Hometown is also home! Construction workers of Universiade venues stay in Rong for the New Year’s feast to warm their stomachs and hearts.

Love Chengdu and welcome the Universiade! In August this year, the 31st Summer Universiade will be held in Chengdu. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, the Red Star News Universiade Channel will be specially launched."Happy New Year, New Fashion of Universiade"A series of reports tell the stories of Chengdu citizens, college athletes, Universiade venue builders and Universiade volunteers and other people from all walks of life preparing for the Universiade, convey the ardent expectations of people from all walks of life to "love Chengdu and welcome the Universiade", and present the influence of the Universiade on the healthy sports lifestyle of Chengdu citizens …
This year is over tonight, and it will be urged next year and tomorrow. On New Year’s Eve, the construction sites of the Universiade venues are still in full swing. In response to the government’s initiative, many Universiade venues, including Donganhu Sports Park and Fenghuangshan Sports Park, have a large number of workers sticking to the front line of construction and production, and struggling to write a "Universiade chapter" for a happy and beautiful life.
Under the premise of strictly implementing the requirements for the prevention and control of epidemic normalization, everyone got together for the New Year’s Eve while ensuring the construction progress. The hot reunion dinner symbolizes everyone’s expectation for the New Year. The workers showed their talents at the scene of the group year, handwritten Spring Festival couplets, song and dance performances and a series of activities, so that they stuck to the front line and spent a "reunion and happiness year" together!
Write couplets to congratulate the Spring Festival.
Make dumplings to welcome the new year.
More than 50 workers and project managers have been busy since the early morning of New Year’s Eve in the construction site of China Construction Third Bureau in Donganhu Sports Park in Longquanyi District, Chengdu. The reporter of Red Star News Universiade Channel saw at the scene that all the workers were sitting around the canteen, including jiaozi, to welcome the New Year, except the frontline workers who were writing couplets on the construction site. According to Luo Shuang, deputy secretary of the Party branch of Dongan Lake Sports Park, there are 500 workers staying at work during the Spring Festival, of whom more than 300 are workers from other provinces and cities. "We organize everyone to have a reunion dinner at noon on New Year’s Eve, which is to hope that everyone can have a reunion, celebration and peaceful Spring Festival in Chengdu."
Junjie Chen
Chen Junjie, from Hubei Province, is a project safety officer. He has been stationed in the construction site of Donganhu Sports Park for more than a year, and he stayed in Chengdu for the holidays this year. Facing the camera, Chen Junjie said that he had gained a lot in this year: "From the time I first came to the construction site, it was basically in the infrastructure stage. Now, through the efforts of all the workers, we have built such a beautiful venue, and we are very proud and full of sense of accomplishment."
On New Year’s Eve, Chen Junjie wrote couplets and blessings for everyone, and every stroke devoted his expectation and blessing to the New Year. "Influenced by my father, I like to write calligraphy since I was a child, and calligraphy can be said to be my greatest hobby," Chen Junjie said. "In Chengdu for the New Year, the project is very lively. Although everyone has no time to go back to accompany their families, we have long been a family. Being able to happily welcome the arrival of the Year of the Ox together can also feel happiness and joy. "
Pack jiaozi together.
During the Spring Festival of the project, Luo Shuang told reporters: "At noon on New Year’s Eve, all the workers left behind in the project will come to pack jiaozi and let them eat hot Universiade dumplings. I hope everyone can feel the warmth of home in Chengdu and at the site of Universiade construction." CCTV News also broadcast live the group year activities at noon on New Year’s Eve of the Three Pavilions Project of Donganhu Sports Park of China Construction Third Bureau. Everyone also sent their sincere wishes to relatives and friends far away from home through the lens.
A sumptuous meal+a wonderful party
Chengdu feels at ease during the holidays.
In 2020, Chengdu will promote the construction of "three cities and three capitals" with high standards, and the strong and orderly preparations for the Universiade show the determination and fighting spirit of the land of abundance to create a world famous sports city. As one of the core venues of this year’s Chengdu Universiade, the ice basketball stadium of Phoenix Mountain Sports Park will host basketball games, when citizens and friends can enjoy the elegance of college athletes from all over the world in this "NBA-level" venue at home. During the Spring Festival, more than 1,000 workers will stay in Phoenix Mountain Sports Park to continue to ensure the construction progress of the project.
The relevant person in charge distributed condolences to workers.
On New Year’s Eve, as a time of family reunion, a sumptuous meal and a wonderful party are the standard for everyone. Although the opportunity to spend the holidays with family members was given up because of the left-behind project, the workers on the Phoenix Mountain Sports Park project of China Construction Eighth Bureau stayed with each other on New Year’s Eve, enjoyed a sumptuous meal and greeted the arrival of the zero-o-clock bell while watching the Spring Festival Evening. According to the person in charge of Phoenix Mountain Sports Park Project of China Construction Eighth Bureau, Chengdu and China Construction Eighth Bureau are very concerned about the workers. "Many condolence activities were organized years ago, and I hope all the workers and friends can have a safe and comfortable Spring Festival in Chengdu."
According to the overall strategic plan of the Municipal Party Committee to build "three cities and three capitals", Phoenix Mountain Sports Park will be built into a world-class venue with the ability to undertake top international events and top domestic leagues, and meet the multi-functional needs of youth professional training, sports exchanges, commercial performances, large-scale variety shows, etc., and develop into a top international event center, sports professional training center, sports cultural exchange center and sports industry development center. It can be said that this new sports park bears the dream of building Chengdu into a famous sports city, which will enrich the spiritual and cultural life of Chengdu citizens. The person in charge of Fenghuangshan Sports Park Project of China Construction Eighth Bureau told the reporter: "All our workers will also work overtime during the Spring Festival. On the premise of ensuring strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control requirements, we will strive to ensure the construction period and strive to contribute the greatest strength to the Chengdu Universiade!"
A sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner
Shi Dexiang is one of the builders of Phoenix Mountain Sports Park. On New Year’s Eve, she sat in front of the TV with other workers after a rich reunion dinner and watched the Spring Festival party in the New Year. "My favorite is Yun-peng Yue, and I usually listen to his cross talk to relax during the break. Although 2020 is busy in engineering, I am still full of expectations when I think of August 2021 when I can see the sun birds flying high in our Phoenix Mountain Sports Park! I hope I can come here again as an audience at that time. If I can see China athletes performing well here, it will be even better! "
Red Star Journalist He Pengnan Pei Han Photojournalist Zhang Zhi
Editor Li Jie
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