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Freestanding, Clawfoot or Pedestal? Which Tub is Right for You?

Monday, July 20th, 2009

When it is time to replace or refinish an existing bathtub, you may find there are a wide variety of styles to browse.

Among bathtub styles, there are three that may be of primary interest to the homeowner. These styles are freestanding bathtub, clawfoot bathtub, and pedestal bathtub.
Freestanding tubs can be installed away from the wall, even in the middle of the room. Additionally, freestanding tubs are available in a wide range of styles that encompass traditional to modern. Clawfoot bathtubs represent one type of freestanding tub. There are a number of different clawfoot bathtub styles such as the roll rim, which is best described as the original style most popular in the years preceding 1940. The slipper clawfoot is similar to the roll rim with the main exception being the higher back, thus providing better comfort. Slipper clawfoot tubs also come in double slipper styles, which have high backs at both ends, a center drain, and side-mounting faucet systems. Double ended clawfoot tubs feature rounded edges at both ends, a center drain, and side-mounted faucets.
In addition to clawfoot bathtubs, there are also pedestal styles. A pedestal bathtub emerged in the art deco age of the 1920s and, in place of claw feet, the tub has a solid enclosed base that attaches securely to the floor.
Each of the aforementioned bathtubs is available in a variety of materials and sizes. In most cases, cast iron is a popular choice, but acrylic bathtubs are more practical since they offer better protection against heat loss and are generally warmer to the touch. Acrylic bathtubs, particularly acrylic clawfoot tubs, have the option of being available in whirlpool and jetted versions.
Kohler offers a number of freestanding bathtubs in various styles, sizes and materials. Kohler bathtubs are available as whirlpools as well as jetted. In addition to the bathtub itself, Kohler also has accessories to match the style of tub you choose. Tub faucets, lever handles, above-the-floor pop up drains, and towel racks are available to accommodate the tub design you desire.
When considering which bathtub is best for you, your family, and your home, it’s best to begin with a clear understanding of your needs and preferences.