[A little information] What are the functions of the industrial gateway? Industrial gateway wholesale factory

With the development of Internet of Things and industrial automation control equipment, industrial gateway, as an important foundation of industrial Internet of Things, has been paid more attention and applied. Equipment terminals in various industries transmit through the gateway, which meets the needs of enterprise information, intelligence, digitalization and scientific production and management, and provides a solid foundation for the development of industrial intelligence. So, what is a gateway? Do you know what an industrial gateway is?

Gateway is a kind of complex network interconnection equipment, which is mainly used to connect two networks with different high-level protocols, and can be used for both WAN and LAN interconnection. Industrial gateway is an industrial gateway designed to meet industrial standards and industrial customers’ needs. It connects the cloud platform to the top and industrial equipment to the bottom, converts different protocols of the equipment into protocols and data that can be understood by the cloud platform, and uploads and distributes information. It has the functions of data collection, data interaction, protocol conversion, wireless/wired big data transmission, communication management and edge calculation.

What is the function of industrial gateway? Simply speaking, industrial gateway is a kind of intelligent transmission terminal equipment, which can realize remote monitoring, debugging, upgrading, maintenance and control by connecting industrial equipment to the network and obtaining equipment operation data remotely. The following small series will give you a detailed introduction.

Characteristics of industrial gateway:

1. Data collection and data upload: the industrial gateway is connected with the industrial equipment control system to collect data and upload the read equipment information;

2. Remote monitoring of equipment status: remote monitoring of equipment operation status to reduce equipment failures, ensure normal operation of equipment and improve equipment reliability;

3. Remote management: The industrial gateway is connected with the cloud platform and can remotely manage the equipment, including remote upgrade, remote debugging and remote control.

4. Alarm push: Set alarm trigger conditions and push the alarm to relevant personnel;

5. Data interaction: support information interaction between two gateways through the cloud platform to realize data transmission between gateways;

6. Fault self-diagnosis: It has abundant LED indicators, and can quickly diagnose gateway faults according to the corresponding links of the indicators;

7. Strong adaptability to the environment: it supports various communication modes such as WIFI, Ethernet, 4G, 5G, Bluetooth and LORA, and can adapt to various industrial environments;

8. Flexible access mode: You can connect to the cloud platform through MQTT protocol, MODBUS protocol and other ways.

At present, industrial gateways are widely used in industrial automation, smart cities, manufacturing, smart agriculture, mechanical equipment, PLC control, intelligent robots, water supply equipment, intelligent transportation, smart factories, remote monitoring, environmental monitoring and other fields, without wiring, reducing maintenance costs and being very convenient to use.

With the continuous development of Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, industrial gateway has gradually become the key to smart new industries. Through safe and reliable automatic data collection and data transmission, it provides customers with remote equipment management solutions, builds a perfect production management system, breaks through manufacturing bottlenecks and builds a new generation of intelligent manufacturing production lines.

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