While some things in the home you definitely want to be very modern, bathtubs are one thing that many people prefer to remain in the classic style. This is why claw foot bathtubs have had such resurgence in popularity lately; not that they ever truly went out of style. The ultra modern look is fine for things like flat screen televisions, modern artworks, remote controlled curtains and stainless steel kitchen appliances, but not always for bathtubs. Claw foot bathtubs are providing the perfect opportunity to add a touch of history to the home without having to pay antique shop prices.

Bathroom fixtures, like every other part of the home, have gone modern in recent years. While things like Jacuzzis, whirlpool tubs and vessel sinks are nice, sometimes the nicest bathtubs are those that have not changed a bit to conform to contemporary styles. This is why manufacturers have started producing claw foot bathtubs that offer all the modern plumbing capabilities you would expect in a new tub, in a timeless style that looks just as appropriate in a Victorian home as it does a brand new condo unit. There are many different styles of claw foot bathtubs. It is important to know what the different styles are if you are thinking of buying this kind of tub, so you can decide on the type that would compliment your home best before wasting any time shopping around. Some are made from cast iron or acrylic, and the styles include roll top, dual and dual slipper. You can also choose from different kinds of feet such as ball & claw, lion paw, imperial pedestal and skirt.

With so many different claw foot bathtubs to choose from you’re sure to find the right one to compliment your home with a classic look.

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