Who would have thought the words luxury and bathtubs would be synonymous?  Today, more and more people are looking for luxury in their bathrooms that includes their bathtubs, which in the past decade or so have increasingly become a place for rest and relaxation.  Many people are willing to spend a bit more on their bathtubs to be able to soothe away stress and anxiety at the turn of a knob.  Whichever types of bathtubs you decide upon, understand that you will probably have yours for many years, so it’s best to get what you want and not wish for something else down the road.  People who consider bathtubs as being just a “plumbing fixture” today are truly living in the past.

Most modern bathtubs are made of fiberglass or acrylic but they are also available in cast iron or enamel over steel.  Usually this fixture is stand alone but many times it is in conjunction with a shower.  Of course they have overflow and waste drains and today, many are built-in or free standing which allows for very unique designs when remodeling.  And although most bathtubs are rectangular shaped, they can come in pretty much any shape and color that you could ever want.

There are two main styles of bathtubs: western style which allows the bather to lie down and eastern style where the bather sits up.  The first are usually longer in shape and shallow where the latter is shorter and deeper.  Sometimes people who are building a home or remodeling will decide to have one type of bathtub in one bathroom and a different style in the other.  With homes having as many bathtubs as bedrooms, the choices of style, size, shape and color is endless.

Bathtubs and luxury totally go together.  Whether you decide upon a Jacuzzi tub, a clawfoot, a simple garden style or one that is in the corner and bright red, bathtubs are no longer just for bathing.  They truly make a statement in every home’s bathroom.

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