Very classic emotional sentence, like it, please take it.

First, crying is not necessarily the most wronged, but the person who looks sharp, aggressive, silent and doesn’t explain is the most wronged, because she disdains to explain, and always wants to leave her strong side to others, and crying only to herself.

Second, he used to be my world, my cuddle, but now my world is gone, my cuddle is gone, and even my original appearance is gone. I am full of worries, but no one tells me. At night, I only hold my pillow and dare not cry.

Third, we must accept the part of life that is doomed to be incomplete and unable to do so. Accept those things that are forbidden and can’t see the light.

Fourth, if we overdraw our tears, we will laugh heartlessly. If someone can rely on it, who will want to be independent?

Sorry, you and I can’t be friends. Because I loved it so deeply, I still want to have it after a look, so that’s it. From then on, mountains and rivers will not meet.

6. I dare not bother you again, because I am no longer pleasing you.

Seven, when you go all out to be good to a person, you become a fool, deaf, nothing in your eyes except him, and even the injury becomes a test of love.

It’s sad to think about it. Some people may never be seen again.

Nine, you left, with all my love, just a breakup. I hold back tears and look at your back. I really want to hug you one last time and say "I love you" to you again.

10. I don’t know when it started. Finding you at a glance in the crowd has become my best thing. I miss where I go, and my eyes are full of you.

Eleven, you have no idea how scared I am, how afraid you will be liked by others, and even more afraid that you will like others and leave me.

Twelve, you didn’t stay, I didn’t look back, so the rest of my life is well; No one is wrong, it’s just a bad time!

13. You believe everything you see and hear. You never believe what I say with my heart.

Fourteen, he just needs it, and you just happen to be there; He vented his loneliness on you, but you naively thought it was love.

Fifteen, a person is not lonely to eat, a person is not lonely to walk, a person is not lonely to sleep, and a person is not lonely to watch movies. It is loneliness to secretly like someone.

Sixteen, some people can’t say where is good, but no one can replace it!

Seventeen, time is changing, people are changing, some things, no matter how hard we try, we can’t go back.

18. What I said after silence was broken and far from the truth, and I thought about it again and again. The heart that can’t bear to hurt others can only curl up with itself.

Nineteen, last night, we made a Mengmeng, and we went back to waking up hand in hand. The loss can’t be said!

Twenty, everyone thinks that you are doing well, and there are many friends. Others speculate that you have countless ambiguous relationships. But only you can understand that when a person stays at home with the lights on and loses sleep all night, there will be no sound in the room if you don’t talk.

Twenty-one, the sweet bits and pieces at the beginning finally pieced together into all the bitter memories.

Twenty-two, disappointment to the extreme is to say a long list of words to prove yourself, but when the words come to the mouth, they turn into a wry smile. I feel that there is no need, and it is superfluous to say a word.

Twenty-three, every time negative emotions explode, others will think that they are making a mountain out of a molehill. Yes, your feelings are only clear to yourself. No one will know where you have been exiled, and no one will know how many times the light in your heart has been lit and extinguished.

24. Everyone is a passer-by and will have to leave sooner or later, so when you get together, you should make every effort to be happy. When it’s over, no one will miss anyone, go to their next stop and find new happiness.

To this day, you are still the reason why I refuse others. In fact, I didn’t wait for you. I just can’t like others.

Twenty-six, I thought that I could touch a person as long as I liked it very hard. Later, I only touched myself.

Twenty-seven, I never left you a message, never took the initiative to find you, never called you, never sent you a text message. When I saw you, I only smiled and even smiled as a passer-by. It’s not that I pretend to be aloof, but that you missed me.

Twenty-eight, is always accompanied by growing up, waiting around people have been changing, once such good friends, are no longer in touch. Said those good friends forever vows, can’t come true. On this train of life, everyone is a passer-by except himself.

Once, I wanted to share all my secrets with you, but now, you have become a secret in my heart.

30. Don’t wait for me to change before you say you miss me. My heart is tired to a certain extent, and I don’t even have the strength to be angry and care.

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