year, after deducting employee salaries and various costs, Liu Yanqing’s net income from counterfeiting was around 800,000.

  "85% of my cases now are e-commerce counterfeiting." Liu Yanqing, who once beat more than 50 large shopping malls in Beijing at least once, is now dying with e-commerce companies more often. The first e-commerce anti-counterfeiting took place in 2013. He bought cosmetics of a well-known brand for 4,000 yuan online and sent them to the headquarters of the brand in China for testing, and came to the conclusion that the outer packaging did not match the genuine product. Finally, under the mediation of the court, after six months, he got 4000 yuan compensation.

  Study various judicial interpretations

  According to Liu Yanqing’s cost performance ratio, the first experience of "online counterfeiting" was not a "good business" during his counterfeiting career. But this stubborn Beijing man feels that the other party’s attitude of downplaying only "regulatory mistakes" has hurt himself. He began to switch from shopping malls to online shopping.

  In the past more than half a month, Liu Yanqing has claimed more than 30 cases from various e-commerce websites. Liu Yanqing has her own understanding of the reason why she moved from a physical store to an e-commerce. He said that although online shopping is more difficult than physical stores, for example, it can’t communicate directly with the supervisor, but it can only communicate by phone, and it is easy to be refused compensation. However, compared with physical stores, online shopping can crack down on fakes without leaving home, and it is easy to obtain evidence and screen shots. The evidence of screen shots is notarized and preserved, which is very convincing in evidence and the proportion of successful claims will be higher.

  Liu Yanqing, who just graduated from junior high school, studied laws including the Consumer Protection Law and various related judicial interpretations of the Supreme Court. In order to crack down on jewelry, he specially studied jewelry appraisal and was familiar with relevant industry standards. This made him practice a pair of critical eyes, and when he searched online, he knew which goods had false propaganda or other certain problems even in the description.

  On February 26th, Liu Yanqing bought a bracelet marked "Baltic amber beeswax" in JD.COM shopping mall, and the price was 1799 yuan, while the original price was 17990 yuan, equivalent to 10% discount. It took only four days for Liu Yanqing to buy the goods, file a claim, return the goods, return the payment, and get the compensation of 2500 yuan.

  Liu Yanqing took out a set of national standards for jewelry and the notice of the National Development and Reform Commission on the interpretation of the relevant provisions of the Provisions on Prohibiting Price Fraud. These two documents are the basis for his quick claim. He said that on the online shopping page of this bracelet, the place of origin is obviously the mainland, but the name is marked with the Baltic Sea, which is suspected of falsely marking the place of origin. This bracelet was put on the shelves on February 24, and the original price was marked with more than 10,000 yuan. There must be a transaction record of the original price sales, otherwise it is a virtual standard price.

  I used to watch Wang Hai fake on TV.

  Because of the revision of the Civil Procedure Law in 2014, it is stipulated that online shopping disputes can be prosecuted in the court where the goods are received, which makes Liu Yanqing’s e-commerce anti-counterfeiting cause more good news. He laughed and said that he could sue the e-commerce operators who he thought had problems all over the country in the Shijingshan court at his doorstep.

  Liu Yanqing’s e-commerce anti-counterfeiting process has been completely streamlined. He will give employees standardized training in food, clothing, jewelry and other commodities in advance, and then let employees find out the products that describe problems, and then he will screen them himself and place an order after confirming that they are correct. "A dozen are accurate."

  However, the name Liu Yanqing is not a popular name for many online shopping platforms. His Amazon account was cancelled for "violating online trading rules". Or, the operator will tell him that the goods are out of stock and let him choose to return them. "I entered the blacklist of e-commerce, but it doesn’t matter. I can also register many other accounts. There are more than a dozen."

  Liu Yanqing, who has driven a taxi, opened a canteen and sold mutton kebabs, once watched Wang Hai’s counterfeiting on TV. After stepping into the business of professional counterfeiters, I found that this industry with a little personal heroism brought him unprecedented self-confidence.

  He was once "threatened" by the store to report his extortion. But Liu Yanqing, who is a little "mixed", responded like this: "If I knock, I knock internally according to the law, and I don’t do it if I don’t do it."

  Feng zhibo

  "Almost all the claims were won last year."

  "I hope that fakes can be bought less and less."

  Feng Zhibo, a Wuhan native who started counterfeiting in 1997, now lives in Guangzhou. He has two identities, one is a professional counterfeiter and the other is a clothing operator. He said that it is precisely because he is counterfeiting and knows the cost of illegal business that he will be more cautious when doing clothing business.

  In 2013, there was a provision in the Supreme Law on several issues concerning the application of law in the trial of food and drug disputes. If there was a dispute over the quality of food and drugs, the buyer claimed the rights from the producers and sellers, and the producers and sellers made a defense on the grounds that the buyer knew that there were quality problems in the food and drugs but still bought them, the people’s court would not support it. This means that even if you buy a fake knowing it, it will not affect the claim.

  Last year, Feng Zhibo focused on food counterfeiting. For a whole year, he has been arguing with ordinary food with cod liver oil, suing for compensation, and probably got millions of compensation. "Professionals buy problematic goods, so less will be left in the hands of consumers. From this perspective, it is good for the market. I hope that fakes can be bought less and less."

  Last year, Feng Zhibo, who likes to be more serious, won almost all the claims. The only case that lost in the first instance was changed in the second instance, and Feng Zhibo, who got the verdict, was somewhat gratified, which meant his 100% winning rate. He believes that this is a more perfect law to protect his legitimate rights and interests.


  A professional counterfeiter in the eyes of a lawyer;

  Counterfeiting is conducive to market regulation.

  Qiu Baochang, head of the lawyers’ group of China Consumers Association, told Chengdu Business Daily that personally, professional counterfeiters should not kidnap them with morality as long as they have not violated the law. The existence of professional counterfeiters is beneficial to market purification, to the interests of consumers, to the protection of legitimate enterprises and to market regulation.

The boy rewarded the female anchor for 70 days. The 1.58 million live broadcast platform refused to refund.

CCTV News:Minors are immature, and their cognitive ability and self-control ability are low. It is precisely because of this feature that they are not only tricked into participating in pornographic live broadcasts, but also become blind rewards for various live broadcasts. In the process of live broadcast, the anchor often uses induced words to urge the audience to send gifts. For the audience with high reward, the anchor will praise them or perform for them specially, and many minors are immersed in it. Recently, Tianjin No.3 Intermediate People’s Court tried such a case. In 70 days, the minor Xiao Liu rewarded all 1.58 million yuan to an anchor.

In this case, Xiao Liu, a minor, dropped out of school at home in the second day of junior high school. His parents asked him to collect money at his own vegetable wholesale booth and was busy making a living. Parents rarely asked about their children’s situation. There was basically nothing to do at night, and he was quickly attracted by a female anchor on a webcast platform, rewarding, thanking, performing alone, and rewarding more. After many interactions, Xiao Liu was addicted to it. Basically, the food collected during the day would be rewarded at night, sometimes as much as 20,000 to 30,000 yuan per night, until it was discovered by his parents more than two months later.

Immediately, Xiao Liu’s parents contacted the live broadcast platform several times to explain the situation, hoping to refund the reward of 1.58 million yuan. After being rejected, Xiao Liu’s family took the live broadcast platform to court.

Tian Lei, Judge of Tianjin No.3 Intermediate People’s Court:In fact, network companies should have supervision before, during and after the event. Because the background big data is widely used, we can see the behavior of each user’s reward, some of its laws, time periods and amounts. In this way, we can find the scenes in which minors are mixed.

In the end, after mediation by the court, the live broadcast platform returned 1.58 million yuan to Xiao Liu’s family in full.

The Supreme People’s Court makes it clear that if a minor participates in online paid games or "rewards" on the live webcast platform without the consent of his guardian, and the guardian requests the Internet service provider to return the money, the people’s court shall support it.

Seven departments, including the National Network Information Office and the Office of the National Working Group for Combating Pornography, also jointly issued the Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Standardized Management of Webcast, which requires that the Webcast platform should strictly prohibit the provision of network anchor account registration service for minors under the age of 16, and should not accept the recharge and reward of minors without the consent of their guardians. At the same time, it is clear that if minors use adult accounts to reward, they must be refunded according to regulations after verification.

Gao Qingyun, Deputy Director of the Office of the National Working Group for Combating Pornography and Illegal Publications:In order to promote the effectiveness of network seedling protection, the next step is to prevent minors from being addicted to the Internet, urge major Internet platforms to implement the youth model, focus on the network application fields that minors often contact, such as online games, live broadcasts, short videos, online social platforms, online animations, etc., and carry out special rectification to clean up bad information more effectively and purify the network environment.

Aauto Quicker announced the third quarter report card: the domestic business was profitable for two consecutive quarters, and the monthly active users exceeded 620 million.

On November 22nd, Aauto Quicker Science and Technology released its results for the third quarter of 2022, and its total revenue increased by 12.9% year-on-year to 23.1 billion yuan, which was higher than the consensus forecast of 22.56 billion yuan by Bloomberg. Thanks to the steady growth of revenue, the optimization of gross profit margin and the continuous improvement of users’ acquisition efficiency, Aauto Quicker’s domestic business achieved single-quarter profit for two consecutive quarters. In the third quarter, the domestic operating profit exceeded 375 million yuan, a nearly three-fold increase from the previous quarter.

Through refined operation management strategy and abundant content supply, the user scale of Aauto Quicker applications continued to grow in the third quarter. DAU increased by 13.4% year-on-year to 363 million, and MAU increased by 9.3% year-on-year to 626 million, both of which exceeded historical highs. With the strengthening of social interaction and trust atmosphere on the platform, the number of users who care about each other reached 23.5 billion pairs, a substantial increase of 63.1% year-on-year.

Cheng Yixiao, founder and CEO of Aauto Quicker Technology, said, "Looking ahead, we will further promote the integration of users, content and commercialization ecology, and create more value for users, content creators, advertisers and businesses. Relying on the strong carrying capacity of short video+live broadcast, we will continue to innovate, create new scenes, new opportunities and new models, promote the integration of digital and real, and strive to create long-term value for shareholders while bringing social and economic benefits. "

The average DAU in the third quarter reached 363 million, a record high.

For content-based platforms, summer vacation is usually a critical period for customer acquisition and growth. In the third quarter, Aauto Quicker seized the peak season of users’ growth, and continuously enriched users’ consumption content and experience through refined operation management and efficient customer acquisition means and continuous iterative optimization of algorithm model.

The data shows that the average DAU (daily active users) and MAU (monthly active users) in Aauto Quicker both broke through historical highs: the domestic average DAU increased by 13.4% year-on-year to 363 million, and the MAU increased by 9.3% year-on-year to 626 million. The number of monthly users increased by 39 million in a single quarter, which also set the biggest quarterly net increase this year. With the continuous strengthening of social interaction and trust atmosphere on the platform, the number of users who care about each other reached 23.5 billion pairs, a substantial increase of 63.1% year-on-year.

In terms of content ecology, Aauto Quicker continues to expand diversified short video and live content supply. In this summer’s summer file, 22 of Aauto Quicker’s top-quality short plays have achieved a broadcast volume of over 100 million, and such explosive high-quality short plays as Family Realistic Works "Parenting Battle", "Jingweier" sitcom "Hutonger" and doctor’s professional short play "Benevolence" have emerged, achieving new breakthroughs in theme expansion and marketing play. In terms of homemade variety shows, "Let’s go! The launch of word-of-mouth programs such as "Mom" and "Sounds like Summer Flowers" has created a new operation mode of "long video+short video+live broadcast", bringing users a brand-new content consumption and interactive experience. In the sports content section, in September, the village BA of "Country Basketball Champions Cup" jointly created by Aauto Quicker and NBA started in full swing, with a total audience of 120 million, further promoting the popularization and deepening of basketball in rural China.

In overseas markets, in the third quarter, the usage time of single DAU users remained at a high level of over 60 minutes. On the basis of investment control and ROI-driven growth, overseas users maintained efficient and healthy growth. Aauto Quicker said that Kwai’s differentiated content strategy has achieved initial results in the creation of users’ minds. "We hope to further enrich the content ecology by establishing a wider category of content, and establish a positive circulation mechanism for content production, consumption and creators’ realization."

Domestic business achieved profit for two consecutive quarters, with Q3 revenue of 23.1 billion yuan.

While achieving high-quality growth, Aauto Quicker has further consolidated its liquidity.

After achieving the single-season profit target of domestic business ahead of schedule in the second quarter of this year, the operating profit of domestic business Q3 exceeded 375 million yuan, an increase of nearly three times from the previous month. In the third quarter, Aauto Quicker continued to deepen the construction of business ecology, and its revenue performance was steady. The total revenue increased by 12.9% year-on-year to 23.1 billion yuan, which was higher than the consensus forecast of 22.56 billion yuan by Bloomberg. Among them, online marketing services (advertising), live broadcast and other services (including e-commerce) accounted for 50.1%, 38.7% and 11.2% respectively.

Online marketing service revenue reached 11.6 billion yuan, up 6.2% year-on-year, which is the highest single-season revenue since this year. In the third quarter, the number of monthly active advertisers in Aauto Quicker increased by more than 65% year-on-year through multi-channel introduction of advertisers and policy support. In terms of brand advertising, relying on customized investment projects, we will explore a brand marketing model that fits advertisers’ individual needs and Aauto Quicker’s content ecology, dig deep into the marketing value of talent, and match the traffic advantage behind talent with the brand’s demand for traffic more efficiently. At the same time, Aauto Quicker continues to strengthen the construction of advertising infrastructure, subdivide and focus on vertical industries, open up internal and external circulation, improve the core competitiveness of products, further tap users’ commercial interests, and accelerate the establishment of a positive cycle of user content ecology and commercial ecology.

E-commerce business achieved the performance of exceeding the industry growth level in Q3, and continued to gain market share. In the third quarter, Aauto Quicker e-commerce GMV increased by 26.6% year-on-year to 222.5 billion yuan.

Relying on the advantages of flow and efficiency, as well as the continuous improvement of investment policies, Aauto Quicker continues to attract more businesses to settle in, and the number of newly opened businesses has increased by nearly 80% year-on-year. At the same time, more efficient traffic distribution and more accurate matching strategy of people and goods further improved the conversion efficiency, and the number of new mobile merchants in Q3 increased by high digits year-on-year.

By expanding more industries to bring good goods and brands, and improving infrastructure construction such as logistics, Aauto Quicker will further enhance the user’s buying experience. In addition to the live broadcast scene, the penetration rate and conversion rate of e-commerce in Aauto Quicker continued to increase by expanding short videos and planting grass. The monthly active buyers of e-commerce exceeded 100 million, and the repurchase rate of users increased by about 1.1 percentage points year-on-year. From the analysis point of view, from the transaction between live broadcast rooms to more shopping contacts, short video planting grass can stimulate the mind and play a role in satisfying the "uncertain demand" of shopping; Strengthening store management can meet the "definite demand" of users and give businesses a longer-term management matrix.

In the overseas business segment, Q3′ s total revenue was 189 million, up about 83% from the previous month and more than 8 times year-on-year. In terms of liquidity, overseas commercialization departments continue to optimize their product and service capabilities, and online marketing service revenue has grown rapidly; By improving the ecological construction, deepening the cooperation with guilds, the live broadcast department can improve the content quality and enrich the supply at the same time, and combine the operation activities in different regions to promote the continuous growth of live broadcast revenue. In the financial report, Aauto Quicker pointed out that we should strive to improve the operational efficiency of overseas business and gradually establish the profitability of overseas business through the simultaneous way of increasing revenue and reducing expenditure.

In the third quarter, the overall adjusted net loss of Aauto Quicker was 670 million, a decrease of 640 million compared with the previous quarter, and the adjusted net loss rate narrowed to 2.9%, an improvement of nearly 20 percentage points year-on-year. Sales and marketing expenses decreased from 11 billion yuan in the same period last year to 9.1 billion yuan, accounting for 53.8% of revenue to 39.5%. After listing, the ratio was lower than 40% for the first time. While the ratio of sales expenses to revenue decreased, the overall traffic of Aauto Quicker still maintained rapid growth.

Deepening live broadcast+ecological scene to build inclusive digital community

As a digital community with inclusive background, high interaction and strong participation, Aauto Quicker is becoming the entrance of digital life for ordinary people. The content community built by short video and live broadcast connects all walks of life to meet the diverse needs of users such as learning, entertainment, shopping, local life and employment, and is deeply integrated with all walks of life.

In the third quarter, Aauto Quicker continued to deepen the extension of the ecological scene of live broadcast+,and provided users with richer live broadcast content through products such as quick employment, ideal home and quick marriage, so as to meet the service needs of users in more scenarios.

Take the quick employment business as an example. In the "Golden September and Silver 10" recruitment season, Aauto Quicker successively launched special recruitment sessions for service industry and manufacturing industry, which promoted blue-collar employment in the form of "live broadcast with posts", attracted nearly 70 high-quality enterprises to participate, and helped service industry and manufacturing enterprises solve the recruitment problems. In the field of real estate, Aauto Quicker Ideals has gradually formed a new real estate brokerage model of "real estate anchor promoting new house transactions", and has opened up a full-link process from real estate live broadcast to customer acquisition, user clue collection to taking a look at the transaction of real estate and commission sharing, and tapped and supported a group of high-quality creators in the real estate field through the "Wheat Plan".

According to the data disclosed by Aauto Quicker at the Photosynthesis Conference, in June 2022, the number of ten thousand powder creators on the platform exceeded 2 million. Among the creators who released their works in Aauto Quicker in 2016, the proportion of ten thousand powder creators and one hundred thousand powder creators who are still actively publishing their works today exceeds 70% and 80%, respectively, and the active proportion of millions of powder creators reaches 94%. From "continuous creation" to "continuous management", Aauto Quicker has become a platform for more and more creators to realize their value, which has also injected a steady stream of vitality into the prosperity of community ecology in Aauto Quicker.

Destined not to be cheap! Xiaomi Auto Confirmed: High-end configuration has everything.

Xiaomi’s press conference is never boring, thanks to Lei Jun’s interesting speech.

I thought that Xiaomi’s trip was to share the technical details about Xiaomi’s car. Lei Jun, who first suppressed and then promoted, always brought unexpected things. On the one hand, the popularization of new energy vehicle technology is easy to understand, and Mr. Lei has brought the "pre-release" of Xiaomi’s first model SU7 without stint.

Even if the new energy vehicle market is seriously involved, Xiaomi is under great pressure, and Lei Jun in the speech still smiles with confidence.

You can’t give too many surprises. Xiaomi’s brand is not much different from that of traditional car companies. The price that everyone wants to see most is naturally absent, and a press conference can’t be finished.

Even if there is no price, the content of Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference is worth taking out and talking about.

When the super motor arrived, the latecomers also had great ambitions.

In order to make it easier for us to understand the system engineering of electric vehicles, Lei Jun divided the technology of Xiaomi Automobile into five parts.

The core technology of the fuel vehicle era is the engine, and when it comes to new energy vehicles, it is the motor. Xiaomi’s two brand-new super motors made their debut, namely V6 and V6s, both of which can reach the maximum speed of 21,000 rpm. The reason why it is called V6, Lei Jun thinks it can be compared with V6 engine in the fuel car era.

It is not unusual for a motor with 21,000 rpm to be put into use today. The high-performance motor carried by Krypton 001 FR can "overclock" the maximum speed to 24,000 rpm. Lei Jun was puzzled by "being cut off" and admitted that this was the direction of the industry, but he still found the answer of "far ahead".

Higher peak power and greater torque are the "kings".

Lei Jun said that Xiaomi Automobile has a more powerful "V8s" super motor in the pre-research, and its maximum speed reaches 27,200 rpm. A single motor module can provide power comparable to the V8 engine, with a peak torque of 635 Nm and an efficiency of 98.11%.

This "horrible" motor will land in 2025, but Xiaomi has bigger ambitions.

"Cake painting" is a common phenomenon in the automobile industry. The release of a car is divided into several steps, and there is also a certain period from finalization to delivery. Lei Jun believes that pre-research is an important measure of technical reserve and has to be done. In addition to the V8-comparable motor, Xiaomi also has a super motor based on carbon fiber laser winding technology. The speed of laboratory test has exceeded 35,000 rpm, but it will take some time for mass production to land.

As a latecomer, Xiaomi Automobile has spared no effort in technical reserve, improved motor technology through self-research, and its book data is ahead of its peers, which is the most intuitive performance that consumers can feel. We don’t know the actual performance, and the means of Xiaomi roll parameters are well known in the field of smart phones.

At least, Xiaomi has won Tesla and Porsche from the perspective of parameters.

Self-developed battery in place, durable and safe.

Power battery is the cornerstone of electric vehicle, and it is also one of the core components.

Xiaomi can’t research batteries by himself, but the battery pack has the ability to research independently. The power battery on Xiaomi’s first model is the result of two years’ cooperation with the world’s leading battery suppliers. Of course, it also supports the mainstream 800V high-voltage platform, and the highest peak voltage reaches 871V V. Lei Jun smiled and said that this should be called "quasi-900V".

He also used this to ridicule a wave of "industry status quo". He revealed that as long as it is 500V and 600V, it can be called "800V" on the table. In contrast, he wants to make products honestly.

CTB integration technology is a highlight of Xiaomi’s self-developed battery pack. This design can integrate the battery pack with the automobile chassis, on the one hand, improve the strength of the whole vehicle structure, on the other hand, reduce the thickness of the bottom plate and leave space for the cockpit.

Improving the battery volume utilization rate and greatly reducing the number of wire harnesses have significant advantages for the battery life and safety of Xiaomi automobile. Lei Jun revealed that the battery capacity of Xiaomi’s first car is as high as 101kWh, and the cruising range can reach 800 kilometers, which has both long battery life and fast charging.

Thanks to the advantages of platformization, Xiaomi’s self-developed battery pack can theoretically achieve a capacity of 150kWh and its battery life can be increased to 1260 km. However, the biggest problem with ultra-large capacity batteries is the cost and difficulty in mass production. Lei Jun also admitted that the cost price of such a battery should be at least 100,000.

Of course, the battery pack also has other results brought by Xiaomi’s self-research. The battery cell inversion technology is the first in the industry. After the battery cell is hit, it can quickly release energy to the ground, minimizing the negative impact of thermal runaway. At the same time, Xiaomi also added 165 pieces of aerogel insulation materials to the battery pack, and with a series of safety measures, the safety factor of Xiaomi battery pack was several times higher than the industry standard.

As a newcomer to the car track, Xiaomi’s definition of the first car is advanced enough. Starting from the 800V platform, CTB integrated battery pack technology is the mainstream development direction of electric vehicles in the future. Considering the discount of winter battery life, Xiaomi also came up with his own solution.

High-efficiency dual-mode heat pump technology is an improvement of Xiaomi’s heat pump. In the bad weather below zero, it can take into account the heating of the battery and the cockpit at the same time, so as to keep the battery in the best working condition at all times, thus alleviating the trouble of battery life discount.

Late entry has the advantage of late entry, the most obvious of which is "less detours". The new forces who joined the ranks of car-making before have found out the way for these latecomers, and they have reduced the cost and time wasted in many exploration processes. Xiaomi Auto has proved itself with various advanced technologies. Even if it is a new player, its technical content is no less than that of its peers, and it also has mature solutions.

It is obviously the right choice to dispel consumers’ doubts about Xiaomi Automobile from the technical force.

Super die casting, the future of the automobile industry.

Xiaomi is one of the few Internet companies that build cars by self-built production lines, and will have its own factory to produce battery packs in the later period.

Therefore, Lei Jun specially spent some time to introduce the breakthrough of Xiaomi Automobile in production line technology.

Die-casting technology is the representative of the industrial level of car-making enterprises. Lei Jun said that at present, the die-casting machine of Tesla American factory has a clamping force of 9000 tons. Xiaomi’s super-large die-casting equipment cluster, the locking force is one level ahead of Tesla, reaching 9100 tons.

Nine processes, 60 equipments, 433 process parameters, 840 square meters of floor space and 1,050 tons of total weight are the most intuitive parameters of Xiaomi Super Die-casting Equipment Cluster. This is more indicators that Xiaomi can come up with besides the clamping force, which seems to ridicule a wave of colleagues who only roll the clamping force.

Greater clamping force means that Xiaomi can manufacture die-casting structural parts with higher structural strength and more precision, and can also integrate more parts through integral die-casting in exchange for higher strength and lower production cost. However, the maintainable space after high-speed collision is still a big problem faced by integrated die casting. Xiaomi automobile, which is determined to redefine the future automobile industry, believes that it also has its own set of solutions.

After all, electric vehicles are highly dependent on integration. The higher the integration, the more space they give users, and more places can be reserved for high configuration.

What is the finishing touch to the safety of Xiaomi automobile should be Xiaomi Titan alloy. Lei Jun introduced that this is Xiaomi’s ability to find the best formula from 10.16 million schemes with the help of AI, and called it Titan alloy. With Xiaomi’s advanced production line, it can be said that the structural safety of Xiaomi automobile is no longer in doubt.

All this is also the result of Xiaomi’s painstaking efforts.

Intelligent+intelligent driving, laying the "moat" of Xiaomi automobile

Mobile phone manufacturers are best at interaction and intelligence, and Xiaomi has a natural advantage in this field.

We got the answer from the existing smart cockpit solutions in the market. They have more experience in the field of smart cars than traditional car companies, know how to build an efficient and practical interactive system, and use their own intelligence and ecology to open up a track different from traditional car companies.

Whether it is intelligent cockpit or intelligent driving, Xiaomi chooses full-stack self-research and uses intelligent algorithms to create the "hardest spear" for Xiaomi car. For the field of intelligent driving, Xiaomi has launched "Zoom BEV", "Super-resolution Occupancy Network" and "Road Large Model". There is only one result of the combination of the three-very cow.

"Zoom BEV" enables vehicles to have the same ability as human eyes, adjust the focal length for different scenes, and can "see accurately" on narrow roads and "see far" on high-speed roads. Lei Jun made a big show at the press conference. Xiaomi SU7 can accurately park in a very narrow mechanical parking space, and its technology is comparable to that of an old driver.

"Super-resolution occupation network" and "road large model" are technologies to enhance the cognitive ability of the system, which enable Xiaomi to judge the small bullying obstacles on the road more accurately, and carry out AI correction on some parts that are wrongly identified to enhance the vehicle’s cognitive ability.

At the press conference, Lei Jun also showed everyone the intelligent driving strength of Xiaomi Automobile.

Lei Jun said that the mechanical quality of domestic cars has reached a high level. Armed with intelligence in every corner of the car, relying on software to define the chassis and enhancing the car’s ability through OTA are the outstanding points of domestic smart cars. Some peers, Xiaomi is doing better, and what peers don’t have, Xiaomi can take it out.

The intelligent cockpit is the home of Xiaomi. Lei Jun said at the press conference that Xiaomi SU7 will be equipped with a "Pad" class car screen with an amazing resolution of 3K, and it has achieved "leading generation" in the degree of freedom of touch, hand and car linkage and animation display.

Then, the industry’s first "120Hz", will it happen on Xiaomi car?

Xiaomi’s mobile phone gives the on-board 澎湃 OS a higher upper limit. On the one hand, it allows the car to directly call the App on the mobile phone. With the silky split-screen design, the flexible experience is a "dimensionality reduction blow" to traditional car companies. Thanks to the 8295 chip, Xiaomi can drive more display screens, including connected tablet computers.

Of course, Apple users can also have a good experience.

By the way, Xiaomi has also developed a special interface standard for cars, which allows vehicles to connect to a large screen and even add a row of physical buttons. With the gradual improvement of Xiaomi CarIoT, I believe that Xiaomi Automobile can become more flexible and practical by relying on this set of interface standards.

Here, the first half of Xiaomi Auto Technology Conference is over.

Xiaomi SU7 "pre-released", to be a "future classic"

"The classic image in the history of automobile manufacturing is still a car", which is Lei Jun’s consideration of Xiaomi’s first car.

Lei Jun always likes to give us small surprises. When warming up, he said, "Only technology is released, but no products." As a result, the second half of Xiaomi’s auto technology conference was the world premiere of Xiaomi’s first car SU7.

Careful people may find some "eggs". Two Xiaomi SU7s who came to the scene did not have an operator in the driver’s seat, but went on stage by themselves, which was quite interesting for the intellectual S7 to appear on the stage, and also made a wave of advertisements for the intelligent assisted driving of Xiaomi Automobile.

At the beginning of Xiaomi SU7 exposure, the capable and avant-garde design attracted many people. The lines of Porsche Taycan (parameter picture) are not in line with the mainstream design language, which may not look good at first glance, but Lei Jun hopes to have a design that can stand the test of time and stimulate people’s driving desire.

To this end, the design lineup of Xiaomi SU7 is extremely luxurious, and many of the design teams are former BMW chief designers.

The semi-hidden door handle with full practicality is less "ceremonial" and more "light" for opening the door. Even so, the drag coefficient of Xiaomi SU7 is controlled at 0.195cd, which is the top level in the automobile industry. Lei Jun’s statement is also very simple, not because the doorknob is frozen in winter, but because the hidden doorknob is often put away, so it is not easy to clean it at ordinary times.

Chris bangle, one of the top ten most famous car designers in the world, believes that Xiaomi SU7 is not over-designed.

If the design of this car can be regarded as a representative for more than ten years or even decades, it will become a classic in the future. Just a design is enough for Xiaomi to spend more space to introduce.

But good-looking is only the "first impression" of Xiaomi SU7, and good-looking design is not enough to support the three-dimensional sense of the product. Lei Jun has repeatedly stressed that SU7′ s products are very powerful, not 99,900 yuan and 149,900 yuan.

At the scene, Lei Jun announced two versions of SU7, but mainly the "Max" version, equipped with dual motors, with a maximum output of 673 horsepower and an acceleration of 2.78 seconds. The cruising range is 800 kilometers, and it has dual Orin chips and customized lidar. At the same time, SU7 also has the largest front reserve box capacity at present, with a full 105 liters, which is enough for fishing enthusiasts to "take off in situ".

Moreover, Xiaomi has made its multi-device ecological moat more extreme. SU7 can not only be linked with Xiaomi’s mobile phone, but also establish contact with more IoT devices through Mijia Ecology.

The price of the standard version may have a good price, but it is far from the configuration of the Max version. I wonder if a compromise version will be launched in the future. The Max version of the product is very powerful, and the actual price may not be low. This will have to wait for the first half of next year, and Lei Jun will answer it for you again.

Lei Jun’s "last step" has no retreat.

"This is the last time in my life to start a business. Xiaomi Auto has taken this step and can’t go back."

It has been 1003 days since Xiaomi officially announced the construction of the car. Lei Jun didn’t have many exciting stories at the end of the press conference, and he didn’t have the firepower to mark friends. He just said that Xiaomi had redoubled his investment to do a good job in the automobile business. Obviously, SU7 is a beautiful start for Xiaomi’s automobile business and a perfect turn for Xiaomi.

Without a solid reputation and profound automobile manufacturing background, it is more difficult for internet companies to step out of the comfort zone and enter the automobile manufacturing track than ordinary car companies. The new forces that challenged the traditional automobile industry have also experienced such challenges, so it is not difficult to understand why Xiaomi should pay tribute to these "pioneers".

However, the Internet brand represented by Xiaomi has the colors needed by smart cars. Electrification, intelligence, deep integration between cars and smart phones, efficient interaction between intelligent cockpit systems, and advanced intelligent assisted driving systems ….. all these have more desirable experiences in Internet companies.

These characteristics are not available to traditional car companies, and it is even more difficult to catch up in the short term.

The technical conference of Xiaomi Automobile was very long. During the whole three hours, Lei Jun brought us a lot of dry goods about Xiaomi Automobile. The core of the technical conference was to show the strength of Xiaomi Automobile to the outside world and meet the expectations of potential customers. After 15 to 20 years of hard work, Xiaomi has become the top five automobile manufacturers in the world. In this increasingly prominent automobile market, Xiaomi has its own self-confidence and pursuit.

By the way, Lei Jun also became a "lecturer" on new energy vehicles, popularizing a wave of parts and technical principles of electric vehicles. The popularization of knowledge may also be integrated into the service chain of Xiaomi Automobile.

In Lei Jun’s view, the future car should be a beautiful, easy-to-drive, comfortable and safe "mobile smart space". Can Xiaomi car, which started the revolution, be the protagonist of the "Smart Car 4.0" era?

In the last few days of 2023, Xiaomi made people remember with the biggest stride in its historical process. SU7′ s next appearance should be at a major international auto show next year. We are still looking forward to the final price of SU7. After all, in the field of mobile phones, the stacking and pricing of Xiaomi has always been very conscientious.

Lei Jun’s "Dream Car" has arrived, so is SU7 the "Dream Car" beyond Porsche and Tesla in the mind of rice noodles?

WU GANG shows the textbook-level acting "Secretary Dakang" expression pack hot network.

  "WU GANG’s acting is so good, why is it not red?" The audience who once asked questions on the Internet should be very pleased now: WU GANG became an expression pack overnight with the role of "Secretary Dakang" in the anti-corruption drama in the name of people. When interviewed by reporter WeChat yesterday, the strength faction mentioned that the enthusiasm of netizens was both surprised and happy: "Nowadays, netizens are really amazing, especially thanks to netizens."

  "Secretary Dakang" teaches you to act.

  After "in the name of people" became popular, a group of officials in Handong Province became the favorite "Handong Boys" of the audience, and the most popular among the "Handong Boys" belonged to Dakang Li, secretary of the Jingzhou Municipal Party Committee played by WU GANG. At first, he was guessed as a bad guy by some viewers. After ten episodes, everyone found that he had a wife’s pit inside, subordinates’ secrets outside, debts left by his predecessor, and colleagues’ stepping on him. He was also devoted to the GDP of Jingzhou, which was simply a tragic "back-pot man" and made everyone feel bad. The audience was also divided into two groups: "Secretary Dakang" and "Secretary Yuliang", and they started a fan war in a serious way, turning Secretary Dakang and his expression pack into a hot search — — Who would have thought that anti-corruption drama had such a way of looking after it?

  In fact, Dakang Li didn’t play an important role in the original work. Most of the credit for the popularity of "Secretary Dakang" lies in WU GANG’s interpretation and play. WU GANG said frankly: "It’s also quite uneasy to take on this play, playing a party secretary. We have never seen this person. I will search Baidu for many videos of leaders at all levels. If people’s gestures may help me, I will keep them in mind and may be useful in filming. " He grasped the details to shape the characters. "I hope the audience will say that I know this person, just like the people next door to our house, and he has a sense of closeness." First of all, I think this character has to be human. He has worldly desires, so he has to eat. When he is hungry, he has to poke wildly. When he is in a hurry, he also swears. In fact, people are like this. "

  The most important point is to recite the lines. "The biggest secret is to read the script well. When the script is very familiar, you will know what the other party is and what you want to do. I must be familiar with this level, so that when you say your lines, it is vivid and subconscious. " Remember the undercover documentary of Hengdian written by screenwriter Song Fangjin not long ago? Young actors, learn.

  Thanks to netizens for making emoticons.

  Lu Qiaoshan in Latent and Lu Zilin &hellip in White Deer Plain; … Like every role in the past, WU GANG did his part as an actor, but the popularity of "Secretary Dakang" was beyond his expectation. "I never thought of this character, and this Dakang Li could become online celebrity." He responded to the concerns of netizens one by one. "In fact, they are not right, it should be three eyelids! My parents gave it to me. This can’t be changed. Everyone says this hand looks good, but I didn’t find it. Later, they took screenshots and saw, hey, I think it’s not bad, thanks to my parents. "

  He thanked the netizens for their emoticons. "Nowadays, netizens are really amazing, and their tastes are extremely high. I’m especially grateful to these netizens. They really made great efforts to cut this photo frame by frame and put all the expressions of Dakang Li together on the Internet. Everyone enjoys this character together, and I think this is the greatest compliment to a person. In fact, I think everyone likes him because of his openness, persistence and simplicity. " Reporter Wang Huichun

San Diego Comic-Con Science: Your beloved Raytheon Loki has been here!

The annual San Diego Comic Con is just around the corner.

Special feature of 1905 film network  The annual San Diego Comic Con is coming again! This year’s comic-con is still full of stars, crouching tiger, hidden dragon, famous directors such as Spielberg, and superheroes such as Justice League, Raytheon and Panther are also gearing up. Game of Thrones, which has been on the altar all the year round, can’t be underestimated as well as rising star westworld. For a time, the eyes of fans all over the world turned to this beautiful coastal city.

Speaking of the impressive activities of Comic-Con, what Xiaobian first thought of was the one that surprised fans in 2013.

On July 20th, 2013, Hall H of the San Diego Convention and Exhibition Center (the main venue of the comic exhibition) was packed. The staff introduced the post-production to the fans, but the scene suddenly went into darkness and the microphone suddenly lost its sound. This scene made people think that there was an accident.

Suddenly, a thunderous voice resounded through the hall: "Man, look at how low you have fallen!"? Gathered in the dark, like wild animals! " After saying his word, a "lightning" threw a cold white light out of thin air. "Shake Sen" Tom Hiddleston stood proudly on the stage in the gorgeous armor of the evil god Loki, scanning the audience coldly, and the excited screams of the fans almost overturned the roof.

"Shake the Sen" into the play

Later, "Shake the Sen" continued to set a good example, giving people the illusion of watching Shakespeare’s stage plays.From Asgard, the fairy palace, the proud little public performance sometimes called on the audience: "Call my name and be loyal to me!" " Sometimes put your index finger on your lips to signal that everyone is quiet, control the rhythm strongly, and the gas field is breathtaking.

"Shake the Sen" gas field is breathtaking.

In this way, Loki "swept" Hall H with lightning speed/storm. Although "Shake Sen" is very attractive, the glittering logo behind him is equally eye-catching. Non-fans and fans can’t help asking: What kind of grand event is San Diego Comic Con? (Xiaobian won’t tell you, this is the real wonderful conference 23333)

Although San Diego Comic-Con always comes as scheduled, not everyone knows its ins and outs.Let’s review its "past lives" together ~


Origin & Things You May Not Know


"International Comic-Con: San Diego", referred to as SDCC, usually lasts for 4 days (Thursday to Sunday) and is held in summer.San Diego is located in the southwest corner of California, USA.Known for its warm climate and numerous beaches, it is known as the "best city in America" and the economic center of the San Diego-Tijuana metropolitan area.The current comic-con event has become a diversified comprehensive event, the scope is not limited to comics, and works from different fields have entered one after another, and the publicity and promotion conferences of all parties are fierce, but it was not the case at first.

"Quanyou" is a creative exhibition.


The first San Diego Comic-Con was held in 1970, when it was founded by a group of comic fans such as Schell Doff and Richard Alf. Schell Doff initiated the Detroit Comic-Con in the 1960s (one of the first veterans of comic-Con). He moved to San Diego in the 1970s and prepared a one-day mini-exhibition on March 21st, hoping to take this opportunity to organize large-scale exhibitions in the future. Perhaps he never thought that San Diego Comic Con would become the focus of the world in the future.

9 comic book fun tips


1. After the initial mini-exhibition, the first San Diego Comic-Con, which lasted for three days from August 1 to August 3, 1970, attracted 300 people (another 100 people were written by foreign media). Although it seems sparsely populated now, considering the cultural environment at that time, this figure has demonstrated the attraction of Comic-Con to the public.

The El Coste Hotel, one of the local landmarks, was once the main venue for the exhibition.


2. Comic-Con once set up the University of California, San Diego, San Diego Golden Hall, El Coste Hotel, etc. As the venue, in 1991, the main venue was moved to the San Diego Convention and Exhibition Center. In recent years, libraries, theaters, children’s parks, etc. will also undertake some activities.

The San Diego Convention and Exhibition Center is integrated with the beautiful scenery, and the dome has a sense of design.

3. The full name of Comic Con — — The name "International Comic-Con: San Diego" was first formed in 1995. Before that, the Title of Comic-Con was changed several times. In 1970, it was called "Golden State Comic-Con", in 1972 it was called San Diego West Coast Comic-Con, and in 1973 it was a concise San Diego Comic-Con. Every year, there will be a preview field the day before the official opening (Wednesday night) to provide participants with an "exhibition catalogue", which is actually to let them know about the main activities, exhibitors and guests. The preview activity is only open for 3 hours (6 -9 pm), so this night is also called "warm-up night".

The first San Diego Comic Con was actually called "Golden State Comic Con"

San Diego West Coast Comic Con, a former name, is also cool.


4. Los Angeles is close to San Diego. Guess what the Hollywood team first entered the San Diego Comic Con to promote? Of course, the American people are obsessed with it now! Charles Liebencott, the director of the film’s announcement, put slides on the stage, but the scene was deserted, and only a handful of people participated in the exhibition, in sharp contrast to today’s sea of people.

Hollywood actually came to comic exhibition as early as the 1970s.

Hollywood film giants are in Los Angeles (marked in purple), which is close to San Diego (marked in red).

5. The last day of San Diego Comic-Con is "Children’s Day". In addition to film-related publicity, there are also some activities open to families. Children aged 12 and under can enter for free (provided that parents need to buy tickets).

The children are very engaged in playing.

6. In 2015, the number of exhibitors in San Diego Comic-Con reached an astonishing 160,000! In 45 years, the influence of comic exhibition is not the same as that of that year.

Every comic season, San Diego is crowded.


7. Every year, San Diego Comic-Con will hold a "masquerade ball", and encourage exhibitors who are creative and outstanding in costume matching to show themselves boldly. The winner of the "masquerade ball" will win 1000 dollars and a commemorative medal. In 2015, a group with the theme of "haunted house" stood out.

They swept the San Diego Comic-Con masquerade in 2015 and won many awards.


8. The "masquerade ball" is not the only place where you can play Cosplay. Fans in the exhibition hall usually take the route of "evil spirit madness" and dress up as their favorite characters.

The fans had a great time in the comic exhibition.

The Big Bang TheoryThe otaku in the movie once incarnated as "Justice League", and Pan Xiaohua looked unhappy.


9. When you open the San Diego Comic-Con official website, you can often see a cute toucan. Designer Rick Gilley originally thought of using this strange and precious large bird as the signboard of the exhibition, but according to him, he just wanted to paint animals dressed as human beings, and then the toucan became a symbol of the exhibition. According to official website, this bird retired gloriously in 1995, but until today, its sense of existence is still very strong.

This cute little bird often appears in official website today.

Rare design manuscripts in early years

Designer’s colored logo data map

Next page:How did San Diego Comic-Con, a paradise for pop culture, rise?

The 15th China Scientists Forum was held in Beijing.

  Beijing, September 13 (Xinhua) The 15th China Scientists Forum was held in Beijing on September 12. This forum is held at the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up, the 40th anniversary of the "scientific spring", and the historic intersection of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation in the world and the transformation of China’s development mode, which has far-reaching significance for implementing the innovation-driven development strategy. More than 900 scientists, science and technology managers, science and technology experts and entrepreneurs from all walks of life all over the country participated in the grand event, and exchanged ideas around the theme of "building a world science and technology power and scientific and technological innovation in the new era" to seek common development of scientific and technological innovation.

Meeting site

  This conference is sponsored by China Technology Market Association, China High-tech Industrialization Research Association, China Productivity Promotion Center Association and Discovery Magazine, co-sponsored by Enterprise Management Innovation Institute of Chinese Academy of Management Sciences, especially co-sponsored by China Science and Technology System Reform Research Association, and supported by think tank of Beijing WORK- Beijing Wharf. Relevant leading comrades of the National People’s Congress and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, leaders of relevant ministries and commissions of the science and technology system and more than 10 academicians of the two academies attended the opening ceremony.

  China Scientists Forum was founded in 2002 and has been successfully held for 15 sessions. At the opening ceremony, the meeting was also attended by several founding sponsors of the China Scientists Forum — — Comrade Zhang Jing ‘an, Comrade Qi Rang, President of Discovery Magazine and Beijing WORK— Chen Gui, the founder of Beijing Wharf Think Tank, paid tribute to and awarded the "Special Contribution Award for Spreading the Scientific Spirit" to show their great contribution to promoting the development of China’s science and technology, spreading scientific ideas and carrying forward the scientific spirit by the China Scientists Forum, which was founded and successfully held for 15 sessions.

  Zhang Jing ‘an, Qi Jean, Chen Gui and other comrades were awarded the "Special Contribution Award for Spreading the Scientific Spirit".

  At the opening ceremony, Du Xiangwan, an academician of China Academy of Engineering, former vice-president of China Academy of Engineering and an expert in applied physics, Fan Daiming, former vice-president of China Academy of Engineering, academician of China Academy of Engineering and director of the national drug clinical trial institution, gave wonderful reports entitled "Four Signs of a Powerful Country in Science and Technology" and "Integrated Health Science" respectively. The reports of two famous scientists were professional and in-depth, and received enthusiastic response from the participating experts and guests. Luan Hongyan, vice president of Discovery Magazine, secretary general of China Scientists Forum and executive deputy director of Enterprise Management Innovation Institute of Chinese Academy of Management Sciences, presided over the opening ceremony of the conference.

Luan Hongyan presided over the opening ceremony of the conference.

  Academician Du Xiangwan gave a wonderful report entitled "Four Signs of a Powerful Country through Science and Technology"

  Academician Fan Daiming gave a wonderful report entitled "Integrated Health Science"

  Relying on the deep foundation of the forum for more than ten years and the purpose of pragmatic innovation, this forum combines multi-angle analysis and discussion, multi-dimensional cooperation and interaction, multi-dimensional integrated communication and multi-level charm achievement display to create an authoritative, comprehensive and professional conference content system. The two-day forum held more than 20 rich and practical special events, such as the Academician Forum, the Dialogue between Scientists, Economists and Entrepreneurs, the Forum for Chief Scientists and Investment and Financing, the TED Speech Creation Meeting on Science and Technology Innovation and Marketing, the Cooperation Matchmaking Fair, the First Week of China Scientists Forum, the Science and Technology Enterprise Bank, the Forum on Integrated Development Capital, the establishment of a demonstration base for science and technology services in emerging industries, and the establishment of an innovative think tank for chief scientists of enterprises. China Academy of Engineering, Fan Weicheng, Dean of Tsinghua University department of engineering physics Institute of Public Safety, China Academy of Engineering, Xu Li, Researcher of China Institute of Atomic Energy, Director of Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine of China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chen Shilin, Academician of Eurasian Academy of Sciences, Academician of China Academy of Sciences, Kuang Tingyun, Researcher of Institute of Botany of Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. More than 40 academicians and experts in various fields, and more than 100 technology entrepreneurs and chief experts gave special speeches. In order to give full play to the leading role of enterprise’s scientific and technological innovation and enhance its core technological innovation capability, we have carried out warm and constructive discussions and sharing on the general trend of world’s scientific and technological development and China’s scientific and technological innovation vision pattern, innovation capability, resource allocation, system policy and other substantive issues, so as to build consensus and gather talents.推进建设世界科技强国的伟大目标的顺利实现共谋共进。




What’s wrong with searching for the most correct woman’s play?

Even for the audience who don’t watch domestic dramas very much, it is estimated that ta can confidently say "I will do it" in the face of the question of who is the hot topic of Chinese dramas in the near future.

Because, Nothing But Thirty is so hot.

Not only is there a hot search for plots almost every day, but even supporting actors are fancy on the list.

In addition to doing a good job in marketing, Douban, which had soared to more than 8 points, almost put on the shining crown of "the light of national drama" for Nothing But Thirty.

However, as the plot entered the middle and late stage, Nothing But Thirty’s score suddenly dropped.

It makes people curious: What’s wrong with this hot search for the most correct woman play?

There are spoilers in this article.


In the explosive drama camp, there are always two emotional magic weapons-either hold back or be cool.

Nothing But Thirty, who can be widely discussed by the audience, is naturally an excellent model for practicing this rule.

The story is chosen in "30 years old", which is considered by most people as a time node to formally break away from naivety and move towards absolute maturity.

The first person in charge of "suppress" is an ordinary and ordinary luxury store counter sister Wang Manni.

She came to the big city with her dreams, and she was diligent and flexible in her work, but the goal of starting a family here is still out of reach.

The glitz dispersed, leaving me alone in the silent street, exhausted.


Wang Manni, who worked so hard, couldn’t even find a close person who could help her when she fainted. She had to listen to her parents’ phone calls to persuade her to go home day after day and learn how to remain firm and never waver when her family debunked the truth of life.



All kinds of life scenes in which men are silent and women are in tears are simply the portrayal of most "X drifts" in life, and they are really humbled.

Of course, if you are lucky, you may become a big city indigenous like Zhong Xiaoqin.

Even if she is married, she is still a little princess at home. She goes home for dinner anytime and anywhere, and works as a busy little clerk in a big company, and her work and life are both right.

However, she also has her own grievances.

The marriage with her husband Chen Yu, "You raise fish and I raise cats", is not as sweet as lovers, nor as close as family members. It is polite and exasperating to turn husband and wife into roommates alive.

Fortunately, the humbling of the first two is relieved here in Gu Jia, who is also the first character in the whole play to output "Shuang".

As a legendary "stay-at-home wife", Gu Jia is not Luo Zijun who was divorced regardless in My First Half of Life.

On the contrary, she has brains and means, and knows how to use interpersonal relationships to expand the territory of her husband Xu Huanshan’s fireworks career and push her family to a higher social class little by little.

However, Gu Jia is not a passive role for the sake of interests.

Some female employees are preparing to seduce the magic mountain. Gu Jia reminds the other party with an orange, and likes to mention the title of "green things on earth".

Faced with the fact that old customers sexually harassed in the name of orders, Gu Jia chose to refuse sternly, even if he didn’t make money, he would defend his dignity.


My son was put in a dark room by other parents in kindergarten, and Gu Jia, who was furious, directly solved it by force, and demonstrated what it meant to be a mother.


Good wife, good mother, going to the hall and going to the kitchen, Gu Jia, who blames all the way, makes the tyranny of the wicked and self-improvement "Gu Xue" rampant, and also helps Nothing But Thirty successfully unlock countless female topics, which is still hot.



In order to dispel the sense of suspension brought by the rich family, Nothing But Thirty also made some efforts.

For example, the details such as actresses going home to become plain, husband and wife washing and eating, etc., help the drama show a side that is in line with real life.

What highlights the flavor of "chicken feathers in one place" is the short story of parents that domestic dramas can’t be avoided for thousands of years-in the story of three women, there are all kinds of men.

First of all, it was Liang Zhengxian, the "sea king" that Wang Manni met.

Little transparent cabinet sister met a rich and idle bachelor on a romantic yacht. This kind of idol drama plot that others dare to watch and dare not think about happened to hit Wang Manni.

How can she not be carried away by love when she sees the luxuries that she can only see and can’t afford on weekdays?

It’s a pity that "Neptune" is only in love and not married, and it’s still going to have a "one south and one north" golden house.

Wang Manni’s line, from the "exquisite poverty" that everyone talked about, turned into a more fashionable department (art) in minutes, which personally shattered the vanity fantasy of countless girls meeting perfect true love.

Similarly, Zhong Xiaoqin, who lived step by step, began to experience more emotional entanglements than usual.

Behind the marriage of "He raises fish and I raise cats", it is always hidden that Zhong Xiaoqin and Chen Yu never take the initiative to understand each other’s indifference and estrangement, and the bad news of the child’s fetal arrest has become the fuse for their separation.

So, Zhong Xiaoqin and his wife quietly went through the divorce procedure.

Being single this time not only unlocked Zhong Xiaoqin’s hot search for "super sweet brother and sister love", but also provided her with another perspective to observe her ex-husband. She began to compare and measure her old love and new love uncontrollably.

The most difficult person is the legendary omnipotent Gu Jia.

Although Gu Jia walks in the Jianghu with the title of "a green device on earth", it is inevitable that there will be some omissions in preventive measures.

In the past, Xu Huanshan, who listened to Gu Jia’s bidding, had an affair with Lin, the goddess of green tea who had just left campus, and became a daughter of love rat who was severely punished by netizens.

With the scenes of three heroines meeting people who are not suitable, the audience can’t help feeling that the only good man in the whole play is Xu Ziyan who is still in kindergarten.


Nothing But Thirty’s front foot put # Is a full-time wife an independent woman # on a hot search, and her back foot made the three heroines have a headache for men.

Isn’t it a little hasty to divide the position of good and evil simply by gender opposition?

A female drama inevitably needs male roles, but this does not mean that women’s problems must be created by men.

The most difficult thing is that after the fast pace and high output in the first half of the drama, with love rat’s daughter showing her true colors in succession, the domestic drama entered the dog blood stage with supporting roles.

Not only the joys and sorrows of the three women can’t escape from men, but they also filmed a large-scale derailment record, completely missing the chic of "thirty", leaving only water injection and procrastination.

Even if the screenwriter himself came out and returned, the rapidly declining score in a few days proved that the audience was the most sensitive quality inspector, and it was Nothing But Thirty’s irreversible fate to open higher and lower.

In less than a month’s broadcast time, from women with different personalities to men who are full of slag, Nothing But Thirty has set off countless discussions through diversified roles.

Undoubtedly, the communication effect of the series is the same at one time.

However, under the surface excitement that seems to cover many issues, the most common problem of Chinese opera-routines has always been hidden.

The counter sister in luxury stores often looks at people to order dishes and dishes, and she can know whether the other party has purchasing power at a glance at the customer’s clothes, while Wang Manni doesn’t pick customers, even if she is facing ordinary guests, she feels at home.

As a result, the heroine successfully unlocked millions of orders and established a good person.


This routine, for the screenwriter, this expected reversal of the plot really saves time and effort, but for the audience, it is estimated that it is more suitable to describe it as "aesthetic fatigue" in the barrage.

As the story comes to an end, only the nonstandard ending of refusing a happy ending can save Nothing But Thirty a little:

Some people accept love, some people wait for love, and some people create love.

Both inside and outside the drama are not perfect, but at least their existence makes more women believe-

A woman must have her freedom, and this freedom deserves everyone’s respect.

The picture in this article comes from the Internet.


Recommend reading

Draft new regulations on the management of "self-driving cars": using self-driving cars to engage in business activities in closed scenes

  Cctv news: On August 8th, the Transport Services Department of the Ministry of Transport issued a notice for public consultation on the Guide to Transport Safety Services for Self-driving Vehicles (Trial) (draft for comments).

  The exposure draft pointed out that under the premise of ensuring transportation safety, self-driving cars are encouraged to engage in urban bus (electric) passenger transport business activities in closed bus rapid transit systems and other scenes, and self-driving cars are used to engage in taxi passenger transport business activities in scenes with simple traffic conditions and relatively controllable conditions, and self-driving cars are used to engage in road ordinary cargo transport business activities in scenes such as point-to-point trunk road transportation and relatively closed roads. Prudently use self-driving cars to engage in road passenger transport business activities. It is forbidden to use self-driving cars to engage in road transport of dangerous goods.

  Using self-driving cars to engage in urban bus (electric) passenger transport, taxi passenger transport, road general cargo transport and road passenger transport.operator(hereinafter referred to as transport operators) shall handle the registration of market entities in accordance with the law, and the business scope shall register the corresponding business categories. Engaged in taxi passenger transport, road general cargo transport, road passenger transport business should have the corresponding business categories of road transport business license qualifications. Those engaged in the operation of urban public buses (electric vehicles) shall meet the requirements of the state and local urban people’s governments on operating qualifications.

  Self-driving engaged in transportation businessautomobileIt shall comply with the requirements of the relevant national and transportation safety technical standards, register motor vehicles according to law, and obtain motor vehicle number plates and motor vehicle driving licenses. Self-driving cars engaged in taxi passenger transport, road general cargo transport and road passenger transport shall also obtain corresponding Network Booking Taxi Transport Certificate or Road Transport Certificate according to law. Self-driving cars engaged in urban bus (electric) passenger transport should also meet the relevant operational qualification requirements of the state and local city people’s governments.

  Conditional self-driving and highly self-driving cars engaged in transportation business shall be equipped withdriverFully self-driving cars engaged in transportation business should be equipped with remote drivers or security officers. Drivers and safety officers shall pass the training and examination organized by transport operators, master the instructions for the use of self-driving cars, be familiar with the risks of self-driving cars, and have the ability to deal with emergencies in an emergency. Drivers should also meet the regulations and requirements for the management of employees in the field of transportation and obtain corresponding qualification certificates.

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse … More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, April 17th (Reporter Zhao Jiantong, Li Chunyu, Xu Dongyuan) Spring is as deep as the sea, and with the rapid temperature rise, people are enthusiastic about horse racing. According to incomplete statistics, only on the weekend of April 15th and 16th, there were more than 30 road races all over the country, and the races in Wuhan, Beijing and Shanghai became hot topics on social platforms.

  Xinhua News Agency reporter observed that this spring marathon showed a comprehensive return trend, and emerging events blossomed everywhere with outstanding characteristics. Judging from the surge in the number of applicants in some competitions, the horse racing fever even exceeded three years ago. Taking running as the medium, all localities have integrated the enthusiasm of national fitness with the vitality of urban development, and set up platforms such as sports consumption festivals, tourism festivals and expositions that are compatible with marathons, showing local cultural landscapes, beautiful ecological environment and meticulous public services.

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse ... More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  On April 16th, the contestants of Wuhan Marathon passed the Yellow Crane Tower. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Zhizun photo

  Running has become a way of life.

  In 2019, there were more than 300 marathons certified by China Athletics Association, and in 2023, only 133 events were registered in the first half of the year. Judging from the number of events, the marathon craze has basically returned to the level before the epidemic.

  The return of the number of races gives the horse racers more choices. Wang Lin, head of Beijing Fangshan Running Group, said: "There are marathons almost every weekend in China, and runners even have to make multiple-choice questions according to their own schedule!"

  The craze for horse racing among the whole people has risen again, and running has become a way of life for more and more people. According to the official data of Shanghai Half Marathon, the number of applicants reached 78,922 in 2023, which is more than the sum of the number of applicants in 2019 and 2021.

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse ... More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  "This year’s Beijing Half Horse, I felt a lot of people when I started. There were about 200 people running in our group. Everyone enjoyed the game and enjoyed sports." Wang Lin said.

  In addition to the number of participants, citizens from all over the world are also paying more attention to the marathon. In Wuhan on the early morning of the 16th, the cheers hardly stopped among the crowded crowd watching the marathon. The mother runner pushing a stroller, the uncle who came to watch the game with Regan Noodles, and the primary school students holding math test papers while cheering have become hot anecdotes in Wuhan.

  Yu Meng, 64, has been running for nearly 10 years. After the semi-Marseille in Shanghai, he said: "There are few people on the side of the road. Up to now, everyone will cheer for those who take part in the marathon. Our healthy life is getting better and better."

  Events have their own characteristics, and the experience of participating in the competition has improved.

  According to industry insiders, nowadays, national marathons are everywhere, and most of the events have distinct grades and characteristics, and they are becoming more and more mature in improving the experience and ensuring the safety of the events. At the beginning of planning and preparation, many events often publicize the biggest characteristics of the current event to attract more runners to punch in.

  Beijing Half Horse, which shows the charm of "Double Olympic City", is committed to telling the world the sports story of "Double Olympic City" this year. Competitors pass through the National Swimming Center, the National Gymnasium and other "double Olympic venues", and at the end of the competition, the "Snowflake" torch platform of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the nearby "Bird’s Nest" complement each other.

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse ... More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  On April 16th, the contestants of Beijing Half Marathon finished shooting medals after the race. Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Zhongyu photo

  The theme of the 2023 Wuhan Marathon is "The Return of Heroes", which reproduces the classic track of "One City, Two Rivers, Three Towns, Four Bridges and Five Lakes" in previous events, adjusts the starting mode, optimizes the participation experience, introduces the "Chinese Racing Plan" and "Famous School Team Challenge" to help China athletes improve their competitive level, and 7,000 volunteers from 19 universities in Wuhan enthusiastically maintain the reputation of "zero bad reviews" in running laps.

  Not only in "super cities", but also in some prefecture-level cities and even county towns, they have begun to create characteristic and high-quality marathon events. The new route of "Yangma" has turned into a punch line to experience Yangzhou cuisine, and "Fireworks in Yangzhou in March" has become a popular choice for domestic runners. The Dao Jiang Half Marathon in jianye district, Nanjing has created a "natural" smart track formed by closed-loop dikes, which can also be used by citizens for all-weather, self-help and intelligent running. Forest Marathon is held in Xianfeng County, Hubei Province, and runners from all over the country can enjoy the local customs in the "natural oxygen bar".

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse ... More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  On April 16th, the runners were in the 2023 Yangzhou Jian Zhen Half Marathon. Xinhua News Agency (photo by Ren Fei)

  "A marathon knows a city", and more and more regions regard marathon as an important carrier to enhance the image and influence of the city.

  Behind the road running craze, the sports industry is full of vitality

  Why is road running so hot? Where should the domestic marathon develop in the future?

  According to industry experts, the return of marathon craze is the natural release of the demand for exercise and fitness after the epidemic, and the underlying reason is that the concept of healthy living has taken root with the joint efforts of all sectors of society. Under the guidance of the national strategy of national fitness, local governments use the platform of competition to promote cities, thus releasing policy dividends; The experience of competition operators is getting richer and richer, which makes the sense of experience and satisfaction of participating in the competition gradually improve; With the development of national economy, the concept of participating in physical exercise has deepened, and participating in road running events has become the spontaneous demand of Chinese people; With the development of social media such as friends circle, Weibo and Xiaohongshu, the social attribute of road running activities has been further enhanced, and the participation of various groups has been enhanced.

  According to the calculation of China Athletics Association, by 2025, the number of domestic road races and related sports events is expected to increase to 2,500, and the number of people participating in the Volkswagen Marathon will increase to 10 million.

Hanma, Beijing-Shanghai Half Horse ... More than 30 races in two days, the marathon craze has returned?

  On April 16th, the contestants of Wuhan Marathon passed the East Lake Greenway in Wuhan. Xinhua News Agency reporter Cheng Minshe

  In the face of such a broad development space of road running, the development prospects of related event services, sports training, tourism and catering, and sporting goods manufacturing are very impressive. According to media statistics, among the top 100 runners in this year’s Wuhan Marathon, more than half of them wear Xtep running shoes, leading the way in "fault"; Among the "breaking three" people in Malaysia, the proportion of wearing domestic running shoes is more than 70%. It seems that the phenomenon that Nike and Adidas running shoes once filled the track in Malaysia will be ended.

  At the same time, some experts said that although some domestic events are not inferior to the world Grand Slam events such as London Marathon and Boston Marathon in many aspects such as track design and service ability, there is still room for further improvement in terms of brand building. Many start-up events are greedy for perfection, pursuing the scale of the event regardless of the carrying capacity of urban management and the sustainability of the operation model.

  Therefore, in order to maintain the popularity of marathon and broaden the development space of the whole road running industry, we must further standardize the development of road running events and guide the marathon culture to truly take root and grow healthily and sustainably.

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