My brother bought a small corner bathtub recently from Premiere Vanities, an online store for all types of discount bathtubs, and his verdict is overwhelmingly positive. This inspired me to take out my huge oversized tub and replace it with a smaller model that’s similar to my brother’s. When he first bought it, he had done so out of necessity. He lives in a modest apartment in New York and had no other choice but to get a small corner bathtub. Once he purchased it, however, he realized that it was more than just about function for him. He called me and excitedly gushed about his new buy: "You will not believe how comfortable this fiberglass bathroom tub is!"

At that moment, I went to my own bathroom and looked at my protruding, unattractive bathtub. It made me depressed that I had to settle with this behemoth of a fixture when I moved in. I was wary about replacing it with another bathtub entirely but now I knew that I had to go out and get a small corner bathtub. At Premiere Vanities, they honestly have all the small corner bathtubs you can imagine. Some with massaging jets and others with whirlpool functionality–all built to fit perfectly in any home. I ultimately decided upon the 48-inch acrylic corner bathtub in the color "biscuit"; that’s right, they have different color options! I made an upgrade by adding the 16-jet American Air Massage System which was ideal for times that I needed relaxing. The other day, I called my brother while sitting in my new small corner bathtub and told him, "You were soo right about this."

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