Six humorous stories ~ is there anything more tragic than this? Netizen god replies ~ hahaha …

1. Someone sent Weibo: Yesterday, when I went to check in with my girlfriend for the first time, I met the police to make rounds. What could be more tragic? Netizen replied: Yes, the police asked your girlfriend in front of you why it was you every time.

2. I went to the pharmacy to buy medicine. When I saw an electronic scale at the door, I went up and weighed it to see if I had gained weight recently. But after I stood up, the lights on the shore didn’t light up and the numbers didn’t show … I suddenly became nervous. Am I already too overweight to be measured? At this time, there was a sentence in the room, "Girl, what are you doing stepping on our induction cooker?"

3, called a cleaner to clean the house, aunt to wear a shoe cover when entering the door. I quickly said: no, no, you can just step in! Aunt cleaning: no, I’m afraid I’ll get my shoes dirty …

4. I saw a fat girl walking slowly on the treadmill in the gym. I went to remind her:

"Sister, you have to hurry up, or you won’t get the effect of reducing fei. My sister replied with injustice, "I adjust it very quickly.

But it slowed down as soon as I stepped on it! "

5. At the age of 12 or 13, there was a lot of blood in the chair after class. I understood it at that time and didn’t panic at all. On the contrary, my classmates were very scared. I spent most of my time explaining to them what the physiological period is and why it bleeds until the teacher came and said to me, "Boys don’t have these things." I was rushed to the hospital.

6. During lunch, a female colleague of mine suddenly asked me with great concern: You should pay attention to your health.

I said: Why do you suddenly say this?

She said, because I think you seldom drink water.

I said, How do you know that I seldom drink water?

She said: Because you haven’t been to the toilet in the morning.

I asked strangely, how do you know?

She said solemnly, because you haven’t zipped your pants since morning … embarrassed …