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Small Bathtub Options

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

We’ve received a lot of requests and questions about smaller bathtubs. With a lot of homeowner’s looking to add an additional bathroom into their existing square footage or looking to spruce up their existing bathrooms, space is always an issue especially with so many other components to consider. Regardless of the space, adding a comfortable bathtub that you can soak in is as important as the size. Below you will find some of our smaller bathtubs for your consideration.

This corner bathtub is 48 inches from corner to corner making it a perfect choice for a space looking to add a whirlpool bathtub but doesn’t have much room to work with. The bathing well dimension is a comfortable 40 inches in length at the bottom allowing you to comfortably soak in your corner bathtub. You also have the option between an air jet system and a whirlpool system.

A small cast iron bathtub can be hard to come by. Our 48 inch cast iron bathtub is one of the few on the market. The stylish roll top cast iron bathtub is perfect for a child’s bathroom and comes available in your choice of clawfoot finish.

These are just two of the many options available when looking at smaller options for your bathtub space. Whether you’re looking to add a space-efficient bathtub or add a new bathroom, there are options out there for you. Take a look at the selection on for all your bathtub needs.

The Appeal of Cast Iron Bathtubs

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Cast iron bathtubs are perfect for homeowners who want to achieve an upscale look in their bathroom. Some homeowners purchase cast iron bathtubs when they are remodeling the bathroom, and they are also common for new homes that are being built from the ground up. Installing cast iron bathtubs transforms regular bathrooms into timeless and elegant spaces for bathing, relaxing, and leaving behind the stress and residue of the day. There has always been a certain audience for cast iron bathtubs, but until recently many consumers found that they were prohibitively expensive. They have come down in price, however, so now many different households can afford the luxury of cast iron in their bathroom. The benefits of cast iron bathtubs include classic beauty, high-end style, heightened quality, longevity, durability and sturdiness. 


The way that cast iron bathtubs are made is entirely unique. Molten liquid iron is poured into a mold, and the tubs receive their distinctive shape once the metal hardens. They are so durable because of the pure iron, which is vividly colored and finished with a high gloss after the fire polishing. And since the bathtub can maintain a warm water temperature without using heaters, it is something that people have been using for centuries. 

Homeowners go for cast iron bathtubs because they are beautiful and they can hold heat longer. They come in one-person and two-person designs for couples and singles alike. The style is unique and innovative, yet the material is very traditional because it has been a part of the bathroom ensemble since before heat and electricity were in people’s homes. So if you haven’t considered cast iron for your bathroom yet, maybe it’s time you did.


Clawfoot Bathtubs, Cast Iron or Acrylic?

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

A clawfoot bathtub is one of the most classic pieces of bathroom furniture that you can install in your home. With an a antique style vanity to go with it, the clawfoot bathtub will offer a timeless look that harkens back to the Victorian era when fine homes were elaborately decorated in a manner that dazzled the eye. There are many clawfoot bathtub styles to choose from, though, and various materials that are used to construct them. The two most popular materials that you will find on the market are cast iron and acrylic – before you go to purchase this kind of tub it’s a good idea to understand how they differ.
If you really want to capture the authentic antique look in your home, a cast iron clawfoot bathtub will probably be the ideal choice for you.  This type of tub is nice because it can be painted and repainted to match the décor in your bathroom, and it is known for lasting an extremely long time. The material is very heavy, however, so it is not as suitable for people with upstairs bathrooms. Cast iron also retains heat for a long time.
An acrylic clawfoot bathtub may not have the authentic appeal of cast iron, but it is very lightweight, easy to use and good at keeping the water warm longer. Owners must consider that acrylic will break down if strong cleaning chemicals like acetate are used. Both of these materials are good choices if you love the classic style, but they have different advantages and disadvantages.
In addition to these differentclawfoot bathtub materials, there are also different kinds of faucets you can install. This will provide the final finishing touch that really gives your bathroom that classic old-world style.


Maintaining a Cast Iron Tub

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Cast iron bathtubs are great for historic beauty and elegance. They are perfect for people that have a period home with lots of details from past eras. So, it shouldn’t be any surprise that cast iron clawfoot tubs have re-emerged in bathroom trends. Cast iron baths are certainly dramatic pieces for the period bathroom.

Cast iron is well known for its lasting quality. The color of a fractured surface can be used to identify an alloy. White cast iron is named after its white surface when fractured due to its carbide impurities, which allow cracks to pass straight through. Grey cast iron is named after its grey fractured surface, which occurs because the graphitic flakes deflect a passing crack and initiate countless new cracks as the material breaks.

If the surface becomes dirty, use a general purpose cleaner that is water soluble. Try not to use cream-based cleaners as they can cause build up. Glass cleaners work wonderful on bathtubs, use harsher cleaners like Formula 409 only when absolutely needed. Do not use steel wool while cleaning or any abrasive materials as they can ruin the finish. If you have a bathtub shower, remember to regularly use mildew stain remover. Make sure your shower head doesn’t drip after it’s turned off as this can lead to rusting. From time to time you may notice rust buildup. Use a rust and iron stain remover or muriatic acid to get rid of rust.
Rinse thoroughly after cleaning. Any remaining cleaner can build up and reduce friction on slip-resistant surfaces. It is recommended to towel dry the tub after every bath to reduce rust occurrence. If the surface becomes dirty, use a general purpose cleaner that is water soluble and rinse thoroughly after cleaning. With these simple tips, it’s easy to maintain a lovely and well-cared for cast iron bathtub.

Tubs for Sale

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

If you are on the hunt for bathtubs for sale then you have landed in the right place.  Simply Bathtubs has a ton of tubs for sale.  More than your average bathroom store or home improvement chain. That is because your tub will be coming to you direct from the warehouse.  We can stock our website full of all the styles and get you the bathtub of your dreams.  We have many different feet finishes for our clawfoot bathtubs and our walk in bathtubs are only the best.

When getting a tub for sale on Simply Bathtubs you don’t have to worry about the added expense of shipping because Simply Bathtubs wants to take care of that hassle for you.  All you have to do is specify the details of the bathtub you want and in no time you will have your bathtub delivered to your front door ready to be used.  Just get a contractor to help set you up and after that you’ll be ready to soak.  If you want to go with an old classic like a cast iron bathtub, Simply Bathtubs has tons of them at discount prices.  You can’t go wrong with the tubs for sale at Simply Bathtubs.

Home Depot Bathtubs versus Clawfoot Tubs

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

You are turning your house into your home sweet home and want to have a great and stylish bathroom.  You can’t get this accomplished with home depot bathtubs.  Why you ask?  Because the bathtubs you normally see at Home Depot are cookie cutter and seen in many other homes.  What you want to do is add style and grace in your home with clawfoot tubs.  These stylish tubs make a bold statement that you are not joking around when it comes to your bathroom remodel.  You only want the best and when people see the sparkle of your cast iron clawfoot bathtub, they will know you put a lot of thought and hard work into your home.

The truth about home depot bathtubs is that they are made for the masses and if you are looking to have your home and bathroom stand out from the rest.  Many of the clawfoot tubs at Simply Bathtubs come in different finishes so you can truly get the style and color you want.  When you lay back in your soaker tub and look at your newly remodeled bathroom, you’ll know you are in the home of your dreams.

Standard Bathtubs versus Cast Iron Beauties

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

The standard bathtub is anything but interesting.  Standard bathtubs are nothing to marvel at or even take a second look at.  They are lame and your bathroom is trying to let you know it.  Get rid of that eye sore and replace it with a timeless cast iron beauty.

Why do certain things stand the test of time?  It’s because it’s hard to replace something so beautiful.  Cast iron bathtubs come in many different styles and finishes.  The best part about cast iron bathtubs is that they have the ability to be freestanding creating a more dynamic and interesting bathroom area.  Never again will you be constrained to where you can put your bathtub.  Cast iron bath tubs even come with clawfeet in many different styles such as ball and claw feet or lion’s feet.  A claw foot bathtub would look amazing in your bathroom.  Never settle for anything less than a cast iron beauty and your bathroom will thank you for giving it the credit and style it deserves!