It’s Liverpool! From 7-0 to 0-1 in the Double Red Club, from 9-0 to revenge by the vice squad leader.

The strongest teams in the five major leagues this season areNaples, Serie A leads with 18 points; The most metaphysical team isReal MadridLa Liga is only Nuo Nuo, and the Champions League hits hard; The most unpredictable thing isLiverpoolGod, ghost, fans and the media can’t predict the trend of Liverpool’s next game.

In the last round of the Premier League, it ushered in the highly anticipated Double Red Club. Fans were generally optimistic about Manchester United, which had won the League Cup, but the result surprised fans and the media.Liverpool swept Manchester United 7-0 at home., refreshed the biggest score of the Premier League Double Red Club. Salah made 2 shots and 2 passes, and one man made 4 goals alone. In this Premier League, Liverpool challenged the vice squad leader away from home. What was the result? 0-1 defeat, the biggest upset in the Premier League this round, Salah lost points+failed score.From the 7-0 "slaughter" of the Red Devils to the 0-1 loss to the vice squad leader Cherry Corps.It took only a week for Liverpool, and klopp’s team is unpredictable.

Do you still remember a "ruthless massacre" in the Premier League at the beginning of this season?In the fourth round of the Premier League, Liverpool swept Bournemouth 9-0 at home.In this campaign, Liverpool did not leave a hand and brushed 9 goal difference. After this campaign, Liverpool suffered a period of low ebb, as if they had run out of scoring luck, and the team gradually drifted away from the top four. The sooner a gentleman takes revenge, the better. Bournemouth won his opponent 1-0 against Liverpool in the second leg of this season, which is regarded as the completion of revenge. This is also Bournemouth’s defeat of Liverpool again after seven years. In the same season, Liverpool faced the same opponent Bournemouth.From the 9-0 massacre at home to the 0-1 defeat at home., is really unpredictable.

Liverpool are now ranked fifth with 42 points, six points behind Tottenham, the fourth place with one more game, and only one point ahead of Newcastle, which has two fewer games.There is little hope for Liverpool to compete for the fourth place this season because it is easy to lose points on weak teams.