This decade, our film life | ten years, movies have changed them.

Special feature of 1905 film network In this decade, from fireworks to prosperity in the world, movies have always been in our lives. This decade, the film is life, life is film, this decade, our film life.

"After all, life is short. It’s only a few decades. It’s impossible to see all countries and all parts of the world, but through movies, we have seen a bigger world and more lives. If there is no movie in life, I feel terrible. "

In the past ten years, filmmakers’ views on movies have gone from far to near. The biggest change that movies have brought to her is to unconsciously grasp the place where she can empathize as an actor in the future: "I think movies have made me more real and richer as a person." The feeling of my first filming was first of all, and secondly, I tried my best to take care of what was in front of me first, but I couldn’t think of the future. "

From the beginning, Lang Yueting’s acting career can be described as a newborn calf who is not afraid of tigers and dares to challenge: "For me, I think maybe I can only shoot this scene in my life, and then there will be no future development as an actor. I always think so."

This movie is a difficult one for Lang Yueting. She doesn’t know how to prepare the role and how to play it well. During that time, every day in her mind, she thought about what the character’s childhood was like and how she came over as a teenager. Such brainstorming made her sleep badly every day: "This is a particularly good help for me. In fact, Hongxia can’t sleep well every day, so she tries her best to be close to her state psychologically. I didn’t know that there was a word called biographies, but I was very pleased to know that I was really doing this. "

It is precisely because of the jitters and treading on thin ice in the first two plays that Lang Yueting was afraid to define the job as an actor for herself from the beginning, and later she could naturally introduce: Hello, everyone, I am an actor Lang Yueting. But it didn’t take long for the film to make her so worried again that she didn’t know how to start, because she had never played a real story. In the past, she could make the fictional character close to herself or find something in common with the character, but in reality, she couldn’t find something in common with Huang Wenxiu: "After the role was played, I recorded a program in which I talked about a lot of knowledge about planting kiwifruit and picking sugar oranges. This is something I really knew. Huang Wenxiu had to find out at that time because he wanted to develop a rich industry for the village."

Wang Ying, a veteran movie fan, has been married in Beijing for almost fifty years. When her family first moved here, the reputation of the China Film Archive was not as loud as it is now. Occasionally, acquaintances and friends sent tickets to her, so she would go and have a look. Wang Ying’s children are engaged in the mobile communication industry, and they will urge Wang Ying and his wife to learn smart phones, so as not to be eliminated by history. When Wang Ying went to the China Film Archive to buy tickets in the previous way, the movie tickets for classic films had been robbed by fans online. She could only queue up at the window for two hours and buy two movie tickets: "I thought, no, I have to learn smart phones. Later, I began to learn how to grab tickets online. I saw it a few days ago and bought a Huimin ticket for ten yuan. I didn’t expect the effect to be so good. "

As a policeman, Wang Ying felt heartfelt admiration for the actors when she watched "Fight Against the Black", and their interpretation of the police made her feel good after reading it. Besides watching movies on the spot, Wang Ying has also experienced the Cloud Cinema. She can enjoy watching movies at home with a little finger flick, but she is a bit nostalgic and prefers to go to the cinema to enjoy her favorite movies. Wang Ying went to the cinema to support her favorite movies, while her lover silently supported her hobbies behind her back. When watching movies in Wang Ying, the dog ball at home was taken care of by her lover, and cooking became his job. Living in such an environment with love and a big screen, when Wang Ying was chatting with his neighbors, the topic could not be separated from movies.