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Refinish Your Bathtub or Purchase a New One

Monday, July 13th, 2009

During these troubled economic times, people like you are looking for ways to trim budgets. Some home improvement projects can wait, while others may need your attention sooner. For example: if you are trying to sell your house, one of the first places that real estate professionals recommend sprucing up is the bathroom, because it will increase the value of your home. Buyers like to see nice, bright clean bathrooms. But what if the bathtubs are an eyesore? How could they be improved without spending a lot of money? There are a couple of options available. One is do-it-yourself bathtub repair, like taking on bathtub refinishing. Another option would be to replace the bathtubs entirely.

Bathtub refinishing is appealing to many, at first. Resurfacing the tubs would be the cheapest means to get your tubs looking new again. It only costs upwards of $75 and a day or two of your time. Resurfacing kits vary in cost and quality, so follow the instructions closely if you want to achieve a desired new bathtub look. This would be the best option if your tubs are not that old, and if the problems with them are only cosmetic scratches. It would be a lot less hassle and far less money.


However, what if personal bathtub repair is not an option? Then you could hire out and have someone do it for you. There are plenty of dedicated bathtub repair specialists available for assistance. A contractor would resurface your bathtubs or install new fixtures. This option would be best if you do not consider yourself a handy person around the house or if your bathtubs have more than just cosmetic problems. Let’s say that your bathtubs have cracks in them or you have had serious mold issues in your bathrooms. Would be a worthwhile investment tobuy brand new bathtubs. The job would also be done professionally, which would insure that you get more value for your money in the event that you decide to sell your home.

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