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Clawfoot Bathtubs, Cast Iron or Acrylic?

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

A clawfoot bathtub is one of the most classic pieces of bathroom furniture that you can install in your home. With an a antique style vanity to go with it, the clawfoot bathtub will offer a timeless look that harkens back to the Victorian era when fine homes were elaborately decorated in a manner that dazzled the eye. There are many clawfoot bathtub styles to choose from, though, and various materials that are used to construct them. The two most popular materials that you will find on the market are cast iron and acrylic – before you go to purchase this kind of tub it’s a good idea to understand how they differ.
If you really want to capture the authentic antique look in your home, a cast iron clawfoot bathtub will probably be the ideal choice for you.  This type of tub is nice because it can be painted and repainted to match the décor in your bathroom, and it is known for lasting an extremely long time. The material is very heavy, however, so it is not as suitable for people with upstairs bathrooms. Cast iron also retains heat for a long time.
An acrylic clawfoot bathtub may not have the authentic appeal of cast iron, but it is very lightweight, easy to use and good at keeping the water warm longer. Owners must consider that acrylic will break down if strong cleaning chemicals like acetate are used. Both of these materials are good choices if you love the classic style, but they have different advantages and disadvantages.
In addition to these differentclawfoot bathtub materials, there are also different kinds of faucets you can install. This will provide the final finishing touch that really gives your bathroom that classic old-world style.


Clawfoot Tubs: Giving your Bathroom an Old World Feel without the Cost!

Monday, July 20th, 2009

A clawfoot bathtub will instantly give your bathroom a classic vintage flair. This type of bathtub, with famous curvaceous form and solid stout feet, is the perfect centerpiece for a Victorian-inspired bathroom. One need not break the bank to purchase an antique bathtub made of expensive cast iron and coated with porcelain to create the look. For a fraction of the price, freestanding clawfoot bathtubs are just as charming as their historic counterparts.

Innovation in bathtub manufacturing has turned this lavish bathroom fixture into an affordable piece of luxury that is adaptable to most bathroom spaces. Acrylic clawfoot bathtubs are also available and guarantee a lighter weight feature, as opposed to antique cast iron tubs, without sacrificing durability and of course, style. There are several other kinds of clawfoot tubs to choose from. First, there’s the traditional roll rim tub, which is modeled after the cast iron tubs. Then, there’s the slipper tub, which has high back construction for a comfortable seat. Another type would be the double-ended tub, which has each side rounded and comes with a side-mounting faucet. On the other hand, the double-ended slipper tub has higher back construction. Lastly, the pedestal tub, which is more art deco, sits on its base instead of feet. Regardless of which type you choose, you’ll save tons of money when you go for a modern style as opposed to an antique.

To accentuate your vintage-themed bathroom, play around with the aesthetics of your tub and get inspired to embellish its surroundings to create a cohesive old world look. Visit flea markets and scour through salvage shops for porcelain fixtures and Victorian items.

Another piece to match the bathtub would be your vanity. Vanities with carved legs will perfectly complement your bathtub. Again, you may find these in flea markets and even yard sales. Mosaic tiles, ornate curtains, and deep crimson furniture tones will complete the look.

Freestanding, Clawfoot or Pedestal? Which Tub is Right for You?

Monday, July 20th, 2009

When it is time to replace or refinish an existing bathtub, you may find there are a wide variety of styles to browse.

Among bathtub styles, there are three that may be of primary interest to the homeowner. These styles are freestanding bathtub, clawfoot bathtub, and pedestal bathtub.
Freestanding tubs can be installed away from the wall, even in the middle of the room. Additionally, freestanding tubs are available in a wide range of styles that encompass traditional to modern. Clawfoot bathtubs represent one type of freestanding tub. There are a number of different clawfoot bathtub styles such as the roll rim, which is best described as the original style most popular in the years preceding 1940. The slipper clawfoot is similar to the roll rim with the main exception being the higher back, thus providing better comfort. Slipper clawfoot tubs also come in double slipper styles, which have high backs at both ends, a center drain, and side-mounting faucet systems. Double ended clawfoot tubs feature rounded edges at both ends, a center drain, and side-mounted faucets.
In addition to clawfoot bathtubs, there are also pedestal styles. A pedestal bathtub emerged in the art deco age of the 1920s and, in place of claw feet, the tub has a solid enclosed base that attaches securely to the floor.
Each of the aforementioned bathtubs is available in a variety of materials and sizes. In most cases, cast iron is a popular choice, but acrylic bathtubs are more practical since they offer better protection against heat loss and are generally warmer to the touch. Acrylic bathtubs, particularly acrylic clawfoot tubs, have the option of being available in whirlpool and jetted versions.
Kohler offers a number of freestanding bathtubs in various styles, sizes and materials. Kohler bathtubs are available as whirlpools as well as jetted. In addition to the bathtub itself, Kohler also has accessories to match the style of tub you choose. Tub faucets, lever handles, above-the-floor pop up drains, and towel racks are available to accommodate the tub design you desire.
When considering which bathtub is best for you, your family, and your home, it’s best to begin with a clear understanding of your needs and preferences.

What to Expect When Purchasing an Antique Bathtub

Friday, July 10th, 2009

If you’re in the market for bathroom fixtures, antique clawfoot bathtubs provide luxury, functionality, and personality to your décor. With a little knowledge, you will know what to expect when you accent your bathroom with a vintage fixture.

Antique clawfoot bathtubs complement any bathroom. They are made out of cast iron, although reproductions are made out of acrylic and other materials. Cast iron tubs conduct heat well, are very heavy, and extremely durable, but can chip or scratch. Due to their weight, extra delivery fees are customary if the tubs are carried to the bathroom as opposed to just the home. There are several styles of antique clawfoot bathtubs:
·         Classic clawfoot bathtubs have a traditional square-shaped end where the faucet sits. The tub is round on the opposite side. 
·         The double-ended clawfoot style has a rounded edge on both shorter ends.
·         A slipper clawfoot style has a squared end at the faucet side, but the opposite end arches gracefully outward to create a lovely slope.
·         A double clawfoot tub has an arched slope on the faucet side and where your head rests.
All styles can have a rolled rim, which goes around the entire tub.
When making your purchase, consider the appearance, size, and condition of the tub. Consider your own size, as well as the length and width of your bathroom space before determining the size bathtub you want. Generally, narrower tubs are cheaper. You want to make sure that you purchase a bathtub with original feet since refitted feet can change the support and stability.
Antique clawfoot bathtubs are priced from several hundred dollars to thousands depending on the condition and style. Many cost between $800 and $1800. When you need bathtub repair or refinishing, it will need to be cleaned with a non abrasive cleaner, sandblasted, primed, and resurfaced. Kits can be purchased for do-it-yourself gurus, or there are companies that can provide the service. Repair costs generally run between $150 and $500.


Maintain your antique bathtub with bi-weekly cleaning so that mineral deposits don’t build up. Use a soft brush to apply the non-abrasive cleaner. With proper care, you will enjoy your bathtub for many years.

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Trading in my Kohler Tub

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

I understand that Kohler is a trusted name brand and that many homes have Kohler appliances in their homes but I want something more.  Something better and more unique for my home and for myself.  I love the aesthetics and beauty of a clawfoot bathtub.  They just make my bathroom look regal.  I can close my bathroom door and see the marble floor, the tiled walls and beautiful fixtures.  Then I see the eyesore that is my acrylic Kohler tub and I get an eye twitch. A Kohler tub would be great if I had a normal bathroom but that is far from the truth.  I spent a lot of money and time getting my bathroom look like it belongs in a castle.  Fit for a king, I say.

So I’m trading in my Kohler tub.  Donating it to a worthy cause and finding myself a cast iron beauty with clawfeet.  Once I do, my bathroom remodel will be complete and the Queen of England herself will be jealous of my bathroom.  The marble flooring and all the gaudy decorations make it look like I belong in the renaissance.  After I take my bath in my royal bathroom, I will be taking an audience with the Queen in my sitting room.