The maximum flow rate is 2180 cubic meters per second! Overwarning floods occurred in 84 rivers in 15 provinces in China.

  Cctv newsIn the past few days, many places in China have suffered from heavy rainfall. Floods exceeding the police occurred in 84 rivers in 15 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in the northwest, Huanghuai, Jianghuai, Jiangnan and Southwest China. The emergency management department said that although some local disasters are serious, on the whole, all major rivers are in a controllable state.

  Ningxia: The No.1 flood of the Yellow River in 2020 entered Ningxia.

  Since June, affected by the rainfall in the source area, the inflow of water in the upper reaches of the Yellow River has continued to increase. On the morning of 21st, the No.1 flood of the Yellow River arrived in Ningxia, two days earlier than in previous years. The maximum flow rate is 2180 cubic meters per second. Ningxia Emergency Management Headquarters has issued flood prevention notices to cities and counties (districts) along the Yellow River.

  Sichuan: Super-historical flood occurred in Marcand, Aba Prefecture.

  Affected by several days of heavy rainfall, the Suomo River in Barkam City, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province experienced a super-historical flood yesterday (23rd). As of 11: 00 last night, the flood level was 2,580.34m, with a flow of 494m3/s, the over-alarm level was 0.73m, and the over-guaranteed level was 0.21m. The heavy rainfall also caused many natural disasters such as mudslides and mountain collapses in Marcand of National Highway 317, and some sections were flooded.

  Chongqing Qijiang: The electricity consumption of more than 14,000 households crossing the flood peak is affected.

  On the 22nd, the biggest flood peak since the flood season of the Qijiang River passed through the urban area of the Qijiang River, and many places along the Qijiang River were affected. The power facilities in the flooded area were threatened, and the electricity consumption of 14,056 households was affected. The local power department launched a comprehensive investigation and management of the safety hazards of the affected users and resumed power supply. As of press time, 10026 users have been restored to power supply.

  Anhui: A dam burst in Dongpei River due to continuous rainstorm.

  Dongpi River, located in Anhui Province, is one of the main tributaries of Huaihe River, and it is also the flood discharge channel of three large reservoirs: Foziling, Mozitan and Bailianya. The heavy rainfall in the past few days and the increased flood discharge of the three upstream reservoirs have caused the water level of the Dongpei River to rise. On the morning of the 23rd, a dam on the east bank of the Dongpei River burst nearly 10 meters. The local water conservancy department has joined hands with Qingshan Township Government in Yu ‘an District, where the production dam is located, to stop and repair the breach.

  Huaihua, Hunan Province: Class III emergency response to flood control was launched to urgently transfer more than 60,000 people.

  In Huaihua City, Hunan Province, more than 700,000 people in Hongjiang District, Jingzhou County and Yuanling County were affected by heavy rain, and 63,217 people were urgently transferred. 125 houses were damaged, and Huaihua City started flood control level III emergency response. Due to the timely storage, the four major rivers in Hunan — — The water level of each branch in Yuanling section of Yuanshui River is stable.

  Yingshan, Hubei: The secretary of the village branch was washed away by the flood during the rescue.

  At noon on June 21st, Liu Shuicun, secretary of the Party branch of Poernao Village, Wenquan Town, yingshan county, Hubei Province, was washed away by the flood during the emergency rescue. Yingshan county firefighting, public security and professional rescue teams are conducting search and rescue.

  Jiang Hongsheng, Deputy Squadron Leader of Yingshan Squadron of Huanggang Blue Sky Rescue TeamAccording to our experience, we analyzed the scene of the accident. We mobilized two search and rescue boats, two sonar, 14 search and rescue team members, and other neighboring units to participate in the joint rescue. At present, the search and rescue area has reached 18,000 square meters, which is underwater. We are going to expand the search area.