Before you go out and buy yourself a new bathtub liner to cover up your unsightly tub, there are a few things you should know. Typically made out of plastic or acrylic, these structures are molded to the shape of the tub and glued down over the old facade. They are meant to be a cheaper alternative than doing a complete bathtub refinishing.  However, in reality, they are actually more expensive. The average acrylic liner installation costs around $1300 whereas a typical price range for bathtub refinishing is from $800 to $1200. This means that refinishing is 30-50% cheaper than using bathtub liners.

If you’re not convinced on price alone, consider the fact that bathtub liners can develop leaks relatively easily and therefore facilitate mold and mildew. In fact, bathtub liners suffer from a bad reputation for allowing water to leak between the new bathtub liner and the old tub. Any small crack or hole that resulted from poor caullking or just constant wear can lead to water escaping and becoming trapped in the seams. In these cases, the water is almost imposible to remove. Over time, they can foster mold and mildew growth which can damage the overall facade of the bathtub. Another downside to buying bathtub liners is the fact that they are hard to replace. Since they are glued to the bathtub with a tough adhesive, they have to be torn out or cut out in order to put a new one in their place. Because of this, they do irrevocable destruction to the old bathtub.

Ultimately, you would end up paying more to replace what was supposed to replace the old tub. It’s not worth the extra dollars. Trust me; I made the same mistake, and wish I hd a bought a new whirlpool tub. Don’t make the same one if you can help it.

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